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#404452 --- 07/12/06 05:48 PM Firefox Question
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Some minor difficulty with Firefox.....maybe you can help me out. One day some change occurred that made all my bookmarks disappear, and it looked like it had gone back to default settings. Now to bookmark, I have to open the window and select "bookmark" from a short list. That used to happen automatically. I am unable to make the "print" icon stay in the toolbar after I close, and engines I try to place in my search bar at the right will not stay. I have downlaoded the newest version. Is there a setting somewhere that is causing all this? Thanks for any ideas.

#404453 --- 07/12/06 08:47 PM Re: Firefox Question
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Think medical first. Scan for viruses, trojans, hijackers, etc. and eliminate all the little bugaboos that can screw up your computers settings. I've solved more problems with a good hosing out of my computer than anything else!
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also make sure you are using the latest version of Firefox
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