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I would like to know if there are any software programs I can buy to track the usage of my home computer. I want to be able to track what my children are doing on the computer. I try hard to stay on top of their activities but as they get older it gets harder and just having the computer in a high traffic area doesn't seem to be enough. Appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.

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I don't know if this will help or not...But I have a password that I have to use to sign on to my ISP. It is never saved. So, when my (teens) want to get on, I have to sign them on, and when I have to leave, they are off. Been rule from day one, and they have never questioned it..Just the way it is....(Of course, if your kids don't know what "Ctrl H" is, that is a good way to find out too, where they have been.
There ARE those programs,,,have seen them at Staples...for the most part, when they know that I am here, and watching, seems to be good so far...
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Mine is the same way..only the older kids know the password.
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Net Nanny

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There are a number of programs. You can get a keystroke recorder that records everything typed. You can also (as Festus mentioned) use something like Net Nanny. Also, with Windows Vista, you can set up accounts for the kids and use the Parental Controls. This allows you to allow or block certain programs, set limits on internet usage, and control when (or for how long) they use the computer. You can also view the usage for that user to see exactly what they did while logged on.
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