Report: Yates County Ranks #1 in New York To Live Off Social Security

According to an annual report released by SmartAsset, a New York City financial advising firm, Yates County ranked as the top county to live in New York State off social security.

Nationwide, Yates County ranked 360. The report looks into the average Social Security income for every county in the U.S., the state tax that would be paid on that and average living expenses for the county. The results get ranked on a scale of zero to 1-HUNDRED to create the index, with 100 being where Social Security covers the most needs. Yates County has an index of 79.70, a cost of living at 18-THOUSAND, 138 dollars and an average payout of 19-THOUSAND, 157 dollars.

Ontario County ranked 4th in the state, Schuyler County 5th, Steuben County 13th and Seneca County 23rd.

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