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In 5-Year Effort, Scant Evidence of Voter Fraud
WASHINGTON, April 11 — Five years after the Bush administration began a crackdown on voter fraud, the Justice Department has turned up virtually no evidence of any organized effort to skew federal elections, according to court records and interviews.

Although Republican activists have repeatedly said fraud is so widespread that it has corrupted the political process and, possibly, cost the party election victories, about 120 people have been charged and 86 convicted as of last year.

Most of those charged have been Democrats, voting records show. Many of those charged by the Justice Department appear to have mistakenly filled out registration forms or misunderstood eligibility rules, a review of court records and interviews with prosecutors and defense lawyers show.

In Miami, an assistant United States attorney said many cases there involved what were apparently mistakes by immigrants, not fraud.

In Wisconsin, where prosecutors have lost almost twice as many cases as they won, charges were brought against voters who filled out more than one registration form and felons seemingly unaware that they were barred from voting.

One ex-convict was so unfamiliar with the rules that he provided his prison-issued identification card, stamped “Offender,” when he registered just before voting.

A handful of convictions involved people who voted twice. More than 30 were linked to small vote-buying schemes in which candidates generally in sheriff’s or judge’s races paid voters for their support.

A federal panel, the Election Assistance Commission, reported last year that the pervasiveness of fraud was debatable. That conclusion played down findings of the consultants who said there was little evidence of it across the country, according to a review of the original report by The New York Times that was reported on Wednesday.

Mistakes and lapses in enforcing voting and registration rules routinely occur in elections, allowing thousands of ineligible voters to go to the polls. But the federal cases provide little evidence of widespread, organized fraud, prosecutors and election law experts said.

“There was nothing that we uncovered that suggested some sort of concerted effort to tilt the election,” Richard G. Frohling, an assistant United States attorney in Milwaukee, said.

Richard L. Hasen, an expert in election law at the Loyola Law School, agreed, saying: “If they found a single case of a conspiracy to affect the outcome of a Congressional election or a statewide election, that would be significant. But what we see is isolated, small-scale activities that often have not shown any kind of criminal intent.”

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Why dont you post the original story RBSer?!?!?!?

You cut and paste form Libbie papers. Why not go right to the Journal-Sentinal itself?
BTW, I KNOW Steve Biskupic.. We had lunch frequently at the Johnson Controls cafeteria where I worked. He prosecuted a former freind on wire fraud charges. so there.

********************* Cut and Paste from************

Cast ballots outnumber voters by 4,609
Investigators said Tuesday they found clear evidence of fraud in the Nov. 2 election in Milwaukee, including more than 200 cases of felons voting illegally and more than 100 people who voted twice, used fake names or false addresses or voted in the name of a dead person.

Election Investigation

Photo/Karen Sherlock

U.S. Attorney Steven M. Biskupic (left), with Milwaukee County District Attorney E. Michael McCann, delivers the preliminary findings of a task force examining possible election fraud at the Federal Courthouse on Tuesday

Preliminary Findings
More than 200 felons voted illegally, while still on probation or parole. Although the cases will be hard to prosecute, investigators are now looking at Milwaukee suburbs for similar problems.
More than 100 people voted twice or used false addresses, fake names or voted as a dead person. Charges will be filed against some of these people.
4,609 more ballots were cast than voters listed.
Investigators have not been able to locate about 100 same-day registration cards.

By The Numbers
Minimum of hours logged by investigators from the FBI and Milwaukee Police Department reviewing the 70,000 same-day registration cards. This was required because of sloppy record-keeping by the city.

Cards that could not be processed because of missing names, addresses and other information.
Photo ID Debate

Related Coverage
Editorial: What's the fraud threshold?
Video: TMJ4 report

Archived Coverage
Archive: Previous coverage of the investigation into Milwaukee's Nov. 2, 2004 election


Buy a link hereOfficials said charges will be filed in coming weeks, as individual cases are reviewed and more evidence is gathered.

Nonetheless, it is likely that many - perhaps most - of those who committed fraud won't face prosecution because city records are so sloppy that it will be difficult to establish cases that will stand up in court.

And even now, three months after the investigation, officials have not been able to close a gap of 7,000 votes, with more ballots cast than voters listed. Officials said the gap remains at 4,609.

U.S. Attorney Steve Biskupic likened it to trying to prove "a bank embezzlement if the bank cannot tell how much money was there in the first place."

Biskupic announced the preliminary findings at a news conference, along with Milwaukee County District Attorney E. Michael McCann, who is also overseeing the joint inquiry.

Tuesday's announcement comes after a Journal Sentinel investigation that found widespread problems with the election in the city, including that the election totals themselves were not double-checked by city and county panels charged with doing so.

Some of the problems identified by the newspaper, such as spotty compliance with procedures to verify same-day registrants, are broader and are the subject of a statewide audit approved by lawmakers.

