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#1532330 --- 07/19/19 01:47 PM Musselman sale to Ironman
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Good or bad for the area?

Ironman puts on great, albeit expensive, events, that tend to have a huge draw. Ironman is also known to drop events without notice (e.g., Ironman Syrcause and many others). It's also rumored that Ironman buys competing events simply to shut them down and eradicate competition.

Here's to hoping Ironman is serious about the Finger Lakes, because it could be a nice boost for the area. Fingers crossed.

#1532372 --- 07/21/19 09:25 PM Re: Musselman sale to Ironman [Re: FLaker]
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At its high, before Jeff Henderson sold it, the Musselman brought more than 2,500 athletes to Geneva. It won tons of national and international awards. You can imagine that success has been a thorn in the side of corporate entities that run these races for years. Easy to understand why they wanted it so badly - the Syracuse Ironman won no awards and ultimately failed, and Ironman was regularly being shown up by an upstart, independent race. Not sure if Ironman can afford to mess this up - imagine if they take over a race that has a well-respected national reputation and then can't manage to keep it going? How incompetent would they look?

Good or bad for Geneva? Only time will tell. Will Ironman continue to involve the community as previous owners did, make donations like previous owners did, and keep the race running for years as the community expects? Or will they ultimately try to get money FROM the community to keep it here before announcing its cancellation? We'll have to wait and see. My belief is they can't afford to NOT make this a signature race in their portfolio, so my hope is they'll do what they need to do to make this race continue to succeed.

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#1532376 --- 07/22/19 05:00 AM Re: Musselman sale to Ironman [Re: FLaker]
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The event relies on so many volunteers that, were it to lose public support, it would probably have to fold. I'd like to see how much "cost sharing" goes on with the municipalities involved, so that those costs can be monitored going forward.