Auburn Correctional Facility on lockdown after 30-inmate brawl

AUBURN, N.Y. -- The Auburn Correctional Facility has been on lockdown for four days after a 30-inmate fight.

The brawl took place Thursday evening in the prison's recreational yard, according to Joe Miano, New York State Correctional Officers & Police Benevolent Association's western region vice president.

Officers used chemical agents, which Miano said is like tear gas, to try to contain the fight, but the inmates continued to fight. Officers fired two warning shots. Inmates at the maximum security prison complied with officers after the second warning shot, Miano said.

No officers were injuried in the brawl. Miano said some inmates reported minor injuries, but no major injuries were reported.

The lockdown will remain in place while officers conduct a full search of the prison, which is located 135 State St. Miano said officers are searching for weapons and other contraband.