Saw this on FL1 today. I have to say I am still surprised at how stupid people can become. Grab your torch and pitchfork and let's burn the harvester at the stake! It's what's causing all the harmful algae blooms in our lakes!

This quote is right out of Frankenstein:
We want change, we want something new. We want to see something different done,” said Canadice resident Eric Lang, who grew up on the lake and whose family still owns property there. “There are lots of people very upset,” said Lang, who presented the county Board of Supervisors Aug. 23 with the petition containing nearly 300 signatures. “We don’t care about science or studies now, we want results,” he said.

Kill the Monster! Okay, scrap science and just go out, vandalize stuff!! Yep, that will help! Who needs a plan when panic and mayhem will do the job??

Forget trying to figure out what's causing it, just DO SOMETHING!!! I don't know maybe set the lake on fire? (don't even think about doing that... it was a joke!)