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#573228 --- 05/06/07 10:41 PM Re: Moms don't appreciate boobs billboard [Re: VM Smith]
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I saw a girl in a bar once with a tshirt reading in tiny little letters "If you can read this you are staring at my tits"

#573266 --- 05/07/07 02:04 AM Re: Moms don't appreciate boobs billboard [Re: Strawberry Jam]
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On the choice of weather some people want children or not..its just that..a choice...something society seems to have a problem with...if it doesnt fit in their compartmentalized ideals, then its, freedom of choice gives people the right to choose what they want, right? On the whole boobie, I love the right to choose on that...small, medium and doesnt matter to me. they may be descibed as many things, but they sure are nice to look at, but i dont judge a woman on the size of them...made that mistake too many times lol
Humpty Dumpty was pushed!

#573584 --- 05/07/07 05:21 PM Re: Moms don't appreciate boobs billboard [Re: exyankeeguy]
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Quote:I like tits. .....As Abu quotes the Dirty Vicar of Dunbridge Wells, I am remeinded of something Bill Maher said on his HBO show this week: " You couldn't get most Americans to vote if you were asking them to choose between tits and bigger tits."

#573651 --- 05/07/07 08:08 PM Re: Moms don't appreciate boobs billboard [Re: greenelf]
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Hmmm ok
Large Breasts or small breasts.. what difference does it make? Its a part of the whole woman.. I dont just look at one part and say damn I want that... thats just dumb.. the whole package is da thing! Yes the mind, character and emotions too.
first things first though.. Look at the eyes, you can read a person.. a mirror to the soul.
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