I see a valid point from both sides but therein lies a problem, tell us who's right or wrong from either perspective? Any entity or faction can make their case but sometimes, we tend to overlook or even care to understand the opposing views we deem as "being negative" I've post an old article concerning the infamous Whale Watch of yesteryear. Several years before it's demise, many sought to keep it going at any cost...literally, at the expense of Geneva's residence, agreed or disagreed. I've come to Geneva for several consecutive years to attend the Afro American fest but the event planners are often discouraged due to restrictions from ie. the city or some residents not mentioned in other events. I love your car shows but find it astounding that one can be arrested for public intoxication based on law but in another vein, barricades can be erected and you can drink publicly at your heart content. So as you've mention, there are the planners and the naysayers but tell us why must either side always be relegated to being "the good guy or bad?", seeing that rules and regulations are set forth at the discretion of the powers that be.