Convicted Level II Sex Offender, in group home, charged with Rape 1st

The female victim, with the inability to consent, was reportedly dragged into a bathroom at the Huron Community Home at 6370 Clapper Road in the Town of Huron and forcibly raped.

The perpetrator, Ricardo Gonzalez, age 21, formerly of Monroe County, was arrested on Saturday (8/27) for Rape in the 1st Degree: Forcible Compulsion following an investigation by the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office.

At a preliminary hearing in the Huron Town Court on Wednesday (8/31), Judge Terry Powell found that reasonable cause was established and held Gonzalez over for action by the Grand Jury. Gonzalez remains in jail on $10,000 cash/$20,000 bond on the current case and also $10,000/$20,000 bail for his pending Violation of Probation in front of Judge Kehoe in County Court.

Following an investigation and arrest by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, Gonzalez is on probation for a 2013 case which lead to a conviction of Sexual Abuse 1st, (having sexual contact with a six year-old girl). Records show Gonzalez pled guilty to Sex Abuse in the First Degree on June 11, 2013. Sentenced on June 18, 2013 to 6 months in the Monroe County jail (shock probation) and 10 years probation. He was required to register as a Level 2 Sex Offender. After his release, Gonzalez’s case was transferred to Wayne County from Monroe County.

The Huron Community Home is owned by Finger Lakes DDSO. The Times called the DDSO head office in Monroe County and they were asked for comment on the situation at the Huron home and any policy the agency has in placing convicted sex offenders in group homes. Their comment was “No comment”. A call and message to the DDSO office in Newark was not returned.

“I also wondered that – and was not able to get a complete answer at the hearing because the DDSO/OPWDD staff did not want to provide information that would violate their privacy obligation duties. What little we believe that we know so far is that Gonzalez may have been required to be there as part of his probation supervision”, according to Wayne County Assistant County Attorney Chis Bokelman.

Wayne County Probation/Correctional Alternative Director, Dale Mead, stated that it is not unusual to place a sex offender in one of these homes, but the agency should screen and be aware of such people. “They take them only because they can take them.”

According to Bokelman, what did come out during the testimony at the hearing is, that the victim’s location is closely monitored by staff and has to be checked every five minutes by the staff, while Gonzalez’s monitoring is only to know his whereabouts within the home every 15 minutes. It appears that during one of these momentary time frames the incident took place.