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#1497875 --- 04/18/17 02:20 AM Re: State of the Science of the Health Risks of GMO Food [Re: MissingArty]
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I posted some of the reviews from The Truth About Vaccines Docu-Series in the Parenting Group thread on Vaccines. There are many from health care professionals. Glyphosate has been covered in the series.

Reorganizing the Executive Branch: We Need Your Input!

President Trump wants to hear your ideas and suggestions on how the government can be better organized to work for the American people.

Share your ideas below by June 12th!

Why Cornell Alliance for Science’s GMO food safety evaluation is meaningless

The authors also point out the Alliance’s failure to make the methodology public at the outset. They warn, “This may raise suspicion among the skeptical public who form the target audience for this exercise that the criteria upon which the abstracts are evaluated might be retrospectively selected to fit a preordained conclusion.”

The authors conclude, “Based on … weaknesses in the study design, we believe it is questionable as to whether any objective or meaningful conclusion can be drawn from the Alliance’s initiative.”

Cornell Alliance for Science Evaluation of Consensus on Genetically Modified Food Safety: Weaknesses in Study Design

Canadian Food Inspection Agency Finds Residues of Glyphosate in One-Third of Food Products Tested

(Beyond Pesticides, April 17, 2017) The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) published a report on glyphosate testing last week, finding traces of the chemical in about one-third of food products and residue levels above the acceptable limits in almost four percent of grain products. These findings come on the heels of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) decision to abandon plans for testing the U.S. food supply for glyphosate residues. In light of this, Beyond Pesticides is again urging USDA to test for glyphosate residues in U.S. food.

Bills reversing GMO pre-emption die in Oregon

Court Orders EPA to Close Loophole, Factory Farms Required to Report Toxic Pollution

"In the words of the court, the risk of air emissions from CAFOs 'isn't just theoretical; people have become seriously ill and even died' from these emissions. But the public cannot protect itself from these hazardous substances if CAFOs aren't required to report their releases to the public. The loophole also prevented reporting of these toxics to local and state responders and the court held that plainly violated the law."

Monsanto Sued for Misleading Labeling of Popular Herbicide Roundup

(Beyond Pesticides, April 10, 2017) Two nonprofit organizations on Friday filed a lawsuit against Monsanto for misleading the public by labeling its popular weedkiller Roundup as “target[ing] an enzyme found in plants but not in people or pets.” This lawsuit charges that this statement is false, deceptive, and misleading, because the enzyme targeted by glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, is, in fact, found in people and pets. [For additional information on glyphosate, visit Beyond Pesticides’ Gateway on Pesticide Hazards and Safe Pest Management].

Beyond Pesticides and Organic Consumers Association (OCA), through their attorneys, Richman Law Group, filed jointly on behalf of the general public in Washington D.C. under the District of Columbia’s Consumer Protection Procedures Act.

“The unequivocal nature of Monsanto’s label claim on Roundup belies the complexity of human biology and the impact this highly toxic chemical has on the functioning of the human gut bacteria, essential our health,” said Jay Feldman, executive director of Beyond Pesticides. “With this claim, Monsanto is falsely telling the public that its product cannot hurt them,” he said.

“Corporations must be held to a high standard when it comes to the information they include on product labels, especially when it comes to the issue of safety,” said Ronnie Cummins, OCA’s international director. “For decades, Monsanto has used false labeling claims to dupe consumers into believing that they can spray Roundup on their yards and in their gardens, without risk to themselves, their children or their pets. It’s time for the courts to step in.”

Tiny, family-run newspaper wins Pulitzer Prize for taking on big business

He won for editorials that confronted the state's most powerful agricultural interests, which include the Koch Brothers, Cargill and Monsanto, and their secret funding of the government defense of a big environmental lawsuit. His "tenacious reporting, impressive expertise and engaging writing" were quite self-evident if you've seen his labor (which actually spanned two years, though he won for last year's efforts).

Happening at the Capitol this week: GMO crops, dairy air emissions and P.E. requirements

The Senate Environment Committee will consider three controversial bills regulating agriculture.

SB 1037 would allow local governments to ban genetically engineered crops.

SB 197 would require the Oregon Environmental Quality Commission to adopt a program for regulating air contaminants from dairy confined animal feeding operations.

And SB 892 would require aerial pesticide applicators to notify the state of planned applications on privately owned forest land and report on them afterward. It also requires the state to maintain an electronic reporting and notification system with free public access.

USDA to analyze GE virus effect on greening, environment

Trenton, Fla.-based Southern Gardens Citrus Nursery LLC, has asked for approval of a permit for the environmental release of the genetically engineered virus. The company is requesting the permit to use the GE virus as a biological control agent to help manage citrus greening disease, according to a news release.

Common Pesticides Speed Up Puberty in Boys

"Given the growing use of pyrethroid insecticides, our findings have important implications for the assessment of children's health risk from these insecticides…[and] suggest pyrethroid exposure is a potential risk factor for earlier male puberty."

"Consistent with the human data, our animal study shows that postnatal exposure to a widely used pyrethroid pesticide, cypermethrin, can accelerate pubertal timing and induce circulating levels of gonadotrophins and testosterone in male mice," she explained.

"This is the first study to provide evidence that environmental exposure to pyrethroids…is associated with measurable effects on male pubertal development. Given the growing use of pyrethroid insecticides, we must prudently assess these chemicals for their risks to children's health," she concluded.

More on the GMO Arctic Apple.

The GMO Arctic Apple - Jonathan Latham, PhD, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Bioscience Resource Project

"These apples make long double stranded RNA molecules (dsRNA). dsRNAs are proven vertebrate toxins. They are called toxins in the scientific literature."

Q: So how is that government is recognizing these altered consumables as G.R.A.S.? [Generally Recognized As Safe]

A: Because the regulatory agencies have been captured by the industry that owns these products. They're essentially writing & administering the rules that regulate their own industry's products. Really.


The Organic Trade Deficit Is Hurting Farmers—Here’s What You Need to Know

Q: The environmental case for amending the farm bill in favor of organics is clear, but is there also a business case for doing so?

A: Organic farming is not just a win for the environment and for consumers—it can be quite profitable for farmers who go through the three-year federal certification process, because the prices they receive for certified-organic products are often significantly higher than those for conventional crops. As nations like Russia, Romania, and China continue to expand organic production, the US should be reducing barriers for organic transition, so we can expand organic production here at home—or run the risk of American farmers falling further behind in the international marketplace.

National Biotechnology Panel Faces New Conflict of Interest Questions - 2016

Critics say that several committee members have financial ties to biotech businesses that could color the panel’s report, expected to be published soon, potentially giving short shrift to health and environmental worries.

Seneff: “Hmm. Millions of Americans with allergies to the proteins in latex? Perhaps derived from rubber plants grown in Malaysia? Glyphosate is often used to control the weeds between the rows of trees. Glyphosate contamination in the rubber --> protein allergies? Interesting to note that children with spina bifida and other defects of the neural tube have a very high likelihood of allergies to latex. AND, there's latex in the stopper of the vaccines. The puzzle pieces are falling in place!”

Danger: Latex in vaccine packaging, including rubber caps for syringes and vials, an overlooked severe allergy problem for millions of Americans to consider

Moms Exposed To Monsanto Weed Killer Means Bad Outcomes For Babies

“This is a huge issue,” said Paul Winchester, medical director of the neonatal intensive care unit at the Franciscan St. Francis Health system and professor of clinical pediatrics at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, Indiana. He said this is the first U.S. study to demonstrate glyphosate is present in pregnant women. “Everyone should be concerned about this.”

New study on Monsanto weedkiller to feed into crucial EU vote

Full results should be available by June, Belpoggi said, and will be submitted in a paper for peer review and publication in a scientific journal. A draft copy of the results will be sent at the same time to the European Commission.

The Commission has said it expects to restart talks with EU member states by August on re-approving the use of glyphosate in herbicides. A decision is due before the end of 2017.

"We would like to have the results in time to help regulators have a good judgment about this chemical," Belpoggi said. "If it is negative (no effect), then I will be happy because I am also exposed. But if there is some damage, then we would like everyone to know."

Humphries: “I love these vets at dogs naturally. They get it.”

The Leaky Gut Epidemic: Why Your Dog’s Allergy Treatment Doesn’t Work

6. Diet

Dogs eating processed diets or diets high in carbohydrates (and any kibble on the market will be high in carbohydrates) will have unbalanced gut flora. Carbohydrates, especially those with a higher glycemic load, are the preferred food for many harmful bacteria. Grains and carbohydrates will also cause an overgrowth of fungus and yeast. Dairy products, genetically modified (GMO) foods, preservatives, coloring and chlorinated water can also harm the microbiome.

Decoding Pet Food

The pet food industry is failing and misleading its customers, according to a recent report from The Cornucopia Institute. Here's what you need to know about popular pet food brands.
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#1497897 --- 04/18/17 07:37 PM Re: State of the Science of the Health Risks of GMO Food [Re: MissingArty]
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The verdict is in...

Find here the full text and the summary of the advisory legal opinion delivered by the Monsanto Tribunal judges in The Hague on April 18th 2017. (It is only four pages, link below. Below are a excerpts from each question posed to the Tribunal.)

The International Monsanto Tribunal is a unique "Opinion Tribunal" convened by civil society to clarify the legal obligations and consequences of some of the activities of the Monsanto Company.

During the hearings that took place on October 15th and 16th in The Hague, judges heard testimonies related to the six questions posed to the Tribunal. The ensuing legal opinion delivered by the Tribunal includes a legal analysis of the questions asked, with respect to both existing international law, and to prospective law in order to improve international human rights and environmental law.

The advisory opinion is structured in three parts. The introductory section details the conditions within which the Tribunal was initiated. The middle section examines the six questions posed to the Tribunal. Looking at the broader picture, the final section tackles the growing asymmetry between the rights conceded to corporations and the constraints imposed upon them to protect local communities and/or future generations, wherever corporations operate.

Excepts from...Summary of the advisory opinion of the International Monsanto Tribunal - Delivered on the 18th of April 2017 in The Hague, Netherlands

Question 1, as posed to the Tribunal, related to alleged infringement on the right to a healthy environment.

"Based on the above findings and to answer Question 1, the Tribunal concludes that Monsanto has engaged in practices which have negatively impacted the right to a healthy environment."

Question 2 concerned the alleged infringement on the right to food as recognized in Article 11 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, in Articles 24.2(c) and (e) and 27.3 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and in Articles 25(f) and 28.1 of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination
against Women.

"In response to Question 2, the Tribunal concludes that Monsanto has engaged in practices that have negatively impacted the right to food. Monsanto’s activities affect food availability for individuals and communities and interfere with the ability of individuals and communities to feed themselves directly or to choose non-genetically modified seeds. In addition, genetically modified seeds are not always affordable for farmers and threaten biodiversity. Monsanto’s activities and products cause damage to soil, water and to the environment more generally. The
Tribunal concludes that food sovereignty is also affected and underlines the cases in which genetic contamination of fields forced farmers to pay royalties to Monsanto or even to abandon their non-GMO crops due to this contamination. There is indeed an infringement on the right to food because of aggressive marketing on GMOs which can force farmers to buy new seeds every year. The dominant agro-industrial model can be criticized even more strongly because other models - such as agroecology - exist that respect the right to food."

Question 3 concerned the alleged infringement on the right to the highest attainable standard of health of everyone can reach, as recognized in Article 12 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, or the right of child to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health, as recognized by Article 24 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

"The Tribunal concludes that Monsanto has engaged in practices that negatively impacted the right to health."

Question 4 concerned the alleged infringement on the freedom indispensable for scientific research, as guaranteed by Article 15(3) of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, as well as the freedoms of thought and expression guaranteed in Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

"In response to Question 4, the Tribunal concludes that Monsanto's conduct is negatively affecting the right to freedom indispensable for scientific research. Conduct such as intimidation, discrediting independent scientific research when it raises serious questions about the protection of the environment and public health, suborning false research reports, putting pressure on governments are transgressing the freedom indispensable for scientific research. This abuse is exacerbated by exposure to health and accompanying environmental risks, which deprive society the possibility to safeguard fundamental rights. Taking direct measures to silence scientists or attempting to discredit their work constitutes conduct that abuses the right to freedom indispensable for scientific research and the right to freedom of expression. This negatively affects the right to information."

Question 5 concerned the alleged complicity in war crimes as defined in Article 8(2) of the Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC), by providing Agent Orange.

“Because of the current state of international law and the absence of specific evidence, the Tribunal cannot give any definitive answer to the question it was asked. Nevertheless, it seems that Monsanto knew how its products would be used and had information on the consequences for human health and the environment. The Tribunal is of the view that, would the crime of Ecocide be added in International law, the reported facts could fall within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC).”

Question 6 asked the Tribunal if the activities of Monsanto could constitute a crime of ecocide, understood as causing serious damage or destroying the environment, so as to significantly and durably alter the global commons or ecosystem services upon which certain human groups rely.

“The Tribunal assesses that international law should now precisely and clearly assert the protection of the environment and the crime of ecocide. The Tribunal concludes that if such a crime of ecocide were recognized in international criminal law, the activities of Monsanto could possibly constitute a crime of ecocide. Several of the company’s activities may fall within this infraction, such as the manufacture and supply of glyphosate-based herbicides to Colombia in the context of its plan for aerial application on coca crops, which negatively impacted the environment and the health of local populations; the large-scale use of dangerous agrochemicals in industrial agriculture; and the engineering, production, introduction and release of genetically engineered crops. Severe contamination of plant diversity, soils and waters would also fall within the qualification of ecocide. Finally, the introduction of persistent organic pollutants such as PCB into the environment causing widespread, long-lasting and severe environmental harm and affecting the right of the future generations could fall within the qualification of ecocide as well.”

In the third part of the advisory opinion, the Tribunal insists on the widening gap between international human rights law and corporate accountability. It calls for two urgent Actions.

Read the four page summary here...

Read the full 60 page report here…
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From Zen Honeycutt, Moms Across America

It is with a grateful but deeply saddened heart that I share this news with you today.
We cannot rejoice at the following findings, because the subject matter is of such tragedy, but we are very grateful for the work of all involved.

Today the Monsanto Tribunal judges released their conclusion. After hearing testimonies from mothers of children with birth defects, farmers with cancer, farmers with animals who suffered serious harm and death, and many more testimonies of harm from around the world, the international judges delivered their findings.

Due to the fact that the opinion tribunal was not taken under oath and the accused did not appear to deny or confirm the statements, the findings can only be given with the understanding that the testimonies given by the victims and claims of harm made in the tribunal will be proven to be true.

In summary:

The Tribunal recognizes the fundamental right to a healthy environment and human health.

The environment is a precondition of all human health. Monsanto was found to violate that right with their products.

Monsanto has also violated the rights to healthy food and access information which is needed to protect health and environment.

Monsanto has taken actions which could be classified as ECO-cide.

The tribunal recommended that a class of crime called Eco-cide be established by the international community.

The international community, judges, health organizations, farmers, manufacturers, and consumers are sure to take notice of these important findings and re-think their use of Monsanto's products such as Roundup. We find this to be an important step in moving away from GMO chemical farming and towards organic, regenerative agriculture.We thank the international community who worked tirelessly to create this tribunal.