Tuesday's announcement could breathe new life into the Republican-backed photo ID debate, which did not survive a veto from Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle and might instead eventually go to voters as a proposed constitutional amendment.

A photo ID requirement might have caught some of the problems highlighted in Tuesday's preliminary report. It notes cases of people voting in the name of a dead person or as someone else. Investigators located some people listed as voting who said they did not vote.

In other cases, according to Tuesday's report, people "registered and voted with identities and addresses that cannot in any way be linked to a real person."

Officials did not identify how many fit each category.

Investigators have focused only on the City of Milwaukee in reviewing duplicate-voting offenses. Officials said Tuesday, though, that they would expand the review of felons voting illegally to Milwaukee suburbs.

The newspaper found at least 278 felons who voted statewide, though only a partial review could be completed because of a state law that bars public access to birthdates of voters.

Tracking illegal votes
The fraud investigation has focused on the more than 70,000 people who registered to vote on election day, not the other 200,000-plus voters. That is because registration cards provide a paper trail, which officials said would be stronger in court than computerized records.

It is unclear what identification these 100-plus people provided at the polls to register. State law allows utility bills and leases to be used or for one voter to vouch for another.

Biskupic, appointed by a Republican, and McCann, a Democrat, said they had pledged to avoid partisanship in the matter and avoided questions relating to reforms and proposals.

The announcement, though, prompted renewed calls for photo ID from Republicans, while Doyle pushed again for his set of reforms, which he said would do more to tackle specific problems.

For instance, investigators found "deputy registrars" working for registration drives had submitted at least 65 fake names, though no one apparently voted from the addresses. Doyle's plan would prohibit offering financial incentives, such as paying by the signature, in such drives.

In Madison, Doyle said a photo ID requirement is unnecessary. He urged prosecution of any offenders.

"I don't think many people, if they know there are real consequences for voting twice, and that there have been prosecutions for voting twice, are going to do it because the risk of being caught and the penalty far outweighs the advantage of casting one extra vote," Doyle said.

In response to the findings, Sen. Joe Leibham (R-Sheboygan) said as early as next month he would advance a bill similar to the one vetoed by Doyle. It also could be part of the recommendations from a Legislative Council task force that has been meeting on reforms.

While Doyle has argued the measure would make Wisconsin one of the strictest states in the nation, very few other states allow same-day registration.

Assembly Speaker John Gard (R-Peshtigo) said if Doyle again vetoes the requirement, he would move to make it part of the state constitution, a two-year process that requires a statewide referendum but does not require the approval of the governor.

"The next presidential election in Wisconsin, I guarantee you'll need a photo ID to vote," said Gard, who is running for the U.S. House. "I'll get this done if it is the last thing I do around here."

U.S. Rep. Mark Green, a Green Bay Republican who has introduced a national photo ID requirement, said: "People are having their faith in the election system shaken. This news will make it much, much worse."

Green is running for governor, as is Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, who also backs a photo ID requirement.

"Clearly, there is proof that fraud took place in the November 2 election," Walker said.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett attended the news conference, an unusual occurrence for an announcement by prosecutors.

From the start, Barrett said he welcomed the inquiry but also noted at several points in recent months that he had seen no hard evidence of fraud in the system.

He acknowledged Tuesday the findings pointed to fraud and said again "any individual who committed fraud (should) be prosecuted."

Asked if a photo ID requirement would have made a difference, he said it would not have prevented felons from voting and would have had little impact on other problems.

Biskupic said there was no indication of a widespread conspiracy to commit voter fraud, or of any knowledge or involvement by poll workers or any other city officials.

The city's record-keeping problems meant investigators from the FBI and Milwaukee Police Department have logged more than 1,000 hours reviewing the 70,000 same-day registration cards, including 1,300 that could not be processed because of missing names, addresses and other information.

Indeed, about 100 cards described as "of interest to investigators" cannot be located, officials said. And within the past few weeks, police found a previously lost box of the cards at the Election Commission offices.

Biskupic and McCann said they remain troubled that three months after the investigation began that city officials have been unable to account for a gap of about 4,600 votes, with more ballots counted than people listed as voting.

That reflects a new assessment of the 7,000-vote gap first identified by the Journal Sentinel. Although city election officials initially blamed postelection data entry for the flaws, the newspaper found gaps existed at dozens of wards, with more votes counted than people tallied in log books.

The gap has been narrowed to 4,600 by a closer review of election day logs and other records, which authorities placed off-limits to the newspaper during the investigation.

McCann said: "I will not be satisfied if we cannot uncover that - what the explanation is, or a reasonable explanation."

In all, about 277,000 people in Milwaukee voted in the election. Thus, the cases identified in the investigation constitute a small portion of the total vote.

