In my email box today


Fellow New Yorker,

Last fall, I pushed for legislation to close a loophole to ensure domestic abusers are required to surrender all firearms, not just handguns.

Thousands of you signed our petition, and I am happy to say our efforts have paid off. Over the weekend, I signed into law a bill that will remove firearms from those who commit any domestic violence crimes.

The link between domestic violence and gun violence is clear. Research shows when a domestic abuser has access to a gun, the homicide risk goes up 5 times. Removing guns from domestic abusers is a common-sense measure that will save lives.

The recent wave of mass shootings in our country is horrifying, and the federal government’s failure to act in any meaningful way is unconscionable.

Our gun laws are already the strongest in the nation, and with this legislation, we are going even further and will continue to lead the fight to end gun violence. Help share the good news.

I thank you for your advocacy and your support.


Governor Andrew M. Cuomo