Dems petition FDA to ban potentially toxic chemical from shampoos, body wash

New York Democratic Sens. Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand are petitioning the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ban a potentially cancer-causing chemical from consumer and children's products, including shampoo, shower gels and lotions.

Why the Non-GMO Project Verifies Low-Risk Ingredients
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Free replay all weekend = The Truth About Vaccines

Glyphosate is in vaccines. You know Seneff and Samsel hypothesize that glyphosate helps aluminum into the brain.

You also need to know the rest of the story that has been hidden from us for years. If you think because you are an adult and your kids are grown that you don't have to worry about vaccines anymore, listen to Dr. Tenpenny tell you about Pharma's plan to vaccinate every adult with multiple vaccines in Episode 7.

You'll learn about the vaccine industry's connection to the Jewish Holocaust, the history of how illnesses were coming down before vaccines were introduced, going up after vaccines were introduced, vaccines connection to cancer and autoimmune illnesses, the CDC whistleblower, etc.

Just because your kid doesn't have full blown autism doesn't mean he or she hasn't been affected. People, kids with learning disabilities, lazy eye (eye nerve damage), ADD, ADHD, ticks - all from vaccine damage.

"The Truth About Vaccines is having a 48 hour replay marathon of EVERY SINGLE episode all weekend long.

Go here to watch all 7 episodes right now for free. (Episodes are about 1 1/2 hours long.)

Oh, and by the way, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. got on mainstream media this week.

BREAKING NEWS: RFK, Jr. on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight.

New study…

Glyphosate and Paraquat in Maternal and Fetal Serums in Thai Women

CONCLUSIONS: These results show that pregnant women who work in agriculture or live in families that work in agriculture have higher exposures to the herbicides glyphosate and paraquat. The potential for long term health impacts of these prenatal exposures to children should be evaluated, and greater regulation of the sale and use of herbicides should be considered in Thailand.

Dow Chemical Pushes Trump Administration to Scrap Pesticide Study

Tribunal Judges: Monsanto Violates Basic Human Rights to a Healthy Environment by Organic Consumers Association

The very clear conclusions will be of interest to both the critics of Monsanto and industrial agriculture and to the shareholders of chemical companies and especially Bayer. The reputation of Monsanto—and Bayer in case of a merger—will not exactly improve with these conclusions by the judges of the Tribunal. The advisory opinion is a strong signal to those involved in international law, but also to the victims of toxic chemicals.

The Tribunal has created links and shared important information between lawyers and organizations that represent the victims. Therefore, it is likely that the conclusions will lead to more liability cases against Monsanto and similar companies. This will shine a light on the true cost of production and will affect Monsanto (Bayer) shareholder value in the long run. Companies that cause damage to health, food and healthy environment should and will be held accountable for their actions.;ts=1492545927

Food Freedom Movement Spreads to North Dakota

Glyphosate Found in Childhood Vaccines

The tests were conducted with the Elisa method, (link to full report here) which is regarded by the scientific community as a screening method only and not as accurate as HPLC mass spectrometry. Honeycutt reports that they asked numerous labs to test additional vaccines for glyphosate over the past few months and they have been unable to test. After learning of MAA’s results, an independent scientist conducted numerous rounds of testing, and has confirmed the presence of glyphosate in vaccines. He sent his data to Senator Sheehan, the FDA, NIH, elected government officials, major media, last week and received no response. One can contact Senator Sheehan for the additional test results.

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#1498057 --- 04/22/17 01:33 PM Re: State of the Science of the Health Risks of GMO Food [Re: MissingArty]
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All Episodes Now Playing:

Episode 1

The History of Vaccines, Smallpox, Vaccine Safety & the Current CDC Schedule

Episode 2

What’s in a Vaccine? Are Vaccines Effective? ... and ... What About Polio?

Episode 3

In Depth Analysis of the MMR and DTaP Vaccines & Vaccinating for the Greater Good

Episode 4

Examining Influenza, the HIB and Pneumococcal Vaccines & Herd Immunity

Episode 5

Considering the HPV and Hepatitis B Vaccines, SIDS & Shaken Baby Syndrome

Episode 6

A Closer Look at the CDC, Chicken Pox and Rotavirus Vaccines & Retroviruses

Episode 7

Natural Immunization, Homeoprophylaxis & Fundamental Freedom of Choice
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#1498124 --- 04/26/17 08:17 PM Re: State of the Science of the Health Risks of GMO Food [Re: MissingArty]
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If you are just hearing about gmo food, glyphosate and glyphosate in vaccines, and want to understand what it is, watch “Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives.” Glyphosate was only just found in vaccines in late 2016, so it is not covered in this film.

A food system dependent on chemicals is not a food system, it’s a chemical system.

Nic's Organic Fast Food opens in Rolling Meadows

Rolling Meadows scored a first Thursday when the nation's first Quality Assurance International-certified organic drive-through restaurant opened in a building that formerly was a Pizza Hut.

Is Cornell University misleading us on GMO food safety? by Claire Robinson - November 2016

Watch lecture ten of our independent lecture series to learn that Cornell is indeed misleading us on the safety of GMOs (among a host of other topics).

Farmers Can Now Receive Grants to Move to Organic Farming (Wow, $1,000.00! While gmo farmers get payments of hundreds of thousands of dollars.)

Two Midwestern states in the U.S. are offering farmers three years of support to move to organic crop production. Farmers would ditch GMOs along with their toxic pesticides and herbicides. The aim is to boost acreage of organically-grown crops in the U.S. once the upper Midwest is well on its way to sustainable farming.

North Dakota and Minnesota have both started grant programs. Minnesota led the way in 2013 and North Dakota began its program this year. The grants, ranging from $750 to $1000, help farmers to transition to organic crops. The money can be used for everything from soil testing to education on how to grow food in a sustainable way.

Seneff: “If you are a farmer, and you haven't yet switched to organic, now is the time to do it! Remarkable growth in organic farming just in the past year. This is GREAT news!! The consumer demand for organic is growing fast!”

2016 Count of Certified Organic Operations Shows Continued Growth in U.S. Market

The 2016 count of U.S. certified organic farms and businesses reflects a 13 percent increase between the end of 2015 and 2016, continuing the trend of double digit growth in the organic sector. The number of certified operations has increased since the count began in 2002 and this is the highest growth rate since 2008.

The complete list of certified organic farms and business is available through the Organic Integrity Database of certified operations maintained by USDA-accredited certifying agents. Launched in 2015, the database discourages fraud by providing more accurate and timely information about operations certified to use the USDA organic seal. The database also supports supply chain connections between buyers and sellers of organic goods.

Find local organic farmers in your area on the database… or,

I highly recommend Autumn’s Harvest Farm in Romulus, and Felenz Family Farm in Phelps.

From Soil to Sustainability

"By the 1980s, our soil had visibly improved—it was more porous, and earthworms and other soil life had dramatically increased. Then, in 1988 we experienced the first dramatic, practical result of this improved soil health. That year we experienced the worst drought in the history of south-central North Dakota. Our neighbors, who farmed with conventional synthetic inputs, never pulled a combine out of the shed that summer since all of their crops dried up and died from lack of moisture by the time they grew to roughly 7 or 8 inches tall. Remarkably, by contrast, our fields produced wheat yields that averaged 17 bushels per acre, despite the severe drought. That result could only be explained by the increased moisture absorption and storage capacity of our healthier soils."

Seneff videos…

Monsanto Long Term Studies Buried by EPA Revealed! Dr. Stephanie Seneff Explains - 2015

Seneff and host Elaine McFadden, MPH, RD go through disturbing research information uncovered in the 10,000 pages of Monsanto long term studies done decades ago before it was buried by the EPA. A colleague of Dr. Seneff repeatedly petitioned the EPA for the information. Monsanto did long term studies back then, and it is frightening that the cumulative and destructive results of those studies did not stop the government from approving its use, but instead choose to hide the information from the public. Monsanto learned that if they did studies longer than 3 months the truth starts to reveal itself. Seralini did not start to see the abnormalities until after 4 months and then large tumors after two years:

How Herbicides are Killing Us: Dr. Seneff Part 1 of 2 - 2014;spfreload=10

Dr. Stephanie Seneff presentation on harmful effects of glyphosate - 2013 - Starts at 19:30

In her presentation entitled "Roundup: The Elephant in the Room," Dr. Seneff outlines adverse health and environmental effects caused by chemicals that are being applied directly to foods we eat.

How To Protect Yourself From Glyphosate

“This doesn't necessarily map directly to your total glyphosate burden, because there's a large percentage of the glyphosate you're exposed to daily that washes out through the kidneys over probably a two-week period, but there's another small percentage that insidiously accumulates in your bone marrow and elsewhere in your tissues and this part is not easy to measure! It's that part that accumulates that continues to cause disease long after you were first exposed to it.”

Scientist’s ground-breaking research uncovers new risks of GMOs, glyphosate - 2016

What are your thoughts about genetic engineering of foods?

Dr. Antoniou: I’ve maintained all along that when you take a look at the GMO transformation process—whether inserting genes or using newer methods, such as gene editing—and place these methods in the context of new genetics, which tells us that no gene or its protein product works in isolation, then you can expect problems from these genetic engineering procedures. Genes and their protein products work together in a highly complex, interactive, and integrated network. From the holistic perspective of gene organization, control, and function, the GMO transformation process is technically and conceptually flawed. It’s inevitable that there will be problems; it’s just a matter of degree. This is what basic science tells us.

And when GMOs are added to their associated pesticide residues, as a package, they become a potentially very harmful product.

Technologies like genetic engineering in agriculture must be re-evaluated for safety as the science shifts. If, as we do this, we find that it is not a predictable and safe technology, we need to have the courage to say “no” and look at different ways to achieve our goals because what we are doing is clearly disruptive.

Lab-Meat. Soon in a Store Near You

But regardless of what agency ultimately is charged with writing the rules for this new area of food technology, there is reason for concern. We’ve got to take a step back and recognize that the foods we consume are far more complex than their metrics of caloric content, percentage saturated fat, vitamin content, and so on. The foods that we consume actually influence the expression of our DNA – a process called epigenetics. And so far, much like with currently available GMO foods, no one seems to be looking at how these new lab-made meats will affect the expression of our DNA – our very life code.

Glyphosate Causes Changes to DNA Function Resulting in Chronic Disease, According to Study

(Beyond Pesticides July 18, 2016) A review of the scientific literature links glyphosate, one of the most popular weed killers in the U.S. and the active ingredient in Roundup, to a wide range of diseases through a mechanism that modifies DNA functioning, adding a new even more troubling dimension to the herbicide cancer classification by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. According to the most recent review, Glyphosate pathways to modern disease V: Amino acid analogue of glycine in diverse proteins, conducted by independent scientists Anthony Samsel, Ph.D. and Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., a scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), glyphosate acts as a glycine analogue that incorporates into peptides during protein synthesis. In this process, it alters a number of proteins that depend on conserved glycine for proper function. According to the authors, glyphosate substitution for glycine correlates with several diseases, including diabetes, obesity, asthma, Alzheimer’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and Parkinson’s disease, among others.

Montezuma farmers weigh in on next Farm Bill

Lawsuits Helping To Expose Monsanto’s Deadly Roundup Cover-up - 2016 - America’s Lawyer


Tribunal judges: Monsanto isn't feeding the world - it's undermining food security

"A rise in organic agricultural practices in many places illustrates that farming with less, or without, pesticides, herbicides, and other dangerous chemicals is feasible. Studies have indicated that agroecology is capable of delivering sufficient yields to feed the entire world population and ensure that people are adequately nourished."

Burkina Faso Sees Cotton Output Rising 20% in 2017-18 Season

The return to conventional seeds last season made it possible to eliminate almost all short fibers, Yameogo said. The West African nation decided last year to halt the production of genetically modified cotton, a variety introduced by Monsanto Co., because the short fiber was hurting its reputation and cutting revenue.

1st farmer lawsuit on deck against Syngenta over China trade

The first of tens of thousands of U.S. lawsuits is about to go to trial against Swiss agribusiness giant Syngenta over its decision to introduce a genetically engineered corn seed variety to the U.S. market before China had approved it for imports.

The lawsuits allege that Syngenta's move wrecked an increasingly important export market for U.S. corn, and that the resulting price drops hurt all producers. Court filings show that Syngenta aggressively marketed the seeds even when it knew that Chinese approval was going to be a problem.

Foreign cheese challenge

Raftis noted Bothwell is launching a new Non-GMO Project Verified line of cheeses this year, made with milk from dairy cows that are fed non-GMO (genetically modified organism) crops.

Small Company Fights to Keep Cannabis Out Of Monsanto’s Greedy Hands!

However, an independent startup based in Portland is working to make marijuana’s genome publicly available to lessen the impact of patents and to protect the plant from corporate greed. Phylos Bioscience has launched an online interactive guide that not only maps the marijuana genome, but also its genetic evolution.

Gene editing opens doors to seedless fruit with no need for bees

Now Keishi Osakabe at Tokushima University in Japan and his colleagues have used the CRISPR gene-editing technique to deliberately introduce a mutation that makes tomatoes seedless. The mutation increases levels of a hormone called auxin, which stimulates fruits to develop even though no seeds have begun to form.

Jeffrey Smith Challenge to Neil deGrasse Tyson Part 1 and 2 - 2014

Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist, and popularizer of science, was caught on tape telling us to “chill out!” about GMOs because all food is genetically modified by artificial breeding. Watch Jeffrey explain to Neil why traditional breeding is completely different from genetic engineering.
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The first docu-series that came out this year about vaccines, “Vaccines Revealed,” is replaying starting tomorrow, May 1st. Click on the link below to register. If you don't receive the link to the series, check your junk folder.

“See, for decades Big Pharma has controlled and manipulated the media to keep the truth hidden.

They’ve silenced and shunned whistle-blowers...

They’ve repressed scientists who question the safety of vaccines…

They’ve revoked the licenses of doctors who dare to question the connection between vaccines and autism...

They’ve bribed politicians and government health officials.Enough is enough. It’s time to change that.

It’s time to uncover the truth and take back our health – not just for ourselves, but for our children as well.

I know we have a compelling documentary series with powerful proof that will not only open eyes, but also spark a movement for change across the US and the world.

Featuring exclusive interviews with the world's most acclaimed experts in research, medicine, immunology and natural health...

Vaccines Revealed exposes the hidden (and deadly) story behind the multi-billion dollar vaccine industry. Don’t take my word for it though...

I look forward to having you with us on this meaningful and significant journey.” Dr. Patrick Gentempo


White House aide: USDA to work on GMO labeling bill schedule

Starling also said that the Food and Drug Administration is engaged in revamping the standard nutrition facts label and is also interested in labeling for sodium and fiber, and that the Trump administration is having a conversation with the food industry about linking them all together in order to save the industry money.

That Perfect, Toxic Lawn: American Suburbs and 2,4-D (We kill the plants that cure cancer with a product that causes cancer.)

In 1945, the American Chemical Paint Company introduced its product Weedone…


The active ingredient in Weedone was a compound called 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, 2,4-D for short. It had been developed by several separate teams of researchers working on secret chemical weapons projects during the war; the generals hoped to use 2,4-D to kill potato and rice crops, starving the Axis powers into submission.