The findings, however, carry extra significance in a state that had an 11,000-vote margin in the presidential contest, one of the closest in the nation.

Democrat John Kerry topped President Bush in Wisconsin, mainly because of Kerry's margin in Milwaukee and Madison.

Had a larger state, such as Ohio, gone the other way, it could have led to a Florida-style recount here that would have turned on many of the issues that instead were left for the newspaper to uncover in its extensive investigation.

The federal-local investigation was launched Jan. 26, a day after the Journal Sentinel reported that some 1,200 votes in the November election came from invalid addresses.

Among other findings, some 1,300 same-day registration cards were processed by poll workers who allowed people to vote even though the cards were incomplete. Some 548 had no address listed and 48 gave no name - yet the person was allowed to vote. Another 141 listed addresses outside the city.

The newspaper was denied access to those cards, on the recommendation of the city attorney's office, citing the inquiry.

Felons voted
Reviewing information it had access to, including a computerized list of people recorded as voting, the newspaper identified at least 278 felons who illegally voted statewide, though the vast majority came from within the city.

The real number is likely far higher because the newspaper was able to review only about 38% of the 2.98 million people who voted in the state because of the law that bars access to birth dates. The newspaper was able to link various databases and compare them to a state list of felons on probation or parole at the time of the election.

In response to the newspaper's reports, Doyle and many Republican lawmakers said that rule should be rescinded.

In Wisconsin, only felons who have completed probation or parole are allowed to vote.

Biskupic and McCann said these cases can be hard to prosecute, since it must be established that the felon knew he or she was not allowed to vote and voted anyway.

Thus it is unclear how many of the 200 felons investigators had identified will ultimately be charged.

The newspaper also identified numerous cases in Milwaukee where the same person appears to have voted twice, though that analysis was hampered by major computer problems at the city.

Those problems, which city officials labeled a "glitch," meant hundreds upon hundreds of cases where people are incorrectly listed as voting twice. These are in addition to cases of double voting identified by investigators.

The investigators have been focusing on 100-plus cases in this area. The cases take on many forms.

For instance, non-residents used non-existent city addresses to vote in Milwaukee. Officials are checking to see if they also voted elsewhere, such as from their actual address.

Officials indicated some of the fraud cases could be handled at the federal level because the election involved federal candidates, while other cases could involve state charges.

McCann and Biskupic asked anyone with information on possible fraud call the election task force at (414) 935-7802.

In March, Lisa Artison, a Barrett appointee, resigned as executive director of the Election Commission. She had been under fire for her handling of the election.

Sharon Robinson, head of the Department of Administration, has been overseeing the office and is chairing a city task force reviewing the election. Its report could be issued this month.

Patrick Marley of the Journal Sentinel staff contributed to this report.
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Here is something else Demons might like... prollynot.
************************cut and paste from Milwuakee Journal-Sential **************************************************************

PATRICK MCILHERAN; Now do you see vote fraud danger?
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, The, Aug 23, 2006 by PATRICK MCILHERAN

Woman gets probation...
A felon but not a...
Woman accused of voter...
Man acquitted in voter...
Making Donovan Riley show a photo ID wouldn't have stopped him from having a second helping of democracy in 2000. A belief, engraved on his heart, that cheating's wrong would have done that.

I'm theorizing about its absence: So far, the lefty Democrat seeking to unseat his own party's state Sen. Jeff Plale (D-South Milwaukee) is merely accused of voting in both Illinois and Wisconsin. He's guilty of nothing but the weakest defense since President Clinton argued about "is." Riley says he forgot he'd already voted.

Whatever, since it appears Riley effectively has stopped campaigning. Now it's a matter for him and prosecutors. Running or not, however, he's still on the ballot, and it will be interesting to see how many votes he wins against Plale, who's bucked liberal orthodoxy on abortion, gun control and school choice in a district that includes the east side.

Riley was a test case on vote fraud, and so far, the left is flunking.


The right answer wasn't difficult. Riley, 69, runs under the slogan, "A Democrat who will vote like one." He apparently took that to mean "early and often." A group favoring school choice told the state that officials in Chicago said Riley voted in the Nov. 7, 2000, election there and officials in Oconomowoc said the same thing. Riley's response was to say he may well have voted twice by "mistake." This seems inconsistent with the acuity one expects of former university hospital CEOs.

So calling him out should have been simple. His legal fate awaits due process, but he's not denying double-voting, which surely discredits his claim to a position of public trust. His opponent is an incumbent, union-backed Democrat. This was a cost-free chance for the left to say, publicly, that fraud so weakens democracy that even a whiff cannot be tolerated.

No such luck. State Rep. Tony Staskunas (D-West Allis) did last week, a one-man honor guard. But as of this week, the state Democrats' Web site still made room for Riley, touting his "Traditional Democratic Values."

