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#1510649 --- 12/11/17 01:28 PM Weed killer recommendations
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I really would like some recommendation on a really good weed killer. I even have been counseled to use ""Monsanto agreeableness Glyphosate"" but haven't any information about this product and looks not wideout there.

The weeds area unit during an over big space of the garden and perpetually return with a vengeance. we've cut them down and have bought weed material. However, as a precaution are thinking a weed killer.

Any recommendations would be nice, please. Am very tired of it returning all the time because it delays us really landscaping and making a pretty garden to relish.

#1511081 --- 12/17/17 09:18 PM Re: Weed killer recommendations [Re: KatLively]
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Info on Monsanto's Glyphosate...

and under

State of the Science of Gmo Foods - Health and Wellness section.

Glyphosate will stay in your soil for up to 20 years. It does not break down in the 3 years Monsanto states. You should assume anything Monsanto states on their packaging is false.

There are alternatives. Search "natural weed killer."

You could ask put the question to Moms Across America on Facebook.
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#1511537 --- 12/27/17 11:58 AM Re: Weed killer recommendations [Re: MissingArty]
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Monsanto Suppressing Evidence of Cancerous Lie - Snopes:

A laboratory test performed by food activists is going viral, but its results and the allegations drawn from them are not reliable.
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