In recent weeks several customers of mine have received several calls from either a live person or a robo-caller claiming to be Microsoft, just a heads up (as I have told several people on the phone already) the ALL are fake.

Directly from Microsoft:

It is a SCAM!!! Microsoft does not do that nor do they have partners who do that nor do they hire sub-contractors or people or even get volunteers to do that. There are probably thousands of such companies out there doing this every day - we get two or three messages like this (or more) every day asking about it. You are the lucky ones who recognized the scam enough not to be sucked into it and end up with identify theft, infections, hacking of your computer, convincing you to buy software or services you either don't need or that don't really exist at all, and all sorts of nefarious tricks. You'd be surprised by how many contact us AFTER they realized they'd been suckered asking what to do. Do not waste time talking to these people, do not give them any personal information whatsoever, do not be tricked by what they may get you to see on the computer - in fact, don't do anything they suggest on your computer or even visit websites they recommend, and for heaven's sake don't give them access to your computer.

Microsoft knows this goes on but with these companies springing up like dandelions, or closing and changing names when discovered, and mostly operating in foreign countries, it would take an army of lawyers to pursue every one of them. They do the best they can, but there simply are too many and more get added every day. People have to be careful of these things. They not only occur by phone, but also by e-mail, instant messaging, regular mail and every way imaginable. Just remember that Microsoft does not do this and hang up or delete emails or messages or mail from anyone claiming they are doing this because they know information about your computer or want information from you to confirm your account so it won't be closed and ask you for your username and password and all sorts of other personal information. Microsoft DOES NOT DO THIS!