That didn’t work: 2,4-D isn’t effective on those crops.

But the stuff did kill weeds in grass, and 2,4-D rapidly became one of the most-used pesticides in American society. After the herbicide’s patent expired in the 1960s other companies rushed to create their own formulations, often mixed with fertilizer in retail products called things like “Weed and Feed.” By 2005, the EPA estimated that around 46 million pounds of the weed-killer were used each year, about 30 million pounds of that in agriculture. Since then farm use of 2,4-D has only grown, reaching nearly 40 million pounds in 2013.

While farm use accounts for the majority of the poundage of 2,4-D used in the US, it’s in home lawns and gardens that the herbicide is applied most heavily, often at several times the number of pounds per acre used to kill the same weeds in farm fields.

Researchers asking Michigan farmers to consider grass-feeding their cattle

A four minute clip from the new film Seed…
More clips here...

Statement from Health Canada - Final Re-evaluation Decision on Glyphosate

Health Canada has published the final re-evaluation decision on glyphosate. Following a rigorous science-based assessment, Health Canada has determined that when used according to the label, products containing glyphosate are not a concern to human health and the environment.

NYC schools have kicked Kellogg's out and so should the rest of us...please sign the petitions.

NYC schools have kicked Kellogg's out and so should the rest of us. Kellogg's sales have slumped since we launched the boycott campaign in 2013. Let's keep it growing! Make a pledge to ask your family and friends to join the boycott to change the food system from the bottom up!…/boy…/boycotts-kelloggs-consumers

Healthier Cereals Snare a Spot on New York School Menus

BREAKING: Kellogg's is removing GMO labels from their products. The company began labeling when Vermont's mandatory GMO labeling law was passed. The law has since been overturned at the federal level by the DARK Act, signed into law last July. The company is back to their old deceptive ways - poisoning unsuspecting people for profit. BOYCOTT KELLOGG'S and spread the word.

SIGN THE PETITION: Kellogg's - Remove GMOs and get Non-GMO Project Verified.…/boycot…/boycotts-kelloggs-consumers/

Post on Kellogg's FB page and call them out.

Crushing blow to soy processors as Chinese grow wary on GMO

"Non-GMO oil is gradually replacing (soy oil)," said Johnny An, supply chain director at food-service firm Aramark, which serves meals in banks, government offices and schools in more than 60 Chinese cities.

Monsanto Violates Maui County Agreement by Failing to Disclose Local Usage of Restricted Pesticides

Under a Memorandum of Understanding between Monsanto and the County of Maui annual reports detailing Restricted Use Pesticides are supposed to be released within 60 days of the close of a calendar year. More than 100 days since the close of 2016, Monsanto has still not posted their latest report.

First study finds neonic pesticides in US drinking water

"Without really good toxicity data it is hard to ascertain the scale of this, but whenever we have pesticides in the drinking water that is something that raises a flag no matter what type of concentration it is," said Prof LeFevre.

Dr Huber: Glyphosate Could Cause Bee Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)

These uses have created an extensive exposure level throughout the year with especially high concentrations in plants, air, water and soil during primary bee foraging periods. The exposure, physiological damage, and biological impact of glyphosate are consistent with all of the known conditions related to CCD as shown in Table 1 (see in full paper). Of all of the potential individual factors implicated in CCD, glyphosate is the only compound extensively used world-wide where CCD occurs that impacts all of them. That compound, again, is the patented mineral chelator (USPTO, 1964), herbicide, and antibiotic (USPTO, 2000), glyphosate. New studies refer to this compound as the most biologically disruptive chemical in our environment (Samsel and Seneff, 2013). (E. Note: Samsel and Seneff is worth reading the abstract on the link. You can download the entire PDF, which goes into the modern diseases glyphosate is creating.)

ACTION ALERT: Let the USDA-APHIS know your opinion about the release of genetically engineered diamondback moths AND genetically engineered Eucalyptus trees.

Genetically Engineered Diamondback Moths to be Released in New York State

A permit application has been filed with the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) for the release of genetically engineered diamondback moths in New York. To comment, go to

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has prepared an environmental assessment (EA) in response to an environmental release permit application (APHIS Number 16-076-101r) received on March 16th, 2016 from Dr. Anthony Shelton of Cornell University1 to allow the field release of genetically engineered (GE) diamondback moth (Plutella xylostella) strain OX4319L-Pxy on a release site within the grounds of the Cornell University New York State Agricultural Experiment Station (NYSAES). The release site for this EA consists of an experimental field, up to 10 acres in size, within which there will be a single point at which the open air release will occur 2.

Genetically Engineered Eucalyptus Trees

ArborGen, Inc. with headquarters in Ridgeville, South Carolina, wants “non-regulated status” for their genetically engineered eucalyptus trees. As required by law, the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has published the draft Environmental Impact Statement with a public comment period. To comment, go to To read more about the threat of industrial tree plantations, see this article from the Center for Food Safety.


A Silent Forest (About GE Trees) - Dr. David Suzuki - 2012

ArborGen, Inc. is heavy into global commercial forestry. They are asking for non-regulated status of their genetically engineered Eucalyptus trees for planting in the U.S. A few years ago, David Suzuki, renowned geneticist and host of PBS/ The Nature of Things, warned of the threat of genetically engineered trees. If your haven't seen his documentary, Silent Forest, you can find it here:

“It’s just a mistake to think that genes act as if their traits are expressed regardless of where they exist.”

“Large paper, agriculture and timber corporations are pouring vast sums of money into genetically engineering trees because they believe they will be more efficient and profitable. They hope to engineer traits so that trees kill insects, trees resist toxic herbicides, trees will have reduced lignin, the long fiber that gives rigidity to the tree and makes it difficult to manufacturer paper. Trees that are sterile for using no seeds, nuts, pollen, nectar or fruit.”

A review from S. Alexander: “As an environmental scientist, who's grad-school advisor was Jonathan Ballou (developed captive-breeding programs for Giant Panda & Golden-Lion Tamarins - amongst others...?) I can say that "The Silent Forest" was one of the VERY BEST documentaries I have seen, in terms of presenting lay-people with a solid scientific understanding of the dangers of GE technology.”

From Moms Across America: “If you've raised concerns about #GMOs and gotten trolled by strangers (no duh…), check out these court documents just filed:”

"Monsanto even started the aptly named 'Let Nothing Go' program to leave nothing, not even Facebook comments, unanswered; through a series of third parties, it employs individuals who appear to have no connection to industry, who in turn post positive comments on news articles and Facebook posts defending Monsanto, its chemicals and GMOs."

Folic Acid and Glyphosate MAY 4, 2016 BY STEPHANIE SENEFF, PHD

At first glance, this seems like a good idea, but the European Union (aside from the United Kingdom) has steadfastly refused to adopt this requirement, despite pressures from the U.S. Is there a downside to folic acid supplementation? Do the Europeans know something that the U.S. government does not?

If you were paying attention, you noticed that I said “folate” deficiency and “folic acid” supplementation. Folate and folic acid are the same thing, right? Interchangeable. Wrong! I have seen research papers use these words interchangeably, but they are definitely not the same thing. The folic acid supplement that’s added to flour is a synthetic version of the B vitamin, which is oxidized and missing the methyl group. The active form of the vitamin is technically called methyltetrahydrofolate. Folic acid is much more stable, whereas folate easily breaks down with aging or with heat (as in baking the bread). Folic acid is a (cheaper) synthetic molecule whereas folate is natural.

One has to wonder whether somebody involved in the introduction of this law knew something about the potential of glyphosate to cause spina bifida. It would not take a rocket scientist to think that disruption of the gut microbes that naturally produce folate for the host would lead to folate deficiency. In fact, it is a direct hit: folate is produced from products of the shikimate pathway, and this is the pathway that even Monsanto admits is disrupted in plants and microbes by glyphosate. Furthermore, the microbes that synthesize folate for the host, lactobacillus and bifidobacteria,3 are the ones that glyphosate preferentially kills.4

Group seeks to nullify permits on genetically modified maize, cotton

Bassey further queried the safety and environmental risk assessment of the GMOs, adding that the two bodies did not show how they would deal with secondary pests, exposure pathways and pests resistance.

Seneff: “Newly posted podcast interview with me on vaccines, glyphosate, autism, etc. Hear about my latest research ideas on this important topic.”

Chasing Corporate Polluters and Protecting our Future | Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. | TEDxHudson - 2014

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Empowered by little known and previously never used arcane bounty laws, a group of working class generational fisherman on the Hudson uncovered a way to prosecute polluters. Decades later their heroic efforts ripple now across the waters of the globe. This engaging and charming and visionary speaker, long associated with River Keeper, charts the course forward for preserving our environment and ensuring a healthy future.

“...but our children are going to pay for our joy ride and they’re going to pay for it with demuted landscapes and poor health and huge clean up costs that are going to amplify over time and that they will never be able to pay.”

FDA Approves Three New Types of GMO Potatoes — Here’s What You Must Know to Avoid Them

The three new varieties to watch out for are as follows: Ranger Russet, Atlantic and Russet Burbank, in addition to the White Russet variety that was introduced in limited quantities in 2015.

The new GMO potatoes have been genetically engineered to resist the pathogen that caused the Irish potato famine, and likely will be planted this spring before being sold in the fall. The potatoes are part of the “Innate” line from J.R. Simplot.

Factory Farming, the Climate and You

Just as we are starting to become educated in the "microbiome" that supports our health, we are discovering the life that lives within and supports our soil and the life that comes from it. In every tablespoon of soil, there are 6 billion microorganisms doing a variety of jobs. It is a beautiful dance that maintains a healthy environment. But the chemical companies masquerading as seed companies told us that they could do better. They told us that they could replace nature. They told us that we needed their toxic chemicals and their toxic seeds to feed the growing population. Well, as you, the intelligent reader, are finding out how wrong they are.

Arty turns 11 this summer.

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I'm sharing this information on vaccines because, any many of you know Samsel, Seneff and Moms Across America found glyphosate in vaccines in 2016. For your information. I hope you will watch the series.

Vaccine injuries show up in many forms that most of us do not recognize as a vaccine injury. It is not just autism people. In my own family there are a number of members with optic nerve damage a/k/a lazy eye, sensory and behavior issues, learning disabilities and the slew of auto immune issues that none of us knew were caused by a vaccine. Most of us do not even know what an auto immune illness is.

No matter what side of the fence you are on, I urge you to watch this series. See what the evidence is and the data that has been hidden from us. If it was so easy for these government officials to toss data in the garbage can in the case of the MMR vaccine, what else have they hidden from the public? The information that was supposed to be given to us by law by the doctor's offices, was never given to us. They took away our right to know about the side effects, the possibility of death, our right to decide for our families.

Finally, in case you think you've crossed that bridge and vaccines don't effect you, Big Pharma has an action plan, Healthy People 2020, a date by which they plan to have every adult in the world vaccinated with the current schedule and 135 plus vaccines that are now in the works. They are doing this because it is so profitable. They don't have to worry about being sued. What few lawsuits get filed and won are paid by you, a tax that is put on every vaccine sold.

You have a right to know and a right to decide what you put into your body, right? Not if we all do not stand up for our rights to protect ourselves and our children. Pharma, through the buy out of our legislators will see to it that you have no choice. It's happening now in California and legislation has been enacted in New York State that will add more vaccine requirements for your children and forced vaccines for adults as well.

You think the landfill is a problem, just wait till you to learn what pharmaceutical companies have done to your kids with the stamp of approval by your government.

"Vaccines Revealed." Episode 1 starting tonight at 9 pm.

This may be the last time we get to see if for free. Call your friends and family members and ask them to watch it. Here is the schedule...


From: Dr. Patrick Gentempo

“There is an urgent cultural problem where there exists extreme conflict, contention and confusion regarding one of the most significant and controversial health debates of our day, forced vaccination. This has resulted in unprecedented oppression where government regulators, working unethically with multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies, have violated the rights of parents in deciding whether or not they want to inject potentially dangerous and at times lethal vaccine substances into their children. Further, the rights of health care professionals to speak freely regarding their views of vaccines have been trampled on with the threat of ridicule, censure and de-licensure. Additionally, workers are being forced by their employers to subject themselves to vaccines and the media has attacked anyone who questions today’s compulsory use of vaccines.

Vaccines Revealed exists to be a beacon of light that shines uninhibited truth on this critical subject. By aggregating the world’s leading experts on vaccines into a global forum where unbiased knowledge can be freely shared, we endeavor to be a resource for millions of enlightened parents and concerned people worldwide who wish to evaluate this topic and form an independent opinion from which they can act in their own interest.”


“People have asked me, “why are you doing this?“ This isn’t what I wanted to do. But I had a choice. I could put my head down and walk away from it – pretending I didn’t see it. Or, I could get involved and take the risk of doing that. And I have taken those risks and I have endured what came along with it, but I have endured it happily.

Because I believe that if I can spare one kid from getting this injury – from that pain…. God gave these children lives, and these companies are stealing that from them. That is a crime. That is assault and battery. It’s child abuse. In some cases it’s even worse. I feel like I didn’t have any choice about getting involved with this fight. And once I got involved with it, – I’m going to fight it until the end. And I’m not going to stand down. And I’m not going to give up. And I’m going to fight for you – and I’m going to fight for your children.”

Vaccines Revealed - Hosted by Dr. Patrick Gentempo

The Biggest Public Health Experiment...Ever - Your kids are already a part of the experiment...and you’re next. 9-part online docu-series.

Episode 1

Andrew Wakefield, Gary Goldman, Toni Bark
• The Autism/Vaccine Connection
• Chickenpox
• Unknown Dangers of Vaccines

“...we do know that cancer rates have gone up as the practice of vaccination has grown.”

Episode 2

Suzanne Humphries, Sayer Ji, Mary Holland
• The overview of vaccines and the history of vaccine use
• General Vaccine information
• Legal Vaccine Overview
• The Vaccine Court

Episode 3

Episode 3 – (Includes “Vaxxed” Movie Presentation)
Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Scott and Melissa Miller
• The Anthrax Vaccine and its devastation on our military
• Mercury in Vaccines – Thimerosal

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. talks about Vaccine Court, Simpsonwood (1991 secret meeting of CDC scientists and Pharma reps where they decided to cover up the data that vaccines were harming, mainstream media), Scott Miller, filmmaker, vaccines in the military, Gulf War Syndrome, Anthrax, 20 minutes of the film "VAXXED."

"I've spent my life working on energy issues, environmental issues and global warming and rivers, but I've taken a hiatus to do just this issue because I cannot stand by and watch these children be poisoned, an entire generation of children being poisoned now...and we're going to take them on and beat them we're going to sue the government, pharmaceutical companies...we're figuring out different way to litigate this..."

Episode 4

Brian Hooker, Dawn Loughborough, Sara Bridges
• Autism
• Vaccine Injury
• Political Activism
• CDC Fraud

Brian Hooker - He's a PhD in biochemical engineering, has been conducting biotechnology research for over 25 years, currently an Associate Professor of Biology at Simpson University, and also science advisor for the Focus For Health Foundation.

