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#1553436 --- 07/30/20 08:07 AM Incident at F. F. Thompson
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Does anyone know what the issue was or what the gentleman was upset about at the recent incident at Thompson hospital.
Reported on FL1:

#1553451 --- 07/30/20 05:15 PM Re: Incident at F. F. Thompson [Re: southseneca]
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My first thought....and its only a thought...based only on the ideas of what is going on these days...... wonder if he came in there and was asked to put on a mask and was one of those people screaming about his rights and his freedoms.....? Just a long shot guess.......

#1553491 --- 08/01/20 09:24 PM Re: Incident at F. F. Thompson [Re: southseneca]
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The lizard people wanted to chip him with the mark of the beast, AKA Covid 19. He fought back.
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