It's your friendly computer geek in training here. Just wanted to let you know that today I received an email from some "Customer Service" that I DO NOT KNOW. The email message, which originated from JAPAN said that I had a virus in my computer and that I needed to "click here" to get the correct patch. If you happen to get an email like the email I received DO NOT Follow the directions! It is in fact an actual VIRUS!!!!! If there really had been a VIRUS, I would have gotten an email from either Road Runner Abuse or from Microsoft.

Please watch out for that email! Make sure your anti virus software is up to date!! Also another good thing to have to protect your system is a program called Anti Vir Guard. They do have a free down load, but it isn't the complete package. (If you want full protection, you have to pay for it.) If you do happen to have Road Runner or Earth Link please let their respective Abuse people know you have in fact received that email.