Instead of putting drugs INTO the body to "attack" a virus, let's think about taking the virus OUT OF the blood-stream without drugs. I know this concept is hard to believe. Too much money is made by dumping drugs into the body and hoping it does something.

By extracting the virus out of the blood stream at a specific point on the body, and reintroducing the subjects 'cleaned' blood back into the body at a point on the body closer to the point of blood reentry into the subjects heart, the heart will replenish the blood stream with fresh blood cells that will rejuvenate the body of the subject's immune system.

The cleaning of the bloodstream will take a moment but not a long period of time.

The process has the potential of being a universal cure to viral infection. People should recover same day of treatment.

Even viral infections such as COVID-19 would be cured same day of treatment. The potential for universal virus defection is there.

Proof is in the trials.
Let's cure stuff, yeah?