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#923672 --- 11/23/08 07:44 PM Re: No one would help this little boy. [Re: LaughinWillow]
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Oh, and hey, perhaps it would be fun to take the baby on a little "vacation" out of state? If you have the resources, that is.
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#923828 --- 11/24/08 07:10 AM Re: No one would help this little boy. [Re: LaughinWillow]
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October 13 2006, “bruising to head and chest / accidental fall downstairs”,

December 19 2006, Defendant and mother arrested regarding assault, with P receiving a leg x-ray two days later.

April 5 2007, P is pushed into a fireplace, something the defendant says was done by another child.

June 8 2007, P is registered for neglect, but continues to return to hospital with ear infections and head lice.

August 1, 2007, P seen by doctors at St Annes Hospital who notes he is “quite miserable crying” so they are unable to make a full examination.

August 3, 2007, emergency services receive a 999 call and P dies at hospital.

Completely UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!! Poor boggles my mind why they allow it to the sad.
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#924568 --- 11/25/08 10:52 AM Re: No one would help this little boy. [Re: Yetta Nother]
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The problem is alot of "accidents" can have truth to them and some ppl will except that. Makes me sick to think about it but it also makes me pay attention to little ones closer. I once threatened a lady in a parking lot for "jerking her little girl" by the arm and screaming in her face, told her I saw what she did and had her license plate number and was gonna give it to the local PD she went into the store w/o further incident but that was 20 yrs ago today it's worse. I also know alot of what is reported isn't looked into, unfortunately.

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