I hear ya.

Nothing against Extreme Makeover - the folks who help the needy are saintly and I think we need more of that in this world. But here are some facts that weren't on tonight's show:

1. The houses they build are not always structurally sound, so to speak. What I mean is, they are built so fast and lots of times things don't "set" like they should. What happens is over time, the houses actually start caving in.

2. Taxes triple or quadruple because the home's value goes up so much. Unfortunately for the homeowner, they have to pay their new taxes (not Extreme Makeover) and the end result can be a WORSE money problem than these people had before Extreme Makeover came to the rescue. I mean lets face it, if you can't afford the higher taxes, higher utility bills (especially in New York winters), higher water bills - then how is that "better" than before?

3. People who were not in the public spectrum now find themselves in the public eye...no more privacy, now everyone and their brother knows who they are, where they live, people driving my their houses snapping pictures, etc.

4. The show "Extreme Makeover", like all TV shows, presents an idealistic not realistic perception of things to boost their ratings. They edit out what they dont want you to basically show the viewers only what they want people to see and believe. They aren't about to say or do anything which will deviate from the Disneyland image they want all of us to have about the houses they build.

I may come across as being jealous but I am really not. I am just saying that tonight's show was just a snipet of the whole picture, not the whole picture itself. We need to remember that.