"There is no doubt in my mind that the vaccines that my son received caused his autism...It seemed as if every vaccine he received, would cause more damage..."

"...I was following the research at the CDC which at that point even though the CDC had not officially published any research on thimerosal, we knew because of some of the things that we being leaked out that the CDC had found a relationship between thimerosal containing vaccines and autism, especially within the first month of life. The CDC was actively working to cover that up with very dubious statistics and I knew something was dead wrong...

...and then the race was on. The CDC was trying to cover up this relationship. I was actively at that point calling CDC researchers, giving my input on their studies, studies that they were doing in the United States, studies that they were planning to do in Denmark, Italy, the UK. The CDC was so desperate at that time to find any population of children that would somehow indemnify thimerosal, that they were going to Greenland, they were looking at cohorts of individuals with autism in Greenland somehow to use that particular population to say there's no relationship between the thimerosal that you get in the infant schedule in the United States and autism. They were completely desperate and so I knew at that particular point in time I had to get involved."

Dawn Loughborough - She was an Executive Senior Consultant with Price Waterhouse. She's a Senior Program Manager with a background as CEO of an investment firm, and she obtained her masters degree in Law from the University of Baltimore.

Sarah Bridges - She is a Ph.D Neuropsychologist. She was a Senior Executive for a $1.7 billion fortune 1000 company, and a practice leader for the assessment of business at Personnel Decisions International, and innovator in the psychology and organizational consulting field.

Episode 5

James Chestnut, Kelly Brogan, Sayer Ji, Gary Goldman, Stephanie Seneff
• Aluminum
• Gardasil
• Flu Vaccine
• Vaccine and Big Pharma Fraud

Tonight's episode will reveal what Autism and Heart Disease have in common. And how it fits into the Vaccine Story.

See why Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D. Senior Scientist at MIT, makes this startling statement @ 1:54:40. "It's very disturbing where we are headed right now - and I see no end in sight."

We'll be delving deeper into the flu vaccine specifically. The independent voices you'll be learning from in episode 5 are willing to stand up against the so-called science of our modern flu vaccine dogma. These experts purely feel the need to communicate the dangers of the flu vaccines to the public so that people have better information, real information to prevent vaccine injuries. In spite of being told that the flu vaccine in particular is perfectly safe - (hey, we're even told it's safe for pregnant moms, infants and the elderly) - turns out it's probably not so "safe". The flu vaccine contains toxic amounts of mercury. We've been lied to by the media... -stating over and over again that mercury was removed from all vaccines. That's simply not true. The flu vaccine still contains mercury - an extremely toxic heavy metal.

You will have the delight of hearing from Sayer Ji again, and finally - Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D. In addition to the toxicity of mercury - you'll hear from Stephanie about how toxic aluminum is to us - especially our precious small children. These, and other serious toxins in our vaccines are causing great grief in families - right now.

The findings on the "adverse events" findings on Gardasil will have you shaking your head in disbelief. This is such an urgent and important message.

James Chestnut, D.C., B.ED., M.SC., C.C.W.P.

“It's absolutely unequivocally absurd beyond belief and yet they're getting away with it.”

“They're going to make it mandatory...but now they're saying if you don't get the flu vaccine you have to get the mask. I want to make something...this is really important to me that what this does is it makes the people who get a flu vaccine believe that when they go in there and work with these people that they've protected them and they don't wear a mask. That's the tragedy, that if we actually want to be patient advocates here, everybody, what we have to understand is that if that flu shot has got false data to back it up it means that you're walking in there without a mask on because you believe you're protecting those people and you're not. That's where this does the most harm for me.”

Episode 6 - (Includes “Vaccines Syndrome” Movie Presentation)
Brian Hooker
• Vaccine Injury
• Fraud
• Aluminum & Mercury
• Autism Epidemic

Part 2 Brian Hooker and world premiere film Vaccines Injury regarding vaccines in the military and first responders. Hooker discusses how CDC scientist Wm. Thompson contacted him, the information he provided and how he was able to legally record four phone calls to prove it.

"Tonight, as a part of Vaccines Revealed docu-series, you can see the World Premier of the film, Vaccine Syndrome, from Oscar nominated filmmaker Scott Miller.

It will show you what we are doing with our dangerous, untested vaccine program making lab rats of our military."

Episode 7

Sherri Tenpenny, Patrick Gentempo, Gayle DeLong
• Fraud/Corruption
• Flu Vaccine
• Vaccine Safety
• Financial Conflict of Interest
• National Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, D.O.: Polio, Smallpox, Monkeypox, Scarlet fever eradication, herd immunity, HPV three extra office visits, bullying to push $100,000 worth of vaccine inventory that has time period to be sold, Wakefield.


"I’m afraid that too many doctors have become “glorified drug reps”

"If you asked your doctor, “name 3 ingredients in that syringe”, most doctors wouldn’t be able to tell you. I feel it’s our responsibility as doctors to stand up for patients and stop stuffing them full of drugs."

"The National Vaccination Injury Compensation Program has been a disaster. ... It's a complete kangaroo court that's set up to make it look like we're trying to do something to compensate people who are injured by these vaccines."

"I can remember cases of my own that broke my heart...I remember the one father I put in jail for shaken baby syndrome, which is the person that I will never forget as I am looking into the eyes of his child and thinking, feeling very pompous about identifying shaken baby syndrome and watching the police haul this gentlemen away in handcuffs behind his eyes, I will go to my grave remembering that look on his face knowing now what I know...and to think here's his child who's dying and I'm the one who put him in jail and that's the reason why...and people will ask me why don't doctors get it, why don't pediatricians get it, and I always say it's because they'll have to do their own forgiveness work because they'll walk into their chartroom and look at all those charts...maybe I played a role in that, maybe that was me by injecting all of those kids and ignoring the signs and ignore when the parents when they would call me and tell me their kids were crying and saying oh, that's normal, they're just going to cry...and if they really realized what they were doing to destroy the human race and the dna of humanity they would have to stop, drop to their knees and say God forgive me and turn around and do something different..."

Episode 8 - (Includes “Trace Amounts” Movie Presentation)
Brian Hooker
• CDC guidelines and cover-ups
• Vaccine Science and Realities
• Vaccine Schedule
• Autism Connection

Part 3 of Dr. Brian Hooker's interview. Hooker talked about the cover up of the link between the MMR vaccine and autism. The top people at the CDC called a meeting and everyone was to bring all their copies of this study and they were told to put it in the trash can provided in the room. Dr. Thompson kept a copy of the study, including an electronic copy.

See transcript of Dr. Hooker’s interview at the bottom of this post.

What is thimerosal? From Trace Amounts page…

Thimerosal is a poison, neurotoxin, cancer-causer, and can interrupt the immune system and the normal development of an unborn baby or a child. Thimerosal is so toxic that putting it on your skin is illegal. However, the government not only allows but also defends its injection into the population, especially pregnant women and newborn children, as part of influenza vaccines currently recommended by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Episode 9

Sayer Ji, Brian Hooker, Jack and Heather Wolfson, Dan Pompa
• Vaccine Solutions

Sayer Ji again! Make sure and catch what he says about “hazmat suits” in doctors offices in the first 5 minutes and the most controversial vaccine of all time… Gardasil.

You’ll be appalled when you hear what Brian Hooker (quickly becoming a watcher favorite) has to say about that @ 22:32 in this episode.

Dr. Heather Wolfson. Heather is married to Dr. Jack Wolfson - a Board-Certified Cardiologist. Dr. Heather Wolfson has a view on health and healing that will really reel you in and wait until you hear how Dr. Jack Wolfson was vilified for his atypical views on medicine @ 49:14.

AND FINALLY this is what you’ve overwhelmingly been clamoring for. I can’t even count the number of messages, emails and reaching out that you’ve done, with this singular question:

“Dr. Gentempo, what do I do now?”

Well, you are in for a real treat. Dr. Dan Pompa - a Cellular Detox Expert will be talking expressly about this issue - for those of you who’ve had those questions. You’ll be leaning in for this one. (See transcript of Dr. Pompa’s interview at the bottom of this post.)

Episode 10 extended

Dr. Tony Bark interviews Dr. Diane Harper on the HPV Gardisil vaccine and Merck, "Godmother of the vaccine movement," and founder of the National Vaccine Information Center, Barbara Loe Fisher, part 4 interview with Sayer Gi, Dr. Terry Wahls, the Check family and their attorney, Patricia Finn, on their legal battle.


Dr. Harper: “You see for Gardasil that protection is about forty percent. You see for Cervarix you see that it only has two types in the actual vaccine. That protection was ninety-three percent. So it shows that Cervarix has much more protection against HPV types that aren’t even in vaccine than does Gardasil. You don’t see that difference advertised because Merck was the first to market and they were a year and a half ahead of GSK. It truly is the marketing principle that one, which is whoever gets to market first gets over 90 percent of the market share and then people are anchored in what it is they purchased, what it is they think about and it’s very hard for them to change to something else.”

“So the public needs a simple message but unfortunately, that message was created by a for profit company and the simple message was at the time it came out, get Gardasil and your daughter will be one less meaning one less cervical cancer victim. Well in reality, she was never going to be a cervical cancer victim if she had gone on with her pap smears. So the concept of using fear to sell vaccines was prominent and knew that it could get a reaction from the public about I want to protect my daughter, I want to be a good parent.”

Dr. Bark: Do we know that injecting HPV dna in the bloom stream directly is safe? Where is evidence that … I understand in natural environment HPV is skin-to-skin, I understand that, but do we have any evidence to show that injecting HPV dna into somebody’s blood stream is safe

Dr. Harper: No.

In conclusion,

Dr. Bark: So it’s as though the vaccine and the whole marketing campaign around vaccine has reduced good behavior.

Dr. Harper: That’s right, and that is going to hurt women in the long run.

Dr. Bark: It will put them at higher risk for missed cancers.

Dr. Harper: That’s correct.



Dr. Bark: Is it law that doctors have to give informed consent on vaccines?

Fisher: It is a federal law under the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act that doctors are supposed to give parents ahead of time written information about the benefits and risks of vaccines and a description of vaccine reactions. Now the vaccine information statement that the CDC publishes is partly in existence because of that law and safety provision. Now we know that a lot of doctors don’t give parents anything because there’s no punishment or sanction in the law for not complying with the safety provisions.

You can purchase the series at their website. Also fyi, you can purchase a Jump Drive (All Episodes & Transcripts) for a much lower cost. To get to that option, you have to add a series to the cart, go to the cart page and look for the Jump Drive option down at the bottom left of the page, add it to the cart, delete the series option. Also fyi, I have no connection to this series and I get no monetary compensation for sharing this information.
Arty turns 11 this summer.

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California considers plant warning labels as Walmart & True Value commit to phasing out bee-killing pesticides

As California considers legislation that would provide labels for seeds and plants that are pre-treated or pre-coated with bee-harming pesticides, two major retailers — True Value and Walmart — announced steps today to phase out the use of the products in their supply chain.

Why your ‘organic’ milk may not be organic

But the problems at an entity such as Aurora suggest that even large, prominent players can fall short of standards without detection.

Belgium Bans Glyphosate Herbicide Use for Non-Professionals

Borsus also called for a new investigation into alleged “Monsanto manoeuvres and attempts to influence experts” with the aim of keeping glyphosate on the market.

EU weed-killer evidence 'written by Monsanto'

A Monsanto employee admits in one of the emails that the company wrote a study on glyphosate and later attributed the work to academics.

Another study on glyphosate was “redesigned” with help of company scientists in order to create a more favourable outcome, the internal emails suggest.

EUobserver and OneWorld have discovered that both of the studies were relied on by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) when it evaluated the safety of glyphosate in 2015 as part of the EU licence renewal process.

The documents, unsealed by an American federal court in California on 13 March, raise questions about the safety of the company’s flagship herbicide.

“You cannot say that Roundup does not cause cancer,” writes Monsanto toxicologist Donna Farmer in one of the emails, dated 29 September 2009. Farmer, who is writing to colleagues in Australia on how best to respond to a critical press report, says the chemical company has not done the necessary “carcinogenicity studies” to prove it.

Glyphosate, Vaccines and more: Moms Connect May 1 Update

New Paper out by Seneff & Samsel, increased rates of cancer (update on this new Paper coming): breast, lung, testical, ovarian; corn prices, farm bill; vaccines - Senator Pan, glyphosate never tested safe to be used in vaccines, red food dyes, Mother’s Day...

Maplight - Revealing Money’s Influence on Politics

ALEC Exposed - Through ALEC, Global Corporations Are Scheming to Rewrite YOUR Rights and Boost THEIR Revenue.

Organic Results - Helping you grow your online profits.

Freyja, 7 years old talks about food allergies

GMO/WTF - students replacing corporate propaganda with truth & integrity at Cornell University & beyond.

Dear Bill Nye: Are you indeed a corporate Monsanto whore? An open letter to my fallen hero. (Warning: frequent use of the f word.)

I hope I haven’t terribly offended you in this open letter, by using and refuting direct quotes from your own show, with, you know, science. You see, I’m passionate about correcting the classic biotech industry lies about GMOs and genetic modification, particularly at your alma mater, Cornell. I apologize if my emotions got the better of me. I’m just tired of everyone at my university being lied to and propagandized, year in and year out.

gmowtf started as an independent, free, student-led GMO lecture series at Cornell University, in direct response to the Alliance for Science and other sources of on-campus propaganda. Below is this lecture series in its entirety.

Bill Nye the Science Guy Completely Caves In to Monsanto, Promotes GMOs on New “Saving the World” Netflix Program

Asian farmers decry revival of Golden Rice field trials

Belgium bans glyphosate herbicide use for non-professionals

Central Illinois farm family honored as Organic Farmers of the Year

PrairiErth Farm has been participating in research with the University of Illinois for many years. Current research is studying the impact of various cover crop mixtures on weed suppression, soil microbial activity, and productivity.

Europe is Waging War on Insecticides and GMO Crops

Ken Roseboro of the Organic & Non-GMO Report shared the same sentiment. “The European people don’t want to eat GM foods, there is not market for them there, and yet the biotech companies continue to try to push their GMOs,” he told EcoWatch. “Hopefully, Commission President Juncker will side with the wishes of the majority of the European people and reject approval of these GM crops.”

Attacks on Cargill over non-GMO moves based on fear (“The tipping point of consumer rejection.” Jeffrey Smith. It’s working people.)

Cargill defended its work with the Non-GMO Project in a statement: “Cargill is working with the Non-GMO Project to verify several of our non-GMO ingredients because of consumer demand for non-GMO foods, and the Non-GMO Project is the most-requested third party certification among our food and beverage customers.”

Just a few months earlier, Cargill CEO David MacLennan told The Wall Street Journal: “There’s a growing group of people who don’t want GMO ingredients. So let’s develop a supply chain for that, rather than say, ‘You’re wrong if you don’t want GMOs.’ Our mind-set is we’re going to empathize and understand the consumer on what they want in their food.”

This is Business 101, meaning give the customer what they want, a no-brainer. Cargill, Bunge, and Ingredion understand that, but GMO proponents don’t seem to get it.

