Sword-swinging man got tased, police say:

Police say a sword-swinging man who was highly intoxicated and angry about barking dogs had to be subdued after acting threatening toward a sheriff's deputy.

Phouphit Thongrivong, 55, had been causing a disturbance in the early morning of Oct. 2, causing police to respond to his home on Berwin Street in Johnson City, according to the Broome County Sheriff's Office.

When Deputy Dan Shafer arrived there just before 2 a.m., officials say, Thongrivong was leaning over a fence and yelling obscenities while swinging a sword at some barking dogs. Thongrivong was asked to drop the sword, according to police, but he advanced toward Shafer in a threatening manner.

Shafer used a taser, and Thongrivong dropped to the ground, police said. Two state troopers, who also responded to the incident for assistance, helped the deputy take him into custody.