It may be that Riley's been told by the party to slip away quietly, but that's how you spare the party embarrassment. Saying you take vote fraud seriously requires some noise from a podium.

Hearing none, voters can conclude that the Democratic establishment and its ideological friends don't see the danger. Through smokes-for-votes, through tire-slashings, despite thousands more votes cast in 2004 than voters registered, despite voters registered as living at parks, the left has insisted it's all confusion or tired poll workers, that fraud isn't a problem in Wisconsin.

It's like what some two-bit company would say when tests find traces of rodent droppings in the baked goods: It's so little, you'll never taste it through the frosting, so just ignore it.

Riley wasn't some get-out-the-vote worker paid in piecework. He was a polished, credible candidate who has as much as admitted to maybe voting twice. Plugging one's ears and repeating, "I don't believe there's fraud!" won't work with this many warnings going off.

The alternate conclusion, that the left really knows fraud takes place but finds it acceptable in the right cause, is risky. It's not necessarily justified yet recall that Riley's running against a Democrat and once people conclude one side will cheat, we're through as a republic.

But the left needs to drop the nobody-cheats line quickly. If photo ID wouldn't have stopped Riley, at least an Iraq-style purple finger would have, but we don't have even that. Demanding ID, meanwhile, is a reasonable precaution against other ways of cheating. As backers worked hard to accommodate objections suggesting free ID cards for the poor, for instance continued balking by the left suggests either blind faith or bad faith.

Riley shows that fraud takes place. His supporters' silence shows that a swath of the political spectrum doesn't take it seriously. We can't ignore it until there's organized electoral theft. In saying he didn't find evidence of such theft in 2004, U.S. Attorney Steven Biskupic pointed out that vote fraud is hard to pin down. We should pay heed to what we do see.

We should remember, too, that even if fraud isn't massive enough to hijack the result, voting twice still amounts to stealing a vote and stealing public faith in elections.


Patrick McIlheran is a Journal Sentinel editorial columnist.

His e-mail address is

Copyright 2006, Journal Sentinel Inc. All rights reserved. (Note: This notice does not apply to those news items already copyrighted and received through wire services or other media.)

Copyright 2006 Journal Sentinel Inc. Note: This notice does not apply to those news items already copyrighted and received through wire services or other media
Provided by ProQuest Information and Learning Company. All rights Reserved.
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Here is more, in case you were wondering.
RBSer, Get more information when you throw knives at Repubs.

*********** Cut and Pasted *************************

Milwaukee Voter Fraud Update
May 11, 2005

Though few in the establishsed media have been covering it, we have been actively following the Milwaukee voter fraud story. Here is the latest:

A task force looking into potential voter fraud on Election Day [2004] said Tuesday that it found more than 200 felons voted illegally and more than 100 instances of people voting twice or using fake names and addresses.
The investigators found hundreds of fraudulent votes in all and counted 4,600 more ballots than registered voters in Milwaukee - but did not uncover any proof of a plot to alter the outcome of the hotly contested presidential race in Wisconsin's largest city. They also found ballots cast using the names of dead people.
(emphasis added)

That's right, Milwaukee had more votes cast than it had registered voters, and no one seems to care enough to make this a front page story.

There may be no evidence of a conspiracy, but the Dems certainly planned for this. Back in October 2004, we reported that Milwaukee County Dems were pushing to print over twice as many ballots as they did for the 2000 election. One commenter pointed out:

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, a local co-chairman of Sen. John Kerry (news - web sites)'s campaign, wants the county to print 938,000 ballots, far more than the usual number, to accommodate a flood of new voters. But County Executive Scott Walker, a local co-chairman of President Bush (news - web sites)'s re-election campaign, is giving the city 679,000 ballots - 10,000 more than were printed for the last presidential election. He says having a large number of excess ballots would be an opportunity for fraud
To which we added:

In the 2000 census, Milwaukee County had 940,164 residents. Now I don't know how many of those are under 18, but it seems pretty unlikely that the county will need 938,000 ballots. ... they are printing 10,000 more than were printed last time, not 10,000 more than were USED last time. According to one source 432,694 [votes were cast in the last election]. ( Do you really think that Milwaukee County will legitimately need over TWICE as many ballots as it did last time?

So here we are months after the election. Kerry won Wisconsin by roughly 11,000 votes. In Milwaukee County there were more votes cast than there were registered voters. And Democratic Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle has vetoed legislation that would stamp out voter fraud by ending same-day registration in Wisconsin, playing the race card in the process and trumpeting the state's artifically high voter turnout:

But one of the most overlooked stories of the last election is that in Wisconsin almost 3 million people voted - ranking our state third in the nation in voter turnout, with more than 75%.