Here is the Monsanto guide to spraying crops right before harvest to kill them and start drying out the grain and seed right in the field. Since the word desiccation has a bad name, you'll find the quaint term, "pre harvest staging" used in Monsanto publications. Here is the link to the manual should you want to know the details of why so much herbicide is in your foods and which crops to avoid:


This is a legal document (dispute letter) in the 'discovery' portion of the Federal San Francisco Monsanto cancer trial. The plaintiff Edwin Hardeman is asking for Judge Vince Chhabria to rule on what Monsanto attorneys, Joe Hollingsworth and Ms. Stewart are doing in regards to refusing to produce the files for eleven people who work at Monsanto Chemical, who have information on what the company knew about Roundup, in relationship to it's causing cancer in individuals, who used the product.

Monsanto refuses to produce custodial files for eleven individuals, each of whom possess unique information critical to whether exposure to Roundup® causes cancer, Monsanto’s knowledge of that causal link, communications Monsanto made on the issue, and the relevant science1. Monsanto’s refusal to produce the custodial files is unnecessarily delaying discovery, this Court’s current expert disclosure order, and is premised on two arguments; that the requests are untimely and that the requested custodial files are not necessary. See Supplemental Case Management Statement, ECF No. 81 at 6. The ‘untimely objection’ is now moot given the consolidation of the Hardeman case into MDL No. 3:16-md-2741 VC. The ‘unnecessary objection’ is wrong as the identified custodians have relevant and unique discoverable materials.

Conclusion : The documents produced thus far demonstrate Monsanto’s early knowledge, its lack and/or manipulation of Roundup® testing, and its engagement in scientific misinformation. Upon best information and belief, Monsanto Europe is under the umbrella of the Monsanto worldwide headquarters in St. Louis. Indeed, Monsanto Europe routinely shared information with Monsanto St. Louis, and it was expected to do so. Each one of the requested custodians was carefully selected after reviewing the first batch of documents Monsanto produced, and each one is directly relevant to whether Roundup® causes non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, Monsanto's knowledge on the issue, communications Monsanto has made on the issue, and any scientific studies in which Monsanto may have been involved. As such, Mr. Hardeman requests the Court order production of the same. "...


SEED follows the journey of passionate seed keepers around the world determined to protect our 12,000-year food legacy.

Organic Policy Update

Cornucopia codirector Mark Kastel and lead scientist Dr. Linley Dixon attended the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) meeting in Denver last week to advocate for keeping organic farming rooted in soil, among other topics. The decision on organic certification of soil-less (hydroponic) systems was delayed again. The NOSB previously determined that hydroponics do not meet the soil-based requirements of organic law, but the National Organic Program has failed to enforce the soil requirement.

Two giant agribusinesses using hydroponic technology, Driscoll’s and Wholesum Harvest, along with their trade association, lobbied to distinguish their container systems from other hydroponic systems, although both rely completely on synthetic liquid fertility. Cornucopia staff and colleagues testified in the public interest on behalf of maintaining the international standards which almost universally ban hydroponic container growing in organics.

Independent NOSB members are pushing for a vote on the hydroponic issue at the next NOSB meeting, October 30 to November 1 in Jacksonville, Florida.


National Park Service Puts Moratorium on Use Of Round-Up and Herbicides in Malibu Area

10 Independently Owned Organic Companies Worth Investing Your Hard-Earned Money In

An interesting article about how the FDA will regulate CRISPR technology in animals but seem to be looking the other way where our food is concerned.

Organic feed suppliers expanding to keep pace with demand

In the Midwest, James Frantzen, owner of Iowa-based Riverside Feeds, has seen organic feed demand increase by double digits for the past four to five years, which led him to expand his production.

“We’re going to double in size with the tonnage of products that we offer pelleted and that does not include the customer pelleting,” Frantzen told “We’re going to include a lot more custom pelleted as long as it’s organic or at least non-GMO, so we’ll probably triple, if not more, the tonnage of overall materials running through the plant.”

Riverside’s feed is made from oat hulls, soybean hulls, or textured proteins, sourced from food-grade organic processing plants. A variety of Midwestern suppliers have ensured a steady supply of ingredients, which are made into pellets, primarily for feeding cattle.

Another Iowa-based feed manufacturer, Catalyst, recently received organic certification, becoming one of only a few in the Midwest offering premix and private label organic services.

New study published in April. Buy organic and don’t support farmers that use chemicals.

Neoniocotinoid Pesticides Impair Bees’ Ability to Fly

(Beyond Pesticides, May 3, 2017) Last week, researchers at the University of California San Diego revealed the first ever link between the use of neonicotinoid pesticides and the ability of bees to fly. Published in Scientific Reports, the study, “A common neonicotinoid pesticide, thiamethoxam, impairs honey bee flight ability,” builds on previous findings that neonicotinoid use interferes with bees’ ability to navigate, and concludes that exposure to thiamethoxam affects honey bee flight patterns as well as their physical ability to fly in ways that may be detrimental to their survival. The study is the latest in a growing body of science linking pesticide use to honey bee declines, raising concerns about overall honey bee health and longevity in the face of continued neonicotinoid use.

Bumblebee Exposure to Neonicotinoid Pesticide Reduces Egg Development (Beyond Pesticides, May 4, 2017)

In their analysis, the researchers find that exposure to the high dose of thiamethoxam-treated syrup leads to a decline in ovary development through a reduction in the length of the reproductive cells, or oocytes, of the queens of the four species. After exposure to the high dose syrup, there is also a reduction in feeding by B. pratorum and B. pascuorum queens and no difference in feeding for the other two bumblebee species, which suggests that species sensitivity to this chemical may differ.

Celebrity Chef Tom Colicchio: 'We Can End Hunger In This Country'

People don't understand that everything that they're eating has policy attached to it. Therefore, there are politics attached to it.

The 2017 Algae Almanac

Seneff: “This article from last July about early-onset Parkinson's (even in childhood) is very disturbing to me. My mother died of Parkinson's disease. Agricultural workers have a significant increased risk. William Shaw's new paper on triplets exposed to glyphosate (two males with autism and a female with a seizure disorder) talks about excessive dopaminergic stimulation in the brain due to overgrowth of Clostridia in the presence of chronic glyphosate exposure. I believe that glyphosate is causing a burn-out of the dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra (even in children!) due to overstimulation with dopamine that can not be metabolized because of a toxin produced by clostridia overgrowth in the gut. It also explains ADHD, which I now believe is a "second cousin" to Parkinson's disease.”

Two-year-old could be world’s youngest person diagnosed with Parkinson’s

Glyphosate specialists: EFSA’s data disclosure better than nothing, but of little help

Big Agro on campus - Universities claim industry-funded research on chemical and pesticide safety is scientifically sound. Not everybody is convinced.
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12 hours left to watch Trace Amounts...

“The public needs to understand what’s happened here because the public will drive the change.”

“ they were giving doses to humans of Thimersol that were killing animals in the laboratory...of the 22 people, all of them died.”

Disturbing Toxin Test Results in American Children and Food Samples By Zen Honeycutt, Moms Across America - 5/5/17

Moms Across America sponsored a survey testing 36 American children for glyphosate, 2,4-D and 166 other toxins, including pesticides, herbicides and industrial pollutants. The lab used was Great Plains Lab of Lenexa, Kansas. The randomly selected children, ages 2-17 years old, consisted of a mixture of demographics from across the United States...

The results are disturbing. 100% of the children tested positive for serious toxins…

American children are being inundated by toxins, primarily through their food and water. These toxins are known to cause serious health issues. The Environmental Protection Agency allows these toxins to be present in our food, water, air, and medical treatments including vaccines.

Field Test of GMO Algae Sparks Outrage

"This study confirmed that genetically engineered microalgae grown in open ponds will escape and spread into the environment. Once this genie is out of the bottle, there is no way to put it back," said Dana Perls, senior campaigner with Friends of the Earth.

"Not only is it impossible to contain GE algae in open air production, but there are currently no adequate regulations which fully address its risks to our environment, from lab to final product. Without this essential oversight, there should be no environmental release or commercial uses of GE algae and other synthetic biology organisms."

Genetically modified algae could soon show up in food, fuel, and pharmaceuticals

The vital missing piece of the vaccinate vs. unvaccinated study

MAYBE- the ingredients haven't changed over the past thirty years, but they weren't always genetically modified. Bovine growth hormones (rBGH) were approved in 1993. Widespread use of Roundup began in the late 1990's.

What if glyphosate is the common link?

This new "Roundup"product marketed by Scott's does not contain glyphosate, BUT it does contain dicamba and sulfentrazone, both toxic herbicides.

“0.257% MCPA, dimethylamine salt, 0.118% Quinclorac, 0.029% Dicamba, dimethylamine salt, 0.015% Sulfentrazone”

Maine Bill Would Outlaw Local Pesticide Laws

"These bills have been handcrafted by big business to weaken—among other policies—state and local environmental laws that states have fought for and enacted over decades," Sarah Lakeman of the Natural Resources Council of Maine said.

Tell Ace Hardware: Stop selling bee-killing pesticides!

Walmart and True Value are eliminating bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides! These companies are joining Lowe's, Home Depot, Costco, and others in the fight to save bees.

There is only one large garden retailer who is still holding out -- Ace Hardware. It’s time for Ace to join its competitors and make a firm commitment to stop selling neonics.

Roundup Exposure Led To NHL Diagnosis For Detroit Worker, Lawsuit Claims

From Dietitians for Professional Integrity

The latest issue of The New Yorker features an exhaustive and harrowing read on labor conditions at chicken factory farms. This is why, since our inception, we have encouraged that potential sponsors be screened not only for the products they offer, but also for their labor and environmental practices. This also highlights the importance of transparency in the food chain (which "ag-gag" laws -- funded by industry -- are intent on battling) as well as the courageousness of whistleblowers.

EXPLOITATION AND ABUSE AT THE CHICKEN PLANT - Case Farms built its business by recruiting immigrant workers from Guatemala, who endure conditions few Americans would put up with.

Case Farms plants are among the most dangerous workplaces in America. In 2015 alone, federal workplace-safety inspectors fined the company nearly two million dollars, and in the past seven years it has been cited for two hundred and forty violations. That’s more than any other company in the poultry industry except Tyson Foods, which has more than thirty times as many employees.
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SAN FRANCISCO—A Federal Court has ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) systematically violated the Endangered Species Act (ESA) – a key wildlife protection law – when it approved bee-killing insecticides known as neonicotinoids. In a case ongoing for the last four years, brought by beekeepers, wildlife conservation groups, and food safety and consumer advocates, Judge Maxine Chesney of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California held that EPA had unlawfully issued 59 pesticide registrations between 2007 and 2012 for a wide variety of agricultural, landscaping and ornamental uses.

E.P.A. Dismisses Members of Major Scientific Review Board

A spokesman for the E.P.A. administrator, Scott Pruitt, said he would consider replacing the academic scientists with representatives from industries whose pollution the agency is supposed to regulate, as part of the wide net it plans to cast. “The administrator believes we should have people on this board who understand the impact of regulations on the regulated community,” said the spokesman, J. P. Freire.

The government is going to counter ‘misinformation’ about GMO foods

The Food and Drug Administration will fund a campaign to promote genetically modified organisms in food under a bipartisan agreement to keep the government funded through the end of September.

The deal to avert a government shutdown, which passed the Senate by a vote of 79 to 18 Thursday, allocates $3 million to “consumer outreach and education regarding agricultural biotechnology,” which includes genetic engineering of food and commodity crops. The money is to be used to tout “the environmental, nutritional, food safety, economic, and humanitarian impacts” of biotech crops and their derivative food products.

Monsanto emails…

“I think we would have to prepare a very compelling story.”

“A less expensive/more palatable approach might be to involve experts only for the areas of contention, epidemiology and possibly MOA (depending on what comes out of the IARC meeting), and we ghost-write the Exposure Tox & Genetox sections. An option would be to add Greim and Kier or Kirkland to have their names on the publication, but we would be keeping the cost down by us doing the writing and they would just edit & sign their names so to speak. Recall that is how we handled Williams Kroes & Munro, 2000. ...David , since you have worked with Roger on the other papers, would you be willing to contact him to judge his willingness to publish such a paper?”

Repost: Multiomics reveal non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in rats following chronic exposure to an ultra-low dose of Roundup herbicide - published Jan 2017

Robin Mesnage, George Renney, Gilles-Eric Séralini, Malcolm Ward & Michael N. Antoniou

The results of the study presented here imply that chronic consumption of extremely low levels of a GBH formulation (Roundup), at admissible glyphosate-equivalent concentrations, are associated with marked alterations of the liver proteome and metabolome. These changes in molecular profile overlap substantially with biomarkers of NAFLD and its progression to NASH. These alterations correlate with the observed signs of hepatic anatomorphological and biochemical pathological changes in this organ18, and as suggested by transcriptome profiling29. Confirmatory studies incorporating testing principles from endocrinology should be performed to investigate potential implications of GBH low dose exposure in the development of metabolic syndrome.

Glyphosate Causes Changes to DNA Function Resulting in Chronic Disease, According to Study (Beyond Pesticides July 18, 2016)

Stephen Frantz, Ph.D., a pathobiologist research scientist explains it like this: “When a cell is trying to form proteins, it may grab glyphosate instead of glycine to form a damaged, mis-folded protein. After that it’s medical chaos. Where glyphosate replaces glycine, the cell can no longer conduct business as usual causing unpredicted consequences with many diseases and disorders as a result.”

The Truth About Cancer - re-airing May 16th, sign up at...

Vaccines Revealed

Now available for free to share with anyone for a limited time. Watch all the episodes. Listen to Dr. Brian Hooker talk about his contact with Dr. William Thompson, a CDC scientist, who confessed to him how the CDC hid data of vaccine damage data from the MMR vaccine which is given to every child in America.

Seneff: “Very depressing story about decaying coral reefs in Kauai with blame placed on Monsanto's Roundup together with the Navy's microwave towers.”

Zen: “He had 8 years to mention this, and NOW he wants to address the food chain?”

Obama Sees New Front in Climate Change Battle: Agriculture

Mr. Kass asked his former boss to speak about the developing field of personalized health and the part food plays in it. Mr. Obama mentioned that his daughter Malia has a peanut allergy and is participating in a Stanford University program that tailors treatment to the individual.

Does Roundup kill more than just weeds? Lawsuits claim it also causes cancer - Atlanta tv coverage...

(Those 40 years of studies were Monsanto studies that the EPA hid as trade secrets. The “other” ingredients in Glyphosate have never been tested and as Seralini has stated, “the other ingredients in Glyphosate are a thousand times more toxic than Glyphosate.”)

Seneff: “Good article on the role of acetaminophen following vaccination in autism. However, I think the bigger problem with MMR is the glyphosate contamination. Interesting that Cuba makes its own vaccines - their more careful processing methods probably keep glyphosate out, especially since they use so much less glyphosate than we do on crops.”

Acetaminophen: A Catalyst to Autism

If we have increased the toxic burden on our children, we need to take a critical look at acetaminophen and its role in detoxification. If the MMR vaccine is triggering autism in children, then we need to take a closer look at our manufacturing process, GMOs, the safety of vaccine ingredients and the potentially harmful role of acetaminophen at the time of vaccination.

