“The COVID-19 Crisis has brought to light incredible challenges for the hospitality industry, including Bristol Harbour. We have faced the dilemma of how to operate a business designed to bring people together, in a time when it is our social responsibility to stay a part,” the duo said in the letter.

“With much careful consideration, we have decided to close Bristol Harbour. This announcement comes as the result of our family’s dedication to transparency, as we want to ensure that our guests and employees are safe and healthy,” they added. “Please know, the decision to prioritize the health and safety of our guests and employees over our business operations was made with the utmost care, concern, and due diligence. As a family run business, we cannot separate our family values from our business operations. As a result, we feel it is our ethical duty to be a solution in preventing the spread, despite the implications and sacrifices we must make to uphold this significant responsibility.”
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