After a bit of research it seems Cilion has abandoned corn based ethanol , to much public pressure, they are now backing wood gasification which produces a h2 co2 co gas , this is then passed over a catalyst and ethanol, and other gases like pentane and methan are produced. way cheaper , easier to get wood chips and its not food based, but it still uses 2 - 4 gal of water per gal of ethanol. The Cilion/Range Fuels Inc website is full of comments like wood is not food , and less water and more profit . So I would say that all the pressure from all the tree huggers has shown Cilion that we do care . The new wood gasification to ethanol is better technology , not perfect but less smell, less waste , less pollution. I would like to see less water used but at least its headed in the right direction. The new plant is being constructed now in Georgia so we will wait to see if any negatives come out as it starts up and runs for a while. Cilion did state that the old corn based fatories can not easly be converted to cellulastic based fuel production so they stoped backing them.
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