Monsanto is a 'wholly owned subsidiary ' of Pfizer, it is 100% owned by Pfizer, 100% controlled by Pfizer.
The relationship between Pfizer and Monsanto Company, a.k.a. Pharmacia LLC is an interesting one. The quote below telling what a 'wholly owned subsidiary' is, comes from the Investopedia web site. Monsanto a.k.a. Pharmacia LLC is a 'wholly owned subsidiary' of Pfizer. Monsanto tells you this on their own web page. The special words are 'wholly owned subsidiary'. Those words tell us what kind of subsidiary relationship there is between Pfizer and Monsanto Company. Because Pfizer owns Monsanto as a 'wholly owned subsidiary' that tells us that Pfizer owns 100% of Monsanto Company so a merger between Monsanto and Bayer will actually be a merger between Pfizer and Bayer.

Argentina: The Country That Monsanto Poisoned

Seneff: “Hmmm. "The Purdue studies also found that vaccinated dogs were developing autoantibodies to their own collagen." Probably due to glyphosate contamination in the vaccine. Glyphosate gets into collagen by mistake in place of glycine and makes it allergenic. About 25% of the amino acids in collagen are glycines.”

The Purdue Vaccination Studies and Auto-antibodies

This means that the vaccinated dogs — ”but not the non-vaccinated dogs”– were attacking their own fibronectin, which is involved in tissue repair, cell multiplication and growth, and differentiation between tissues and organs in a living organism.

The vaccinated Purdue dogs also developed autoantibodies to laminin, which is involved in many cellular activities including the adhesion, spreading, differentiation, proliferation and movement of cells. Vaccines thus appear to be capable of removing the natural intelligence of cells.

Autoantibodies to cardiolipin are frequently found in patients with the serious disease systemic lupus erythematosus and also in individuals with other autoimmune diseases.

Oncology center opens cancer-fighting café - A menu centered on organic, high-protein, and antioxidant-rich foods caters to the needs—and tastes—of patients

Beyond Pesticides Sues Mott’s for Labeling Pesticide-Laden Applesauce “Natural”

(Beyond Pesticides, May 8, 2017) – A national environmental health organization last Friday sued Mott’s, under consumer protection law, for false and misleading “natural” labeling of applesauce products containing a toxic pesticide. The suit argues that the finding of residues in the company’s applesauce of the neonicotinoid insecticide acetamiprid, which is particularly toxic to pollinators, disqualifies the products from being labeled “natural” or as containing “all natural ingredients.” The case is filed under the District of Columbia’s Consumer Protection Procedures Act against Mott’s parent company, the Dr Pepper Snapple Group.

Defra overrides public concern to write regulatory blank cheque for untested GM


Dr. Seneff explains how she got interested in researching Autism, Glyphosate and Vaccines…
MIT Professor Stephanie Seneff: "I Have Evidence That Monsanto's Roundup Causing Cancer!"
At 2:45
Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Senior Research Scientist at MIT discusses Glyphosate & Vaccines
Dr. Stephanie Seneff Comments on Monsanto Tribunal Testimony - On Glyphosate
Bought Movie Short Dr Stephanie Seneff on Vaccines
Seneff’s homepage:

Congressional GMO Voters Guide: Who Sold Out the “Right to Know”

In honor of Mother's Day, we are posting videos of mothers addressing what is happening in their country about GMOs. This is a global cause that we must continue, expand, and eliminate. The exposure to foreign proteins, toxins and the monopoly of our seed supply is unacceptable.

Dr Shiva's statement with the protesting Tamil farmers in New Delhi

The 2nd of our series of Mother Across the World speaking on the status of the food supply in their country, the status of pesticide use and the progress their country has made. Jodie Bruning of "Safe Says Who?" and RITE in New Zealand speaks on glyphosate, the faulty scientific process and what needs to be done.
Arty turns 11 this summer.

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Here it is, the Paper we’ve been waiting for...Glyphosate contamination CONFIRMED in MMR and in many other vaccines.

Glyphosate pathways to modern diseases VI: Prions, amyloidoses and autoimmune neurological diseases.

Anthony Samsel, Stephanie Seneff

Usage of the herbicide glyphosate on core crops in the USA has increased exponentially over the past two decades, in step with the exponential increase in autoimmune diseases including autism, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease, type 1 diabetes, coeliac disease, neuromyelitis optica and many others. In this paper we explain how glyphosate, acting as a non-coding amino acid analogue of glycine, could erroneously be integrated with or incorporated into protein synthesis in place of glycine, producing a defective product that resists proteolysis. Whether produced by a microbe or present in a food source, such a peptide could lead to autoimmune disease through molecular mimicry. We discuss similarities in other naturally produced disease-causing amino acid analogues, such as the herbicide glufosinate and the insecticide L-canavanine, and provide multiple examples of glycine-containing short peptides linked to autoimmune disease, particularly with respect to multiple sclerosis. Most disturbing is the presence of glyphosate in many popular vaccines including the measles,mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine, which we have verified here for the first time. Contamination may come through bovine protein, bovine calf serum, bovine casein, egg protein and/or gelatin. Gelatin sourced from the skin and bones of pigs and cattle given glyphosate-contaminated feed contains the herbicide. Collagen, the principal component of gelatin, contains very high levels of glycine, as do the digestive enzymes: pepsin, trypsin and lipase. The live measles virus could produce glyphosate-containing haemagglutinin, which might induce an autoimmune attack on myelin basic protein, commonly observed in autism. Regulatory agencies urgently need to reconsider the risks associated with the indiscriminate use of glyphosate to control weeds

Monsanto Hires Internet Trolls to Cover Up Roundup’s Cancer Risk

Papantonio: Monsanto, The Master Of Lies And Purveyor Of Cancer

Mike Papantonio, of America's Lawyer, predicts that Monsanto will pay heavily in a jury trial and describes how the company even has trolled The Ring of Fire, while manipulating the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).;ts=1494515126
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Excerpts from Glyphosate pathways to modern diseases VI: Prions, amyloidoses and autoimmune
neurological diseases


Gelatin is commonly used as an excipient stabilizer in vaccines, particularly the live virus vaccines. Gelatin is derived from animal skin and bone, especially of pigs and cattle; they may be fed glyphosate-contaminated forages, including GM Roundup-Ready corn and soy feed, which are sometimes supplemented with GM Roundup-Ready beet pulp. Gelatin is mainly derived by partial hydrolysis from the collagen in skin and bone. 26% of the amino acids in collagen are glycine; proline and hydroxyproline together make up 18% [88]; and glutamate constitutes 6%. All three of these components are problematic. The proline could be substituted by Aze from the sugar beet, the glycine could be substituted by residual glyphosate in the feed, and glutamate is a neurotransmitter but known to be neurotoxic at high concentrations; it works together with glycine to excite NMDA receptors in the brain. The vaccine virus may incorporate some of the noncoding amino acids into its own proteins to produce versions of them that resist proteolysis and induce autoimmunity through molecular mimicry.

One of us (Samsel) analysed a number of animal protein products for glyphosate. These included the bones of pigs, cows, horses’ hooves, bees and bee products, collagen and gelatin products, vitamins, protein powders, enzymes and vaccines. Results are shown in Tables 2 and 3.


Since Monsanto found bioaccumulation of glyphosate in all animal tissues, with the highest levels in the bones and marrow [35, 36], one would expect that all tissues derived from animals fed a diet containing glyphosate residues and used for food by people around the globe would be contaminated. Knowing that the bioaccumulation of glyphosate would be evident in the vast majority of animals raised for market and fed a contaminated diet, as well as their products; and suspecting the possibility of contamination of even the digestive enzymes derived from these animals, one of us (Samsel) decided to analyse random samples.

Results from various gelatin-based products, along with the results for several different vaccines (discussed later) were reported to the FDA by Samsel Environmental & Public Health Services in August 2016. Table 2 shows results for glyphosate residues found in these gelatin-based products. The highest level found in a gelatin sample was almost 15 ppb.1

Having found glyphosate in animal gelatins, analysing the collagen at the source was a logical next step. Tissues from pork and cattle obtained from a local supermarket, commercially available collagen sourced from industrially-raised swine and oxen, as well as the purified digestive enzymes pepsin, lipase and trypsin, derived from pigs, were selected for evaluation. Three methods of laboratory analysis were used to determine if ...

Additional evidence of glyphosate accumulation was found by Samsel in 2015 in the bodies of dead bees, bee bread and honey from bee hives suspected of colony collapse disorder (CCD), and these are also shown in the table. Colony collapse disorder (CCD) is an ever increasing problem threatening pollination of crops globally. It may share a similar aetiology to that of Alzheimer’s disease with regard to learning and memory within the bee’s brain. Integration of glyphosate with the structural proteins and enzymes of the bee may affect protein folding and function. Additionally, glyphosate may also affect the digestive enzymes and bacterial homeostasis within the digestive system, which in turn may affect the quality of the honey produced. Glyphosate in bees may become part of their chitin, which has a structural function, in their bodies, analogous to glyphosate becoming part of the collagens of humans and other animals.

The results in Table 3 show ubiquitous contamination of the bee and bee products. Honey is derived from nectar and is the source of carbohydrates in the bee diet, whereas pollen turned into bee bread supplies the fats and proteins. Royal jelly, made from the secretions of the glands found in the hypopharynx of the worker bees, is fed to the queen and developing larvae [96].

Results for nineteen different vaccines, from five manufacturers, are shown in Table 4. Some vaccines do not contain live viruses and do not involve gelatin in their preparation, but many involve the use of eggs, bovine calf serum, fetal bovine serum or bovine proteins [95]. Engerix Hepatitis B vaccine is manufactured through a novel procedure, which involves culturing genetically engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast cells that carry the surface antigen gene of the hepatitis B virus. The procedures result in a product that can contain up to 5% yeast proteins, which could be a source of glyphosate if the yeast is grown on broths or media that utilize glyphosate-contaminated nutrient sources such as animal or plant proteins.

Vaccines that tested negative for glyphosate included Merck’s Hep-B vaccine, most of the pneumococcal vaccines and the sterile diluent included as a control. Gelatin is not listed as an ingredient in any of these vaccines, nor is bovine serum. In contrast, all of the vaccines that listed gelatin as an excipient tested positive for glyphosate, and nearly all of them also included bovine serum (including Varicella, MMR-II, MMRV and Zoster).

It is significant that MMR-II consistently contained the highest levels of glyphosate, significantly more than any of the other vaccines. This vaccine uses up to 12% hydrolysed gelatin as an excipient–stabilizer; as well as foetal bovine serum albumin, human serum albumin and residual chick embryo; all of which are contaminated by glyphosate during animal production.


Post-vaccination allergic reactions to MMR and varicella vaccines have been linked to the gelatin excipient, and confirmed through observation of induced gelatin specific IgE antibodies [97–100]. 24 out of 26 children with allergic reactions to vaccines (e.g., anaphylactic shock) had anti-gelatin IgE ranging from 1.2 to 250 &#956;g/mL. Seven were allergic to gelatin-containing foods. A pool of 26 control children all tested negative for anti-gelatin IgE[99]. A study from 2009 that looked at gelatin sensitivity in children who were sensitive to cows’ milk, beef and/or pork as determined by IgE antibody levels [101] found that 16% of beef-sensitized children and 38% of porksensitized children had IgE antibodies to beef- or porkderived gelatins that were cross-reactive with each other.

In a published case study, a 2-month-old baby developed Kawasaki disease one day after receiving its first dose of Infanrix (DTaP-IPV-Hib) and Prevenar, a pneumococcal conjugate vaccine [102]. Kawasaki disease is an acute, multisystemic vasculitis whose occurrence very early in life is extremely rare. Extensive tests for the presence of infection with multiple bacteria and viruses were all negative. We suggest that glyphosate contamination in one or both of the vaccines may have contributed to the vasculitis through glyphosate uptake into common proteins such as collagen in the vasculature to induce the autoimmune reaction.

Kelso (1993) reported the case of a 17-year-old girl who experienced anaphylaxis within minutes of receiving an MMR vaccine [98]. The girl described the event as “kind of like what happens when I eat Jell-O2”. Further testing found gelatin to be the component of the vaccine to which the girl was allergic. The connexion may be to misfolded proteins, which include the collagens and associated partially hydrolysed gelatins. Indeed, both Jell-O and vaccines have been contaminated by glyphosate, as we reported in the previous section.

Puppies immunized with the rabies vaccine and a multivalent canine vaccine were compared to unvaccinated control puppies [103]. The vaccinated puppies, but not the unvaccinated ones, developed autoantibodies to their own collagen. A follow-up study where either just the rabies vaccine or just the multivalent vaccine was administered produced a similar result. The authors suggested that this could explain issues of joint pain that are currently common among dogs, particularly as they age.


In this section, we make a case for a direct link between the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism, via autoantibody induction through molecular mimicry. In a paper provocatively titled, “Peptide crossreactivity: the original sin of vaccines”, Kanduc makes the point that massive cross-reactivity between antigens in vaccines and similar sequences in human proteins makes it almost inevitable that vaccines lead to autoimmune disease through molecular mimicry [149]. Reported post-vaccination autoimmune diseases include systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory myopathies, multiple sclerosis, Guillain–Barré syndrome and vasculitis [150].

It is becoming increasingly acknowledged that autism may be an autoimmune disease. Family members of autistic children have a significant increased risk to other known autoimmune diseases such as hypothyroidism, rheumatic fever and multiple sclerosis [151]. Several studies on both humans and monkeys have revealed a potential link between maternal antibodies directed against specific foetal brain proteins and a future autism diagnosis in the foetus [152–155]. Furthermore, it has already been demonstrated that vaccines are capable of inducing autoimmune antibodies against proteins in the brain. The narcolepsy epidemic in Europe following an aggressive immunization campaign against the H1N1 ’flu virus was eventually conclusively resolved as being attributed to autoimmune reactions to the hypocretin receptor through molecular mimicry from a peptide in the surface-exposed region of the influenza nucleoprotein A that was present in the H1N1 vaccine [156] (hypocretin is an important regulator of sleep).

Much controversy surrounds the concept that the MMR vaccine may be contributing to the autism epidemic in the USA and elsewhere. In an immune-compromised child, the live measles virus from the vaccine is capable of infecting the brain and sustaining a chronic measles infection, resulting in loss of neurons, eosinophilic intranuclear inclusions and gliosis, a condition termed “subacute measles encephalitis”. This can result in a seizure disorder and developmental delay in language and motor skills (as was clearly observed in a case study involving an HIV-positive 2-year-old boy [157]).

Singh et al. have published a series of papers over the past two decades [14, 158–160] proposing that there is a subpopulation among the autism community who can be characterized as suffering from “autoimmune autistic disorder” [14]. The 1998 study by Singh et al. found that 90% of measles-IgG-positive autistic sera were also positive for anti-MBP antibodies, supporting the hypothesis that a virus-induced autoimmune response may be causal in autism [158]. A follow-on serologic study of antibodies to viruses associated with autism published in 2003 revealed a statistically significantly elevated level of measles antibody in children with autism compared to their siblings (P = 0.0001) or to unrelated children (P = 0.003), but not with antibodies to mumps or rubella [159]. In a later study, 60% of 125 autistic children had significantly elevated levels of antibodies to measles haemagglutinin unique to the MMR strain of the virus, compared to the 92 control children [160]. Over 90% of the children who had elevated antibody levels also tested positive for MBP autoantibodies. It was suggested that this could be linked to virus-induced autoimmunity through mimicry.

