Progressive women not sporting that noxious, anti-feminist symbol of misogyny hijab 'in solidarity' with their Muslim sisters??

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‘NOT ON OUR WATCH’: Protesters call for policy change at Geneva rally (full-coverage)
Protesters urge lawmakers, citizens to think about aggression toward Iran

By Gabriel Pietrorazio

The Geneva Women’s Assembly hosted a rally out in front of the Geneva Armory amid the ever-changing weather of rain and snowfall on Saturday.

The rally was organized by the GWA and sponsored in tandem with the New York State Poor People’s Campaign and the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

In conjunction with a national day of protest with the ANSWER Coalition and other partner organizations including the United for Peace and Justice, Dorothy Day Catholic Worker, Food Not War, Pastors for Peace and Code Pink.

This action was one demonstration that was coordinated across the nation in an effort to remind the United States about its aggressive stance toward Iran following the assassination of Major General Qassem Soleimani and its aftermath, which has caused ripples of tension between the two states.

Jodi Dean, the GWA communications coordinator and a professor of political science at Hobart and William Smith Colleges spoke with about their aims by coordinating this rally action.

When it comes to the unaccommodating weather, Dean shared that the residents are accustomed to these routine conditions.

“Finger Lakers are intrepid people,” Dean said.

Dean explained that the action’s choice of location at the Geneva Armory was a symbolic choice which “clearly represents U.S. military power.”

As for their the rally, their inspiration was two-fold: first, to recognize the struggle of “endless war” and the vital efforts to “rebuild the peace movement.”

Dean also relayed that these acts can no longer be tolerated by elected officials, as she stated, “no more, not on our watch.”

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