The parallels between the corrupt justice and sheriff department in"Making a Murderer", and the corrupt players in OC is spot on. In this documentary the corrupt sheriff department set up an exonerated victim because he had a lawsuit against the county. My company was set up by the OCSD with others, (because we had a lawsuit against them) they, conjured up evidence, (because there was no evidence), lied, filled out a report 2 weeks before the arrest, lied, and got rewarded for this. And the DA's in both cases knew all of this but ignored the truth, failed to do their job and they need to protect the corrupt system instead of serve the people. Making a murderer is a docu-series which illustrates the truth of our justice system, and how it really works. Its a must see. The american justice system is a joke, and all of the players are egotistical criminal jesters.

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