Yates jury convicts on all five counts

The trial of Jose Lopez-Sarmiento, which started Monday, Feb. 28, has concluded in a guilty verdict on all counts.

Jurors convicted Lopez-Sarmiento, 39, of Yates County on five counts charged by a grand jury indictment handed down July 11, 2016. This included burglary in the first degree (a class B felony), assault in the second degree (class D felony), menacing in the second degree (class A misdemeanor), criminal mischief in the fourth degree (class A misdemeanor) and the violation of harassment in the second degree.

Assistant District Attorney David Mashewske appeared on behalf of the people for the Yates County District Attorney's office. The defendant was represented by Assistant Public Defender Katie Martens-Henderson. Judge Jason Cook presided over the week long trial.