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#1510589 --- 12/10/17 10:43 AM John Lewis is a petty, bitter little man
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John Lewis is a petty, bitter little man

Today the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum opened with great ceremony and fanfare.

But one so-called “civil rights icon” was absent.

Congressman John Lewis boycotted the event for the exact same reason he boycotted the Inauguration last January.

President Trump was going to be there.

What a petty little baby John Lewis is.

You know most people learn at an early age that the world doesn’t revolve around them.

But not so for the petty, bitter little man from Georgia.

Earth to John Lewis. Not everything is about you.

And if you really believed that the Civil Right Movement is “marching on” – as your website declares – you would put your petty, bitter butt-hurt aside for one damn day.

But that’s just too much for John Lewis to do.

The reason is obvious.

For John Lewis it is more important to promulgate the lie that Donald Trump is a racist and a white supremacist than to honor the memory of those who fought for Civil Rights in the United States.

In other words, this so-called “civil rights icon” is a nothing but a fraud – more focused on political posturing and demagoguery than anything else.

Boycotting this event doesn’t make John Lewis look like a civil rights leader.

It makes him look like a petulant child.

What’s more Lewis’ childish refusal to attend makes President Trump look like the bigger man – a man willing to rise above the petty bickering of politics to show honor and respect for the very people John Lewis claims he represents.

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