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#1474501 --- 08/20/15 05:43 PM local school ratings
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Since we have a little one starting school I decided to look at ratings. I want the best education for our child and was a little disappointed. Ithaca has great ratings but we can't move there. Midlakes is pretty good. What can we do to help our child do well in a school district with lower scores? Should I ignore the ratings? There are other things to consider like teacher to student ratio and number of students enrolled. I was amazed at the number of students qualifying for thr free lunch program whiah was just under fifty percent in most of the schools I checked.

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My advice e is to be active in your child's education. I can only speak to Geneva as I had two children go there. I can tell you both did very well, my son graduated from Cornell and is now the US product/marketing manager for a Swiss company. My daughter graduated from Cornell in 3 years and she just started her first year at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine.

They had great teachers, good teachers and bad teachers. As Parents we stayed on top of their education all the way thru 12th grade. Some teachers will love your involvement, some will seem to hate it and you would swear that they did not want you anywhere near them. So stay on top of it, just never think it is the teachers fault, because it probably isn't. Many times when you think it is a bad teacher it may just be that your child just is not connecting with that teachers method.
Also remember that you only have to focus on your own child, while the teacher must focus on whole classes and the school must focus on all the students.