As a state, we should be very proud of our high turnout, and as we look to reform our election laws, we should be working to build on that leadership because we still have 25% of our eligible population not participating.

That's such a dishonest way to characterize the facts that I'm left almost speechless. What's next, will Doyle be spinning this report by saying "We should be very proud that in Wisconsin, our dead people continue to have a voice. However, there are some dead people still not voting, so as we reform our laws we need to to keep their interests in mind and work toward 100% dead-voter turnout."

Anybody who is legitimately concerned about fairness and committed to the idea of "democracy" should be outraged by these events. That the Dems are working to keep this voter fraud institutionalized and even working to accommodate it should tell you something - they love democracy as long as the people pick them; if they don't, then to hell with it.
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Even though it is about local politics in Southeastern Wisconsin, they reflect the political climate here in New York. Mirror imaging in fact....
From Mark Belling:

**************** Cut and Pasted **************************

Learning experience for school districts?
Taxpayers right to draw the line on taxes


April 11, 2007

You can only push us so far.
That was the message sent by voters in Brookfield and Franklin last week in rejecting the two biggest school tax referendum proposals in state history. Jim Doyle is raising $2 billion worth of new taxes, and voters all over the state supported school tax hikes in both the November and February elections. But for those who were wondering if there actually IS a limit the public will set on excessive taxation, the whopping defeats of the Brookfield and Franklin proposals was heartening and revealing.

School officials and their mainstream media water boys had been hoping the trends in the November and February elections would propel the mega-hikes in Brookfield and Franklin to victory. But $108 million in Brookfield’s Elmbrook School district and the $77 million in Franklin were simply too much money. The fact that smaller proposals in Mukwonago, Greendale and Brown Deer were all passed is an indication voters will continue to spend money on schools but aren’t going to go hog wild.

The Elmbrook proposal was especially shocking. They were going to spend the entire $108 million on renovating two high schools. It hardly seems possible to do that. Even the $77 million in Franklin was stunning, given that high schools in Wisconsin were being built for less than $10 million not that long ago.

The Franklin-Brookfield lesson ought to be heard in other communities. If these two monster referendums had passed, every district in southeastern Wisconsin would have tried to jump on the bandwagon with proposals of their own later this year. While the Franklin and Brookfield votes may not indicate the Wisconsin tax revolt is alive and well, they did show that reports of its death were premature.

* * *

In no school district in Wisconsin is the school tax situation more disgusting than Waukesha. In that community, a demagogic school board and superintendent are threatening draconian cuts including the elimination of all high school sports. Their tactic is anything but subtle. They’re laying the groundwork for a tax increase proposal.

In fact, the Waukesha School District is awash in cash. It has been raising school taxes for decades and is spending thousands more per student than it did only a few years ago. I can solve its budget "crisis" now.

1. Switch the teachers’ health insurance coverage away from the policy sold by a subsidiary of the teachers’ own union. This move alone will save thousands per employee.

2. Require teachers to pay 20 percent of the cost of their health policies (a figure that is close to the norm in the private sector).

3. Eliminate one administrator per every school building.

4. Drop membership in the state school boards association, eliminate travel for administrators and end payments to outside consultants who give seminars to employees during "in-service" days.

5. Threaten to layoff 10 percent of all teachers if their union doesn’t endorse these recommendations.

See how easy it was. The problem is they don’t want to do any of that. They want to raise taxes. That’s why they threaten to cut sports, rather than begin to trim the bloat that is pervasive in their budget.

* * *

It’s time to declare one local argument over. Those who advocated the inclusion of a roof at Miller Park have been proven correct. The strong crowds of the last few days and the throngs in for the weekend Cubs series were made possible only because of the roof. If those games were still played in County Stadium, or even a new facility without a roof, several of the games would have been postponed and others would have been played in conditions so miserable as to prevent any fans from attending.

In fact, the ultimate vindication of the roof supporters is the decision of the Cleveland Indians to move their games to Milwaukee this week. They have a beautiful stadium. It doesn’t have a roof. So they’ve had to postpone a week’s worth of games as rain, snow and sleet poured out of the sky. We’re getting the same weather here. But the Indians are able to play baseball in Milwaukee, not their home town.

* * *

I really want to believe Al Gore and all the global warming zealots. That’s because if they were right and the planet really is heating up, we wouldn’t be seeing snowstorms after Easter and freezing weather for two weeks in April. Instead, the Cleveland baseball team can’t even play in its own city because of the cold and winter storm watches are being issued for the third week of "spring."

It’s too bad Gore and his sheep are wrong. If there really was any proof hydrocarbon emissions were warming the planet, I’d be urging us to go on a pollution binge right now. Baby, it’s cold outside.

(Mark Belling is the host of a daily WISN radio talk show and a Sunday television show. His column runs Wednesdays in The Freeman.)
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Want more? You got more.
So dont tell me there is no voter fraud going on by Demons.

