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#1487946 --- 08/09/16 08:42 AM Re: Forced Windows 10 Update on 2/9 [Re: SilverFox]
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I also am enjoying the challenge. In fact I have solved the issue with the TV remote and the remote speaker and everything is working well to date.

I noted somewhere they had some issues with the DVD burner. Go the start menu right click and select Device Manager. click on that. Scan the list for a DVD burner or driver and left click on that. The type of burner will popup. Right click on that and select Driver update. Click on that and see if it will update the DVD burner.

It if doesn't work go to the internet and query it for information on updating DVD burners in windows 10.

I should not be giving advice but soliciting it. However the above are basic steps that might work.

#1487950 --- 08/09/16 10:42 AM Re: Forced Windows 10 Update on 2/9 [Re: grinch]
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Glad to know you are enjoying Windows 10 now.

I am the one with the useless DVD drive. I had not tried your suggestion but the result I got was that the best/proper driver is already installed. I have tried everything in my bag of tricks and I finally got an error message that said part of the file did not migrate and properly install? That is beyond my abilities and needs a tech to solve. I think there was something in the change over from Windows 7 to Windows 10 that caused the error. Remember my internet connection failed on my first attempt to install Windows 10 when it was 75% installed and crashed the computer.

So, I tried and you tried but it needs professional help. It probably needs someone to do something in the registry to correct it. Definitely beyond my ability. I know better than to mess around in the registry. LOL

Thanks for trying and enjoy Windows 10.

#1487953 --- 08/09/16 10:49 AM Re: Forced Windows 10 Update on 2/9 [Re: DR. D]
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Silver does it show up when you click on the file explorer then click on This PC?

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