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#574979 --- 05/10/07 04:45 AM Re: THIS is oppression of Christians [Re: Reinhart Faust]
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Originally Posted By: Reinhart Faust
This went downhill fast...

It started out pretty far down. Another one of your senseless rants.
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#575159 --- 05/10/07 04:20 PM Re: THIS is oppression of Christians [Re: past tense]
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73 predominantly black churches have been burned or desecrated since January, 1995.

A USA Today investigation found that, although a number of white churches have burned since January 1995, the rate of black church arsons is more than double what it had been in earlier years. And, of course, there are many fewer black churches (65,000) than white churches (300,000), so a much higher percentage of black churches have been burned.28

The USA Today investigation also found "two well-defined geographic clusters or 'Arson zones' where black church arsons are up sharply over the last three years."
The zones are:

1) a 200-mile oval in the mid-South that encompasses western Tennessee and parts of Alabama and Mississippi," and

2) another area that "stretches across the Carolinas, where the rate of black church arsons has tripled since 1993."29

Of those who have been arrested or prosecuted for destroying black churches since 1990, the majority have been white males between the ages of 14 and 45. And, of the 39 people who have been arrested in the arsons that occurred since January 1995, 26 have been white, 13 black.

Since 1990, at least 13 of the arsons of black churches took place in January around the holiday commemorating the birth of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.
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#575165 --- 05/10/07 04:25 PM Re: THIS is oppression of Christians [Re: Sausage]
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USA Today - hard hitting journalism.

Sounds more like a race issue than a specifically religious one, but very interesting.

#575418 --- 05/10/07 09:25 PM Re: THIS is oppression of Christians [Re: past tense]
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This kind of thing is pretty common in the deep south-where these mostly Baptist Black churches are also a social, educational, and human services center as well as a spiritual one. I agree that it's more of an act of racism than religious persection.

#575524 --- 05/11/07 01:44 AM Re: THIS is oppression of Christians [Re: greenelf]
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could be faulty wiring...
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