My girl has Dish TV and have been pondering on going this route for internet service because Roadrunner and DSL is not yet available(and will not be for some time)in our area. The lady that we talked to was very nice in explaining that they offer both DSL and Satellite,and went on further to say that their DSL was contracted through a phone carrier that is in our area,and if they do not offer the DSL,then obviously, that option is out of the question, so having said that,I guess that the satellite is the choice.There is 3 different packages, the lower end has download/upload speeds up to 512 kbps(dl)& 128 kbps(upl),middle end is 1.0 mbps/200 kbps, & the top end is 1.5 mbps/256 kbps. Question - how comparable is the lower end to say roadrunner speeds and/or actual DSL speeds,if its close,then thats the ticket.(mind you,we will be happy with anything that is better than the dial-up now,(that has a blazing 4.something kbps rate!)In closing, we would appreciate anyone that has the dish satellite internet to leave feed back both ways,as our decision will lean towards what we learn from folks that already have it.Thank you for your input, and have a nice day !!