****************** Cut and Pasted *************************

January 20, 2006
Dems Admit Election-Day Sabotage
Four of five Democratic activists charged with election-day sabotage took an eleventh-hour plea deal that convicted them of misdemeanors for slashing tires on GOP-rented vans on Election Day 2004. Despite doing over $5,000 worth of damage and perhaps keeping hundreds of voters from getting to the polls, the quartet will not have to serve any prison time in exchange for their guilty pleas (via The American Mind, who has a good roundup of reaction):

In an unexpected twist in the Election Day tire-slashing trial, four former Kerry-Edwards campaign staffers, including the sons of U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Milwaukee) and former Acting Mayor Marvin Pratt, have agreed to plead no contest to misdemeanors.
The plea agreements came in the middle of jury deliberations after an eight-day trial on felony property damage charges that carried potential 3 1/2 year prison terms upon conviction. The fifth defendant in the case was acquitted by the jury later in the afternoon.

Michael Pratt, 33, Sowande Omokunde, 26, Lewis G. Caldwell, 29, and Lavelle Mohammad, 36, have all pleaded no contest to misdemeanor counts of criminal damage to property. Omokunde is Moore's son.

Prosecutors will recommend probation sentences as part of the deal, and that the four together pay $5,317 in restitution for the damaged tires.

In light of the acquittal of the fifth defendant, some might think that the prosecutor made the right decision in offering the plea. It puts the Democrats on record as admitting to electoral fraud; it guarantees that these four men will have a police record and will make it difficult for them to continue playing any significant role in politics, at least in the near term; and it closes a case with some kind of conviction, as opposed to the mistrial or outright acquittal towards which it appeared to be heading.

I agree that shifting down to a misdemeanor may well serve the overall interest of justice, but not a lack of jail time. Wisconsin, like Minnesota and a number of other states, have lax registration requirements and even less rigorous enforcement of the law and investigation into fraud. When something this blatant arises, it calls for strict prosecution and an example for others tempted to try it again. This was no mere act of youthful vandalism -- it was a crime against people who could not get themselves to the polls to vote, by the party that claims to care for the helpless and disadvantaged. It also appears to have been a conspiracy of sorts, as it involved quite a few of the lower-level Democratic activists, two of whom have parents as elected representatives. That kind of betrayal should have resulted in more than just restitution and community service.

The judge does have the discretion to reject the terms of the deal, or to accept the pleas but still include some jail time. Let us hope that the judge in this case values the credibility of the electoral system more highly than the prosecutor, and certainly more highly than the well-connected defendants who will appear for final sentencing later.


Sausage's Point to note... If the apple is rotten in one basket from the same tree, how many more baskets are rotten?
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Originally Posted By: Gio

Rough looking Communist Ho.

Edited by Sausage (04/12/07 04:54 PM)
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Mo stuff fom Miwaakke!
************** Cut and Pasted *********************

May 10, 2005
WaPo Smells The Cheese ... Finally
The Washington Post has finally sniffed out the Silence of the Cheese, the voter-fraud scandal in Milwaukee that helped turn Wisconsin blue in the 2004 Presidential election. Michelle Malkin points readers to a new development that the Post reported late this afternoon:

About 4,500 more ballots than registered voters were cast in the election last November in Milwaukee, investigators said Tuesday.
Also, more than 200 felons voted improperly in Milwaukee, and more than 100 instances of suspected double-voting were found.

No charges have been filed. Investigators found no widespread conspiracy, just isolated incidents, U.S. Attorney Steven Biskupic said.

"I don't think there's an election in this municipality or this state that would have been decided differently even with those numbers," said Mayor Tom Barrett, a Democrat.

Barrett wants this entire embarassment to go away, and the spin is designed for the national media to go back into silence mode. Having 4,500 more ballots than registered voters doesn't mean that 4500 extra votes were cast. It means many more thousands of extra votes were cast, unless Milwaukee normally gets 100% turnout for every election. Milwaukee had over 277,000 ballots cast in the election, and even if that accounted for 90% of the registered voters in the city, it would still mean 30,000 extra ballots before you even get to an overage.

Now, given that kind of turnover in balloting, the notion that all of that activity came from "isolated incidents" makes no sense whatsover. Someone had to cast those extra ballots, and if it was just ordinary Milwaukee citizens, it would mean that one in nine voters double-voted on Election Day. Perhaps the investigators could find no evidence of a conspiracy, but that hardly means that one didn't exist. The sheer scale fraudulent voting in this case almost certainly eliminates all other explanations.

John Kerry's surprise 11,000-vote margin in a state most Upper Midwest political pundits picked for Bush now appears much more understandable. While it's far too late to challenge the 2004 results, Wisconsonites should ensure that such fraud cannot occur again. The first step should be to demand photo-ID at the polling stations and the end to same-day registrations. Those politicians who oppose such reforms should be seen as enablers of voter fraud, and handled accordingly.

