Manure Lagoon Wins OK Ahead of.New DEC Rules

Construction resumed Thursday on a controversial 10-million-gallon manure lagoon that state officials had recently ruled to be in violation of state regulations.

Neighbors of the rural site 30 miles west of Syracuse say they fear the project will foul the air, threaten their groundwater and ruin the value of their homes. They’ve flocked to public meetings, posted anti-lagoon yard signs and opened a Facebook page.

The lagoon is being built by CH4 Generate Cayuga LLC, a unit of a California investment group, on land it has leased from Hourigan Dairy Farm, an 8,000-acre, 950-Holstein megafarm in Elbridge, about 10 miles to the east.

CH4 (the chemical symbol for methane) is owned by Generate Capital, a San Francisco-based energy company that has operated Cayuga County’s regional methane digester in Auburn since January 2016.

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