Vote for no chemicals in or on your food with your food shopping dollar by shoping at an organic farm or look for the organic farmer at your farmer's market. Their farms stands are open and flowing with beautiful pesticide/herbicide free produce. You'll also be supporting increasingly shrinking small family farms. We need to support these small family farms.

Grass Fed Organic Farmer - Meat and Eggs

Autumn's Harvest Farm, McDuffie Road, Romulus

Certified Organic Produce

Felenz Family Farm, Lester Road, Phelps

Produce, meat, eggs - Not certified anymore due to the red tape but I ate from their all last summer will no ill effects. I highly recommend this farmer.

Blackbrook Farm, Route 318, Seneca Falls

Markets that carry organic

Aldi, all stores

Trader Joe's, 3349 Monroe Avenue, Pittsford, NY

Chipotle Restaurant is non gmo/organic, except for Soda but they do have organic milk and water and organic lemons for free.



Mother Earth Natural Foods, Exchange Street, Geneva

Lori's Natural Foods, Rochester

7 Ways Organic Farms Outperform Conventional Farms

Recent experiments in small organic farming practices, and the release of a 30-year side-by-side farming study by the Rodale Institute, have shown this reasoning to be fundamentally flawed. Organic farming, both large and small scale, is more productive than ‘conventional’ chemical-dependent farming. Organic farming is not only the best way to feed the world – it is the only way to feed the world in a sustainable way.

Organic farms, contrary to conventional wisdom, outperform conventional farms in these ways:

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