UPDATE: The Washington Post blew its reporting, as CQ commenter Outactrl points out. The actual report, available here in PDF format, says that 4500 more ballots came in than Milwaukee recorded as voting, not 4500 more than the number of registered voters in Milwaukee. However, let's not forget that over 30% of the 277,000 votes came from same-day registrations, which Milwaukee has yet to reconcile.
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Milwaukee Vote Fraud

Having lived in Milwaukee during the 2000 election and witnessing the "Cigarettes for Votes" scandal (as well as several Marquette students voting multiple times) I have a special interest in vote fraud. Today the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has two articles on the subject.

The first, from Greg J. Borowski:

The newspaper’s review, the most extensive analysis done so far of the election, revealed 1,242 votes coming from a total of 1,135 invalid addresses. That is, in some cases more than one person is listed as voting from the address. Of the 1,242 voters with invalid addresses, 75% registered on site on election day, according to city records.

While the number is not enough to have determined the outcome of the statewide presidential contest, the revelation prompted renewed criticism Monday by state Republicans and raised concerns at City Hall about how well records were kept on and after a frenzied election day.

Already, the newspaper has reported that about 8,300 more votes were cast than the number of people recorded by the city as voting. This appears to be due to cases where cards from those who presented identification and registered on election day could not be processed, a gap that the city’s own estimates had put at more than 10,000.

In any case, those are not included in the city database and are not part of the paper’s review, which involved checking each voter’s address against two separate lists of properties in the city.

A spot check of addresses that came back as invalid found cases where the address in question is a park, a baseball diamond and at or near the W. Wisconsin Ave. bridge. In most cases, though, there simply was no building at that address.

Charges have also been filed in an election day tire-slashing (from Derrick Nunnally):
Milwaukee County District Attorney E. Michael McCann announced the felony charges – each of which could result in a 3 1/2-year prison sentence and a $10,000 fine - in a rare news conference.

“This isn’t what goes on all the time in Wisconsin,” McCann said. “I don’t think that it takes a great deal of acumen to estimate what the intent was.”

The men charged with flattening 40 tires include Michael Pratt, 32, the son of former Acting Mayor Marvin Pratt, and Sowande A. Omokunde, 25, the son of U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Milwaukee). According to the criminal complaint filed in the case, the five men conspired, without the knowledge of top Democratic Party officials, to plaster Republican Party headquarters on W. Capitol Drive with Democratic signs and stickers, something they dubbed Operation Elephant Takeover.


Then read columnist Eugene Kane, always eager to excuse corruption:

The charges for the Great Tire-Slashing Case were felonies, which raises eyebrows when you figure that some folks can do damage to a living, breathing person and still get away with a misdemeanor. In most situations, this sort of property damage would be routine police blotter stuff without the presence of some political intrigue. But in this case, two of the men are the sons of high-profile Milwaukee politicians. Michael Pratt is the son of former Acting Mayor Marvin Pratt; Sowande A. Omokunde is the son of new U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore.

Routine police blotter stuff? Sabotaging a party's "get out the vote" effort on election day is routine (ed: In Milwaukee it has become routine.)? Kane indicates that this story would be less important if some of the slashers were not the adult children of high profile Democrats, to which I say, Duh. That fact makes the sabotage look like an act of political sabotage instead of an act of petty vandalism.

Eugene wants to have it both ways in this article. He wants to excuse the perpetrators behavior because of the pressures of being raised by prominent politicians, and at the same time excuse their parents (the "kids" involved, Michael Pratt and Sowande A. Omokunde, are 32 years old and 25 years old, respectively) from any responsibility for their actions. I happen to think that the age of the perpetrators makes the crime seem worse, not better. But that's just me.

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1 Comments:The bigotry of the MSM is evident in Wisc. Democratic felons are just being blown out of proportion. This is why they are losing their markets.
Rod Stanton
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Cigarettes for votes you say? Nay say those Demons!
GASP! She was from NEW YORK of all places!

Once again, if its a bad apple, how many trees have parasites?

****************** Cut and Pasted *********************

Charge volunteer, leaders say
More evidence of election bribery needed, DA says
of the Journal Sentinel staff
Last Updated: March 15, 2001
State GOP leaders are urging Milwaukee County District Attorney E. Michael McCann to charge a Democratic Party volunteer with election bribery for allegedly giving cigarettes to homeless people in exchange for their votes before the November presidential election.

But McCann responded that there is not yet enough evidence to file charges in the case and questioned how much should be spent to pursue the matter.

In a letter to McCann Wednesday, party Chairman Richard Graber and state Rep. Scott Walker (R-Wauwatosa) said they were "concerned that charges have not been brought" in light of information purportedly supporting them.

