City of Ithaca pays former IC student Kyle Goldstein $251,000 to settle IPD brutality case

The City of Ithaca is paying $251,000 to settle a lawsuit alleging Ithaca police officers denied a former Ithaca College student his rights when they entered his home, pepper-sprayed him, and arrested him in response to a noise complaint.

Kyle Goldstein sued the city, the Ithaca Police Department and officers Jacob Allard and Daniel Bechtold, for the police department's actions when they responded to a noise complaint during a party at his Hudson Street apartment in 2016.

Body camera footage from the Ithaca Police Department shows Allard cuffing Goldstein, making him face a wall and then throwing him to the ground. Afterward, Allard sprayed pepper spray into Goldstein's eyes from about a foot away and Bechtold brandished a taser at a crowd at the party.

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