with the temps expected to reach near 90 degrees some simple methods to keep the inside of the home cool'r

close all drapes, curtains, blinds... on the east, south and west sides of the home to keep the morning, afternoon and evening sun from 'warming' up the interior of the home

keep all windows closed on the east, south and west side of the home when the sun is out

if it becomes 'warmer' in the home only open windows on the north side of the home or a shaded side of the home where the shade makes contact with that window

you only want to let in air that is cooler than the inside air

you do not want to let in air that is warmer than the inside air of the home as it will just warm up the inside of the home faster

if a window gets direct or any sunlight it is best not to open that window as it would allow the 'warmer' air into the home during the daytime

if there is a large tree that creates shade casting onto the home /window on the east, south or west side of the home then you may be able to open that window to allow 'cooler' air in the home

if you open a window and the incoming air is 'warmer' than the inside air it is best to close the window during the daytime

open all windows after the sun goes down to allow the 'cooler' evening air into the home - natural cooling

close all those windows before the sun comes up to keep the 'cooler' air inside the home

if you have a newer roof that has a ridge vent, roof vents, gable vent or other venting methods you may be able to put a box fan in the opening to the attic and have the fan blow the 'hot' air out the roof vents

they make larger models that are called 'whole house fans' that are placed in the opening in the attic that create air movement

if you have a gable vent that lacks a fan you could put a small temporary box fan to blow the hotter air out of the attic during the next few days of hotter weather

keeping the attic cooler will cool off the rest of the home and also make your roof shingles last longer

if you have central a/c clean/rinse the outside condensor

change/clean the air filter if your central a/c has a filter

a dirty filter will restrict the air movement of the a/c

drink plenty of water

check on your senior neighbors to see if they are staying cool