In fact, there is a sequence homology of 78% between a peptide sequence from MBP (EISFKLGQEGRDSRSGTP) and one found in a measles virus protein, MP3 (EISDNLGQEGRASTSGTP) [161, Table 2, p. 7]. Three of the matches between these two sequences are glycines. Measles virus-neutralizing antibodies are mainly directed to haemagglutinin, implying that it is essential for acquired immunity from the vaccine [162]; yet over-production, particularly if the virus penetrates the blood–brain barrier, runs the risk of inducing an autoimmune response to the myelin sheath. In fact, high measles antibody titres have been previously linked to MS [163].

Gonzalez-Granow et al. found high titres of autoantibodies in both the IgG and IgA classes specific to MBP in the serum of patients with autism [15]. The IgA antibodies in particular were shown to act as serine proteinases to degrade MBP in vitro. They also induced a decrease in long-term potentiation in perfused rat hippocampi. Reduced long-term potentiation in the hippocampus is a feature of autism, as has been clearly demonstrated in studies using mouse models of autism [164].

Dr Andrew Wakefield was the first to reveal a possible connexion between MMR and autism. His controversial Lancet paper, published in 1998 and then later retracted, proposed that this vaccine caused an acute reaction in children with gut dysbiosis (abdominal pain, diarrhoea, food intolerances, bloating etc.) [9]. The paper reported on a group of 12 children who had experienced developmental delay following an MMR vaccine and who were diagnosed with autism. These children suffered from rash, fever, delirium and seizures following the vaccination with MMR. He and several colleagues later published additional papers elaborating the hypothesis that dysbiosis in the gut, combined with impaired protein hydrolysis, leads to autoimmune lesions in the duodenum that are associated with extensive colonic lymphoid hyperplasia. The release of undigested peptides into the vasculature across a leaky gut barrier and, ultimately, from the vasculature across a leaky blood–brain barrier, could induce encephalopathy [165–167].

In an epidemiological study from 1998, encephalopathy was clearly demonstrated as an acute reaction to measles vaccine, where 48 cases were found following vaccination, with no cases identified after administration of either monovalent mumps or rubella [168]. Among these 48 children, eight died, and the remainder experienced mental regression, chronic seizures, movement disorders and sensory deficits in the subsequent months.

The FDA’s vaccine adverse event reporting system (VAERS) database is a valuable tool for uncovering trends in vaccine adverse reactions. Our earlier studies on VAERS comparing MMR with an age-matched, equalsized distribution of all other vaccines showed a significant association of MMR with autism (P < 0.007) [169]. This was puzzling, because MMR has never contained either aluminium or mercury, the two prime candidates for the kind of neurological damage that might lead to autism [170–174]. Strong associations also appeared with fever and rash. In that paper, we proposed that the adverse reaction might be caused by the acetaminophen administered to the child to try to curb the seizures.

Since glyphosate usage on crops has gone up dramatically since the GM Roundup Ready crops were first introduced in 1996, we decided it would be worthwhile to compare the early data on MMR in VAERS with the later data. We defined a cutoff date on 1 January 2003, such that the events where MMR was included as an administered vaccine could be separated into “early” and “late”, based on whether they were before or after that date. Each dataset represented a 13-year interval. We found 10 639 events in the early set and 19 447 events in the late set; thus, the raw number of events nearly doubled in the later years.

We also tabulated the frequency of different adverse reactions in the two sets, and used a standard statistical analysis to compute the significance of any differences observed: we randomly down-sampled both sets as needed such that there was an identical total count and an identical distribution over age in the two datasets. Results were surprising: many symptoms associated with atopy or with an allergic reaction were significantly higher in the later set, and “hospitalization” was highly significantly overrepresented in the later set [Table 6]. Other overrepresented symptoms included seizures, dyspnea, hyperventilation, asthma, eczema, autism, hives, anaphylatic [shock], and irregular heart rate. Interestingly, the early set had more frequent occurrences of joint pain and arthritis, suggesting that the toxic elements in the vaccine impacted the joints rather than the brain.

To our knowledge, there have been no significant changes to the formulation of MMR since its introduction. The explanation for the significant changes in adverse reactions must, therefore, lie in external factors, one of which is likely to be glyphosate. We suggest that both chronic exposure to glyphosate from food, water and air and direct exposure to glyphosate residues in the vaccine are relevant factors. A child with a disrupted gut microbiome due to chronic glyphosate exposure will also suffer from a leaky blood–brain barrier, and this will lead to a much greater possibility of measles antigenic proteins entering the brain and causing anaphylaxis and seizures.

The measles virus is a member of the family of paramyxoviruses, which have two highly-conserved glycine residues at positions 3 and 7 in the hydrophobic fusion peptide (FP) region of the viral fusion-mediating glycoproteins [175]. This FP region is the most highly conserved region of the glycoproteins, and it plays a critical rôle in destabilizing the membrane of the host cell to gain entry. Substitutions of other amino acids for either the G3A or G7A glycines caused increases in both cell–cell fusion and the reactivity of the protein to antibodies, leading to both a higher infection rate and increased chances for an autoimmune reaction. Glyphosate substitution is likely to do the same, as well as leading to a form of the protein that would resist proteolysis.

The FPs of both the influenza virus and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) gp41 contain numerous glycine residues at regular intervals, with glycine overall making up 29 and 26%, respectively, of the total peptide sequence [175]. Optic neuritis, an immune-mediated demyelinating injury of the optic nerve, has been recognized as a side effect of the influenza vaccine that can lead to blindness [176].


In this paper, we have shown that widespread misincorporation of glyphosate for glycine during protein synthesis could explain the aetiology of multiple autoimmune diseases that are currently increasing in incidence in the USA. Misincorporation is plausible by analogy with multiple known toxins produced by organisms in defence against pathogens, including Aze, BMAA, L-canavanine and glufosinate, which work in a similar manner. We have shown that proteins from foods such as milk, wheat and sugar beet, as well as peptides derived from microbes resident in the gut or nasal tract or introduced iatrogenically through vaccination, are all potential causes of autoimmune disease induced through molecular mimicry. It is highly significant that two microbes linked to MS through molecular mimicry are among the very few microbes that can fully metabolize glyphosate. Using the VAERS database, we have shown that severe adverse reactions to the MMR vaccine have increased significantly over the past decade in step with the increased use of glyphosate. Glyphosate in MMR may originate from growth of the live virus on culture materials derived from glyphosate-exposed animals and/ or from gelatin used as an excipient stabilizer. We have confirmed the presence of glyphosate contamination in MMR and in many other vaccines where the live virus is cultured in eggs, bovine protein or gelatin, or where animal products are used as an excipient component. Notably, some vaccines prepared without live culture on gelatin were free of glyphosate contamination. Substitution of glyphosate for glycine during protein synthesis could yield a peptide that resists proteolysis, making it more likely to induce an immune response. Furthermore, enzymes involved in proteolysis are likely to be disrupted due to their confirmed contamination with glyphosate. A non-exhaustive list of possible diseases that can be attributed to this mechanism include autism, multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes, coeliac disease, inflammatory bowel disease and neuromyelitis optica.
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BOYCOTT SCOTTS MIRACLE-GRO PETITION - Tell Garden Retailers to Pledge Not to Sell GMO Grass

GM moths to be released in New York State?

Cornell University has applied for a permit to execute the world’s first open-air trial of a genetically engineered diamondback moth (GDM). The purpose of this new GM insect is to reduce pest populations of diamondback moths through engineering a new female lethality trait (female larvae die, and males go on to reproduce until the population is destroyed) into male GDM. Those pushing this new technology have not completed any worldwide assessments of health and environmental safety, and only the most cursory of environmental reviews has been conducted by the USDA’s Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS).

PLEASE OBJECT NOW! by clicking on the box, “Comment Now!”

Mexican Supreme Court Refuses to Review Monsanto Appeal on GMO Maize Permits

The lawyer of the civil society Corn Collective, René Sánchez Galindo, explained that last Wednesday in a private meeting, the Supreme Court judges evaluated the appeal that Monsanto filed. None of the judges endorsed the company’s request, which was a requirement for the Court to place the appeal on its docket.

The suspension of planting GMO maize has been in force throughout the country after a court decision three and a half years ago, after a group of organizations, academics and citizens presented a collective action against the planting of GMO maize in Mexico.

FDA To Fund Campaign Fighting “Misinformation” About GMOs

You might be seeing more pro-GMO ads in the near future, and they might be coming from an unlikely source: the federal government.

Folic Acid and Glyphosate MAY 4, 2016 BY STEPHANIE SENEFF, PHD

Health Topics > ABCs of Nutrition > Vitamins and Minerals > Folic Acid and Glyphosate
Folic Acid and Glyphosate

One has to wonder whether somebody involved in the introduction of this law knew something about the potential of glyphosate to cause spina bifida. It would not take a rocket scientist to think that disruption of the gut microbes that naturally produce folate for the host would lead to folate deficiency. In fact, it is a direct hit: folate is produced from products of the shikimate pathway, and this is the pathway that even Monsanto admits is disrupted in plants and microbes by glyphosate. Furthermore, the microbes that synthesize folate for the host, lactobacillus and bifidobacteria,3 are the ones that glyphosate preferentially kills.4 A continued rise in spina bifida would raise public awareness of a hidden environmental toxicant that might be causing this rise. Making sure that pregnant women were well supplied with external folic acid might mask the problem.

Roundup Herbicide 125 Times More Toxic Than Regulators Say by Sayer Ji - 2014

Titled, "Major pesticides are more toxic to human cells than their declared active principles," the study evaluated to what extent the active principle (AP) and the so-called 'inert ingredients,' i.e. adjuvants, in globally popular formulations account for the toxicity of 9 major pesticides: 3 herbicides, 3 insecticides, and 3 fungicides.

"Pesticides are used throughout the world as mixtures called formulations. They contain adjuvants, which are often kept confidential and are called inerts by the manufacturing companies, plus a declared active principle (AP), which is the only one tested in the longest toxicological regulatory tests performed on mammals. This allows the calculation of the acceptable daily intake (ADI)—the level of exposure that is claimed to be safe for humans over the long term—and justifies the presence of residues of these pesticides at "admissible" levels in the environment and organisms. Only the AP and one metabolite are used as markers, but this does not exclude the presence of adjuvants, which are cell penetrants."
The problem of underestimated toxicological risk is so severe that the researchers describe previous research which found unexpected toxicity in so-called 'inert' adjuvants that were up to 10,000 times more toxic than the so-called active principle glyphosate itself, revealing them to be a greater source for secondary side effects than the main ingredient itself. [i] They also note that this 'synergistic toxicity' may explain the results of previous long-term animal research where glyphosate-based formulations showed toxicity in the parts-per-trillion range (.1 part per billion) that could not be explained by glyphosate alone.[ii] [iii]

Some "Healthy" Foods are Poisoning Us

Disturbing Toxin Test Results in American Children and Food Samples

Judge: EPA violated law in approving products dangerous to bees, butterflies

Last week, a federal judge in California ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency violated the federal Endangered Species Act when it approved dozens of neonicotinoid insecticide products.

Pesticide drift halts harvest southwest of Bakersfield

Pesticide Residues in Food and Feed - Pesticides Database Search - Glyphosate
Glyphosate is dangerous because it mimics glycine – Samsel and Seneff - 2016

This is among the most important of informations you will find, to understand glyphosate and how it gets into our proteins and hurts us at a cellular and biological level, which is different from its toxicity, or its ability to cause immediate harm at the chemical level.

U of S professor says there's nothing unusual about his ties to Monsanto

Documents show agri-business coached Peter Phillips, edited academic articles

Exposure to Heavy Pesticide Use Can Impact Neurobehavioral Performance in Children

(Beyond Pesticides, May 12, 2017) Researchers from the University of California San Diego, School of Medicine, in collaboration with scientists from Ecuador and Minnesota, have found that exposure to heavy pesticide use during peak periods can impact neurobehavioral performance in children. The study focused on exposure to organophosphate pesticides, which have been associated with a broad range of diseases in both children and adults.

Big Agro on Campus

Academic critics warn that the arrangement is a Faustian bargain. Faculty members, they say, are being recruited by agrochemical giants to undermine criticisms levelled at their products, and therefore help keep potentially dangerous chemicals on the market.

These Popular Human Snacks Used to Be Safe for Dogs

Melissa’s very intriguing and plausible theory is that a fluoride-based pesticide called cryolite used on crops grown in California is what’s causing raisin and grape toxicity in dogs

Whitsons Expands Commitment School Menus With All-Natural, Organic, and Non-GMO Ingredients

GM crops stalled in 2016

Naples, New York - Fruition Seeds - Regionally adapted seeds for your short seasons

There are still a few days left to peruse all of Fruition Seeds 350+ varieties of seed as well as hundreds of transplants, all certified organic & regionally adapted for our short seasons!

Trump’s 100 days, Gmo’s and Pesticides - Jeffrey Smith


The Pottenger cat studies provide a simple but profound lesson for all Americans: Processed, dead foods don’t support life or a happy well-functioning society. We must return to eating pure, wholesome, unprocessed foods, including whole raw milk from pasture fed cows.

In my practice I ALWAYS start there — I encourage, insist, even beg people to eat real foods— no matter what the problem. Often with just this intervention the results are gratifying. SO, find a cow, find a farmer, make sure the cow (or goat, llama, or whatever) is healthy and start your return to good health!

Congress is now going after class action lawsuits through HR 985.

If this passes and you are poisoned by asbestos, an industrial chemical, Monsanto's glyphosate on the farm, PCBs dumped in your town like with Anniston Alabama vs. Monsanto, or your water district poisons will have little to no recourse.

If food companies label their food incorrectly and you get sick...who cares? If companies break the law and the Feds turn a blind eye...who cares? If there's a bad organic company that is taking your money but not providing organic worries. You didn't need that extra cash anyways or the health benefit from buying organic.
If you are discriminated against and you get together with a group to bring a suit...guess what? It's unlikely to happen because of all the new restrictions.

Welcome to the new world. We've ushered in a new age of pollution, bitterness, no accountability, and less respect for mankind.....hey, but the shareholders are happy. I guess that's what counts.

Ecuador exports a lot of Mother’s Day bouquets, leaving behind evidence of harm to children’s mental functions due to pesticides used to boost harvest.

Seneff: “The latest in the glyphosate series papers by Samsel and Seneff is now available for free download from the web! I believe we have found the key explanation for why MMR is linked to autism. We have also identified a plausible model for the epidemic in autoimmune diseases today in the U.S.”

The Truth About Cancer - Re-airing Tuesday, May 16th at 9 pm - 20 minute trailer, link below…

All episodes start airing at 9:00PM Eastern US time on the date listed above and will be available for approximately 23 hours, after which time the next episode will be loaded onto our site for your viewing pleasure : )

Be sure to keep an eye out for emails coming from us (The Truth About Cancer — as I will send you a reminder for each episode moving forward and the private link where you can watch it.