"While we recognize that your office is seeking evidence on many of the other individuals who were involved with the crime, it seems that there should be more than enough evidence to charge Connie Milstein," Graber and Walker say in their letter.

The two party leaders cite television videotapes of Milstein, a major Democratic fund-raiser from New York, "talking about her 'get out the votes' effort in Milwaukee" with two other volunteers "handing out packs of cigarettes."

"With this in mind, we ask that your office proceed with charging these individuals and continue to investigate the other reports of election law violations," Graber and Walker wrote.

McCann said he had received the letter but disagreed that he had enough evidence to initiate a prosecution.

"I do not agree with their statement that they are guilty," McCann told a reporter Thursday afternoon.

McCann said his investigators are aware of Milstein and have talked with the homeless people who say they had contact with her, but they still want to learn the positions of the volunteers who were with her before deciding what charges are warranted.

McCann said that one such witness was interviewed in Detroit and that others are in Washington, D.C., New York state and Michigan.

The normal method to obtain their accounts would be to conduct a John Doe proceeding in which the witnesses could be compelled to tell what they know under oath before a judge, he said. However, since the key witnesses (the other volunteers) are out of state, they only way of getting them to come to Wisconsin to testify under oath would be with a grand jury subpoena, McCann said.

"We have not conducted a grand jury here, I think, in about 30 years, so we are cautious about doing that," McCann said. "We are trying to determine the cost of doing that.

"When we have, we will talk with the chief judge about it. It certainly would cost thousands of dollars."

McCann said that his office's investigation thus far has determined that a total of $30 was spent on the homeless men.

"That would be a crime," he said. "I am deeply offended by that.

"But we are talking about 15 men who got $2 packs of cigarettes. The question is, what do you spend to bring it to justice?

"We've spent much money already. How much more do we want to spend?"

McCann said he expects to discuss the cost issue with Chief Judge Michael J. Skwierawski in the next several days.
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Once again, the evidence is clear.
RBSer cannot refute what was written.
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Voter-Fraud Complaints by GOP Drove Dismissals

By Dan Eggen and Amy Goldstein
Washington Post Staff Writers
Monday, May 14, 2007; A04

Nearly half the U.S. attorneys slated for removal by the administration last year were targets of Republican complaints that they were lax on voter fraud, including efforts by presidential adviser Karl Rove to encourage more prosecutions of election- law violations, according to new documents and interviews.

Of the 12 U.S. attorneys known to have been dismissed or considered for removal last year, five were identified by Rove or other administration officials as working in districts that were trouble spots for voter fraud -- Kansas City, Mo.; Milwaukee; New Mexico; Nevada; and Washington state. Four of the five prosecutors in those districts were dismissed.

It has been clear for months that the administration's eagerness to launch voter-fraud prosecutions played a role in some of the firings, but recent testimony, documents and interviews show the issue was more central than previously known. The new details include the names of additional prosecutors who were targeted and other districts that were of concern, as well as previously unknown information about the White House's role.

The Justice Department demanded that one U.S. attorney, Todd P. Graves of Kansas City, resign in January 2006, several months after he refused to sign off on a Justice lawsuit involving the state's voter rolls, Graves said last week. U.S. Attorney Steven M. Biskupic of Milwaukee also was targeted last fall after complaints from Rove that he was not doing enough about voter fraud. But he was spared because Justice officials feared that removing him might cause political problems on Capitol Hill, according to interviews of Justice aides conducted by congressional staff members.

"There is reason for worry and suspicion at this point as to whether voting fraud played an inappropriate role in personnel decisions by the department," said Daniel P. Tokaji, an election law specialist at Ohio State University's Moritz College of Law.

The behind-the-scenes maneuvering to replace U.S. attorneys viewed as weak on voter fraud, from state Republican parties to the White House, is one element of a nationwide partisan brawl over voting rights in recent years. Ever since the contested 2000 presidential election, which ended in a Florida recount and intervention by the U.S. Supreme Court, both political parties have attempted to use election law to tip close contests to their advantage.

Through legislation and litigation, Republicans have pressed for voter-identification requirements and other rules to clamp down on what they assert is widespread fraud by ineligible voters. Starting early in the Bush administration, the Justice Department has emphasized increasing prosecutions of fraudulent voting.

Democrats counter that such fraud is rare and that GOP efforts are designed to suppress legitimate votes by minorities, the elderly and recent immigrants, who are likely to support Democratic candidates. A draft report last year by the Election Assistance Commission, a bipartisan government panel that conducts election research, said that "there is widespread but not unanimous agreement that there is little polling place fraud."

That conclusion was played down in the panel's final report, which said only that the seriousness of the problem was debatable.

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Originally Posted By: Gio