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#1493016 --- 12/04/16 06:04 PM Why Are We Thinking All the Time?
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"We accept our over-loaded, hyper-active mind as being normal. This insightful film gently suggests otherwise and illuminates a path that has been walked for thousands of years as a way to remedy this common headache. Brian Jones recommends that we design our inner environment, just like we renovate and refurbish outer environment. He elaborates further by sharing the positive and universal effects you will create by simply choosing to participate in the inner-evolution. "Everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing him or herself" - Leo Tolstoy

Watch here:
"Everything that has ever happened to us is there to make us stronger."
-John Trudell

#1535386 --- 10/31/19 05:13 AM Re: Why Are We Thinking All the Time? [Re: Teonan]
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The final sentence is very true that people are trying to change the entire world rather than changing themselves. Usually, we can change the world by changing our views and behavior. No one realizes it and instead, they find mistakes of others. Many researches have found that it is human behavior. If we try to change that mindset, then it would become a great step forward to change the world. Not only the technology but also the humans' mindset has to be changed.

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Food for thought... grin

It's good to think - but not too much, scientists say:
Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.

#1544564 --- 03/23/20 12:36 AM Re: Why Are We Thinking All the Time? [Re: Teonan]
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We think about the most interesting and necessary for us aspect. At this moment of life.