A Ride

Born in steel; the ringing chimes of it's first breath,
Forged fireborn, to reflect lifes fierce brightness...
If fire could sing, to leap and whirl in dance?
If fire had voice to shout it's joy....
So, born in steel; caught in flights swiftness,
Now, gleams of silver radiance
Hidden in the distant leaves.
Quick silver, quick fire, to leap
And surprise.

The distant thunder softly grumbles far,
A deeper note of steel hiddden within the chorus.
No one voice singing proudly forth, but all,
As one, in the sustained thread of melody
There, gleams of the silver in the trees
Glances of the brightness clears
Quick fire of the afternoon sun, silvered.

So swiftly proud! With measured grace,
With the slower pace that still seems to leap free.
Flags unfurled waving with our hearts and souls.
Entering not one , but all....and a host of flags,
Now gleams the silvered jewels here,
What treasure of steel, or is it the flags....
A Summer afternoon...of distant thunder,
With a river of flags that we see.
Our hearts bridge the river, to brothers and sisters alike.
We remember and knowing they sacrificed for all,
Our hearts cross the river,
Oh, all the flags softly wave,
To cross and share our thanks....
Our hearts are full, when we cross the bridge.
sanity......hmmm, I can't even remember what that is!