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#1502786 --- 08/03/17 04:20 PM Re: Still More Tribal News [Re: Rich_Tallcot]
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Monday, 31 July 2017
Federal Indian Policy: “Mom Always Liked YOU best!”
It’s 83 years late in coming, but at long last the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934 (IRA) is finally getting its first-ever review, and hopefully serious reform. IRA (48 stat. 984) forms the backbone of federal Indian policy across the country and has been extended, expanded, and abused far beyond the original intent of Congress.
In order to understand IRA and its major impacts on America, let me share an analogy. Imagine an American household with a single mom and a couple of sons, Johnny and Jimmy. One day Mom calls the family together to make an announcement. “Johnny, you were here first; Jimmy you were here second. Therefore, Johnny, you are more valuable and important than your brother. And Jimmy, you have intruded upon Johnny’s room, his life and his world, so a big chunk of everything you earn from now on and forever will be given to me, Mom, and I will redirect your earnings to Johnny. You really don’t belong here, Jimmy, because you were here second.”
This is exactly what has been happening in our country for 83 years. Since the Tribes (Johnny) tell the government (Mom) that they were here first, the non-tribal inhabitants (Jimmy) have become second-class citizens.

#1503886 --- 08/22/17 01:59 PM Re: Still More Tribal News [Re: Rich_Tallcot]
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NY officials probe eavesdropping allegations against Senecas

Representatives of the Native American tribe that runs three casinos in western New York are accused of eavesdropping on employees of the state Gaming Commission.

The Erie County district attorney's office confirmed Tuesday that it was investigating allegations by commission workers who claimed they were eavesdropped on by the Seneca Gaming Authority, operators of the tribe's casinos in downtown Buffalo, Niagara Falls and Salamanca, near the Pennsylvania border.

Spectrum News in Buffalo first reported Monday that a listening device was found last year by commission officials in an office the agency leases from the Senecas at the tribe's Buffalo casino. Officials with the Seneca Nation of Indians said the investigation involves an employee of the Seneca Gaming Authority but provided no details.

The allegations come amid testy relations between Gov. Andrew Cuomo's administration and the Senecas over the tribe's halting of payments of tens of millions of dollars in casino revenue to the state.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017, 1:38 PM

#1504188 --- 08/28/17 08:46 AM Re: Still More Tribal News [Re: newsman38]
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• New York Governor Andrew Cuomo threatening to break the casino compact with the Seneca Nation Indians

• The dispute was caused by the Seneca Nation failing to meet their monthly obligations to the state
The Seneca Nation Indians and the state of New York have been in a dispute over casino payments for some time now.
The tribe is refusing to pay what they are supposed to pay according to the compact with the state, and Governor Andrew Cuomo seems to have had enough.

Cuomo is now threatening with the dissolution of the compact if the Seneca Nation don’t pay what they owe.
Back in 2002, New York State signed a compact with the tribe, allowing them the exclusive right to operate a casino in the Western part of New York until 2023.
However, the compact is contingent on monthly payments by the casino, the last of which was delivered in March of this year. In light of this, Cuomo has made it clear that the state is looking into the possibility of granting a new casino license for a venue that would be located in the Niagara Falls region and wouldn’t be operated by the Seneca Nation.

I think the Governor screwed up the compact. But if they’re not going to pay the State, he has nothing to lose by breaking it.

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo threatening to break the casino compact with the Seneca Nation Indians

is it not his fathers fault for 'cozying' up to halbritters illegal operations many many years ago and in do so his father had to look the other way in regards to other 'tribes' illegal business operations in NYS

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