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OK im a golfer and am going stir crazy, in six years im moving to florida but what can I do in these fridgid months to keep busy? Suggestions, comments, anything please something, even if it isn't golf related... i need some interesting hobbies other than reading!
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You can putt at Tony B's in the Auburn Mall. Trips to the golf dome work. Working out, with an emphasis on strengthing the golf swing can be fun. One of my favorite off season things to do is research new clubs.

Winter is also the best time to get the indoor honey-do list done. That way, more golf in the good weather.

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There is an indoor driving range in Liverpool I think. I have an electric ball returner for putting and I use my carpeted hallway to practice every few weeks. Buy some video golfing games..

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Exercise, Swinging your club 50 to 80 times a day and staying flexible. Your game will come back quick, but if your out of shape your swing will be lost. You will have to change your swing according to your flex.