Also, if you received an email invitation to watch this video, then you’re already registered to watch and there’s nothing for you to do.

If a friend sent you this link and you want to receive exclusive access to watch this entire docu-series for free, then be sure to enter you name and email below.

Here’s our Broadcasting Schedule

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The True History of Chemotherapy & The Pharmaceutical Monopoly
(May 16th 9:00PM Eastern US time)

Episode 2:

Cancer Facts and Fictions, Breast Cancer, Hormones, Skin Cancer & Essential Oils
(May 17th 9:00PM Eastern US time)

Episode 3:

Cancer-Killing Viruses, Cancer Stem Cells, GMOs, Juicing & Eating the Rainbow
(May 18th 9:00PM Eastern US time)

Episode 4:

Excitotoxins that Fuel Cancer, Nature’s Pharmacy and Healing Cancer with Sound & Light
(May 19th 9:00PM Eastern US time)

Episode 5:

Cancer Causing Blindspots, Toxic Vaccines, Homeopathy & The Power of Emotions
(May 20th 9:00PM Eastern US time)

Episode 6:

The NOCEBO Effect, Healing Vaccines, Advanced Detoxing & Going Inside A German Cancer Clinic
(May 21st 9:00PM Eastern US time)

Episode 7:

Heal Cancer with Clean Electricity, Unique Water, Natural Sunlight & Combining Superfoods
(May 22nd 9:00PM Eastern US time)

Episode 8:

Cannabis, Nature’s Epigenetic Switches, Peptides & Healing with Micronutrient Therapy
(May 23rd 9:00PM Eastern US time)

Episode 9:

Cancer Conquerors & Their Powerful Stories of Victory
(May 24th 9:00PM Eastern US time)
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Seneff: “This is starting to look a lot like the tobacco industry!”

US Court Documents Show Monsanto Manager Led Cancer Cover Up for Glyphosate and PCBs

The same Monsanto manager, Dr. George Levinskas, who helped hide the carcinogenic potential of PCBs in the 1970s, has now been shown, in California court documents released Tuesday, to have also influenced the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regarding the carcinogenic potential of the World’s most used herbicide – glyphosate – in the 1980s.

The documents released are a treasure trove of information on how Monsanto influenced the EPA to change the March 4, 1985 classification of glyphosate as a Class C Carcinogen – showing suggestive potential of carcinogenic potential – to a Class E category which suggests “evidence of non-carcinogenicity for humans” in 1991.

This change in glyphosate’s classification occurred during the same period that Monsanto was developing its first Roundup-Ready (glyphosate-resistant) GM Crops.
Arctic stronghold of world’s seeds flooded after permafrost melts

No seeds were lost but the ability of the rock vault to provide failsafe protection against all disasters is now threatened by climate change

U.S. flower sellers rush to destroy illegal GE petunias

Testing continues, but USDA says it has already confirmed nine unwelcome varieties. They are:

Fruition's Organic Transplant & Seed Store

7921 Hickory Bottom Road, Naples, New York. Enjoy exploring Fruition's 350+ varieties of seed as well as transplants (including heirloom tomatoes, of COURSE!), all certified organic & regionally adapted to surround you with abundance in our short seasons.

Find us at the farm from 10 to 2 every Saturday through June 3rd! We'll have…


Monsanto in Mexico | Breaking News: Mexican Supreme Court Upholds Lower Court Ban on Transgenic Corn

In the latest ruling, issued earlier today, Mexico’s Supreme Court refused to review an appeals court decision from 2013, which in effect will allow the appeals court to verify the suspension of permits for the planting of GE corn grain and uphold the enforcement of the ban throughout the country. The original decision included a declaration that the benefits of GMO corn remain unproven.

I am posting my translation of a report on the ruling written by Angélica Enciso and Gustavo Castillo for the Mexican newspaper, La Jornada, who broke the story earlier this morning. This is a major substantive victory for the anti-GMO movement in Mexico with huge implications globally. Efforts like this will continue to spread across the globe, including, I hope, north of the border into the centers of origin and diversification of our beloved Turtle Island Corn Belt in the USA.

Congresswoman Pingree leads bipartisan bill to support continued growth in organic agriculture industry

The legislation increases funding for USDA’s flagship organic research program, the Organic Research and Extension Initiative (OREI), from $20 million to $50 million annually. The program funds applied research projects across the country that help organic farmers improve their operations and meet the growing consumer demand for organic food.

Campaign against pesticides grows - Argentina

“We have many reasons to ban glyphosate once and for all. Its adverse health effects have been proven by many scientific researchers,” María Victoria Dunda, lawyer and member of the Lawyers Network of Fumigated Towns, told the Herald. “It’s an over-the-counter product that’s risky by itself, no matter how it’s used. Using it properly won’t change the fact that it’s a poison that kills everything it touches.”

Dunda is from Santa Fe, where she claims rural schools are frequently hit by glyphosate that is sprayed in nearby farms. Case in point, the number of teachers with a medical leave due to cancer has been steeply growing over the last 10 years, Dunda claimed.

Illegal GM maize found growing in Bolivia

Plant wildflowers, because bee lives matter - Lakeview Organic Grain, Penn Yan, NY

There’s a basket full of seed packets on the counter at Lakeview Organic Grain in Penn Yan. On this basket is a cute little cartoon bee; below the bee is a not-so-cute but truthful message: “If we die, we’re taking you with us.”

Lakeview Organic Grain, owned and operated by Mary-Howell and Klaas Martens, is giving away these packets of wildflower seeds to anyone who walks through the door. Because anyone – and everyone – can help grow the flowers that provide both food and habitat for the bees that help keep food on our plates.

Pruitt’s EPA Delays New Rules to Protect Pesticide Applicators

(Beyond Pesticides, May 15, 2017) Last week the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), under the direction of new Administrator Scott Pruitt, announced that it will delay for one year the implementation of a final rule that revised and updated protections for certified pesticide applicators –the workers who apply the most hazardous pesticides, restricted used pesticides. The new rules require increased training for certified applicators and increase the minimum age of a worker to 18 years, updates to which industry has objected. Against the backdrop of recent high-profile poisonings, the delay requested by industry interests places these workers and the public at continued risk.

“What are we doing IMPORTING corn and soybeans anyway???? We grow millions of acres of corn and soy in the USA!! Oh, That's right, it's 90-95% GMO. And increasingly, Americans do not want GMO. So we have to be dependent on foreign growers/importers who FALSELY label their crops organic to increase the value of the crop by millions of dollars before it gets to us. How about, when we put America first that we FEED America FIRST and GROW ORGANIC!!!! Follow us here: Moms Across America.”

The labels said ‘organic.’ But these massive imports of corn and soybeans weren’t.

But by the time the 600-foot cargo ship carrying them to Stockton, Calif., arrived in December, the soybeans had been labeled “organic,” according to receipts, invoices and other shipping records. That switch — the addition of the “USDA Organic” designation — boosted their value by approximately $4 million, creating a windfall for at least one company in the supply chain.

City Council Approves Switch to Organic Pest and Weed Control

The San Juan Capistrano City Council voted on April 18 to take a non-toxic approach to weed and pest control at city parks and open space areas by directing city staff to develop a new policy that would eliminate the use of weed killers such as Roundup.

Detox Project offers residue-free certification

In a move to provide a means for food and beverage processors to show their products are free of residual glyphosate (an active ingredient in Roundup and other herbicides), The Detox Project has applied and been granted a trademark symbol that processors may use on their labels, provided their products are tested and do not contain glyphosate or AMPA (aminomethylphosphonic acid) residues exceeding the limits of laboratory detection, which is typically between 0.1 and 20 parts per billion (ppb). AMPA is a metabolite of glyphosate.

America's Largest Pension Fund Has Dumped a Fortune Into Monsanto Stock

What is really in the food your dog or cat is eating?

Navdanya welcomes CCI order on buyout of Monsanto by Bayer AG

Patients: Roundup gave us cancer as EPA official helped the company
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Black Brook Farm Produce is back and an organic food truck too!

Most Saturdays this summer, you can find Potatoes and Molasses parked in a grassy spot at the intersection of Routes 5 and 20 and Route 318, near Montezuma Winery and the Cayuga Wine Trail and a couple miles from the village of Seneca Falls. The menu will change each week and the Porters will also sell produce from their farm. On Thursdays, 3 to 6 p.m., Black Brook Farm will take part in the Skaneateles Farmers Market at Austin Park. For more information on Black Brook Organic Farm and the Potatoes and Molasses Food Truck, call (315) 651-1530 and visit

Next Generation of GMOs Escapes Regulation

The synthetic biology process involves altering the DNA of microorganisms such as algae, bacteria and yeast so they produce compounds like flavors and fragrances that previously have been extracted from plants. Scientists and software engineers are altering the DNA of existing microorganisms and designing new ones.

Synthetic biology companies are producing a wide range of compounds for food, pharmaceutical, fuel and industrial use. Evolva has created a synthetic biology form of vanillin, an alternative to natural vanilla extract. Perfect Day has engineered yeast cells to produce proteins similar to those found in cow's milk with the aim of producing vegan milk. Impossible Foods engineered heme, a molecule that makes meat sizzle and look pink for the company's meatless Impossible Burger. According to the ETC Group, there are some 350 synthetic biology products on the market or in development.

Largest Organic Milk Producer in the U.S. Isn’t Actually Organic at All

The country’s largest organic milk producer has allegedly been operating illegally, according to an exposé that appeared in the Washington Post Monday. Aurora Organic Dairy, which supplies store-brand organic milk to such retailers as Walmart, Costco, and Target, was accused in the exposé of failing to graze its cattle according to USDA organic standards.

Agricultural Scientist Responds To Oregon County’s Mandate To Apply Herbicides To Organic Farm

“Given that almost no one with experience in weed management believes that any long-established weed, noxious or otherwise, can be eradicated with herbicides, one wonders why the County has adopted such a draconian change in its noxious weed control program. I can think of two plausible motivations – a desire by companies and individuals involved in noxious weed control activities, via selling or applying herbicides, to increase business volume and profits; or, an effort to reduce or eliminate acreage in the Country that is certified organic.

Weeds are classified as noxious when they prone to spread, are difficult to control, and pose a public health or economic threat to citizens, public lands, and/or farming and ranching operations. Ironically, by far the fastest growing and mostly economically damaging noxious weeds in the U.S. are both noxious and spreading because they have developed resistance to commonly applied herbicides, and especially glyphosate.

Plus, I guarantee you that the County, the herbicide applicators, and the manufacturers of the herbicides applied, under force of law on organic or other farms, will face a torrent of litigation seeking compensatory damages for loss of reputation, health risks, and the loss of premium markets and prices.

I have followed litigation of this sort for decades, and have served as an expert witness in several herbicide-related cases. While it is obviously premature to start contemplating the precise legal theories and statutes that will form the crux of future litigation, the County should develop a realistic estimate of the legal costs likely to arise in the wake of this strategy, if acted upon, so that the County Commissioners can alert the public upfront regarding how they will raise the funds needed to deal with the costs of near-inevitable litigation.”

Trump's EPA Greenlights a Nasty Chemical. A Month Later, It Poisons a Bunch of Farmworkers.

"Anybody that was exposed, we encourage them to seek medical attention immediately," a California public health official stated.

Largest-ever study finds GM crops increased herbicide use by 28 percent - 2016

Genetically Engineered Disappointments

Much of the resistance against GE crops is due to the interests and methods of the agribusiness transnationals dominating food production, both directly and indirectly through their control and promotion of seeds, agrochemicals, etc.

Tell the USDA: No genetically modified trees

“I Wouldn’t Feed This Stuff to a Dying Animal” – Terminal Hospice Patient Exposes Truth About Ensure Nutrition Drinks

To make matters worse, Abbott Nutrition is a member of the notorious pro-GMO organization the Grocery Manufacturers Association, and to date has given nearly a million dollars to fight against GMO labeling in the United States.

Does this sound like the type of company whose products you should be feeding your loved ones? After you see these products, their ingredients, and potential side effects,[3] you’ll have the answer.

10 Favorite Organic Food Makers That Are Now Owned by Huge Corporations

Annie’s, Dagoba Chocolate, Cascadian Farm, Silk, Earthbound Farms, R.W. Knudson, Honest Tea, Applegate Farms, Stonyfield Organic Yogurt, Horizon.

Tell Garden Retailers to Pledge Not to Sell GMO Grass

There’s Funding to Support Organic Farmers, but Many Don’t Know It Exists

An internal USDA memo shows a glut of funds remains available to reimburse farmers for organic certification.

Whistleblower alleges herbicide sprayings in Waialua violated safety rules

Shannell Grilho said that DuPont Pioneer fired her and her husband Morgan Armitage about a year ago, after she raised questions about the company's spraying practices.

Crashing Monsanto’s Pesticide Party In Beijing

In the end, an electronic working group was established to explore changing the IESTI equations but it was quite plain that Australia, Kenya, and the United States, who are quite comfortable with the status quo, would simply play the “study it to death” game as they ran out the clock on any changes.

Seneff: “Informative article about Rosemary Mason's tireless campaign to try to influence the British government to stop poisoning everything with glyphosate and PCBs.”

Glyphosate!! Zen Honeycutt of

Seneff: “CRISPR is going to be a very wild ride!”

CRISPR gene editing can cause hundreds of unintended mutations

...recipients had sustained more than 1,500 single-nucleotide mutations and more than 100 larger deletions and insertions.

Seneff: “This new twin study from Nature is great confirmation of my suspicions that glyphosate chelation of manganese is causing severe manganese deficiency in autism. Anthony Samsel and I wrote a whole paper about this topic in one of our glyphosate pathways to diseases series of papers.”

Seneff: “It appears that several different studies showing staitistically significant increased risk to cancer following glyphosate exposure were dismissed by the EU in their decision process to NOT label glyphosate as a probable carcinogen.”

China Pushes Public to Accept GMO as Syngenta Takeover Nears
Arty turns 11 this summer.

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FDA Resumes Testing Foods For Weed Killer, Safety Questions Grow

Sources inside the FDA said agency glyphosate testing resumed in early June and FDA spokeswoman Megan McSeveney confirmed the news this week. Alongside the testing for glyphosate, the FDA laboratories have also said they were analyzing foods for 2,4-D and other “acid herbicides.” Chemical company players have started combining 2,4-D and the herbicide dicamba with glyphosate in new weed-killing products and use is expected to rise, so tracking residues in food is important. But the FDA has provided few details about any of the testing, and what is known has mostly been learned through internal documents obtained through Freedom of Information requests.

Monsanto Spin Doctors Target Cancer Scientist in Flawed Reuters Story

As a Reuters reporter for 17 years (1998-2015) I know the value of an “exclusive.” The more such scoops a reporter garners, the more bonus points and high praise from editors. It’s a system seen in many news agencies and it works great when it encourages dogged, investigative journalism. But powerful corporations like Monsanto also know how eager reporters are to land exclusives and know that handing favored journalists cherry-picked information with the promise of exclusivity can serve their public relations needs quite well. Follow up the hand-fed story with a press release from an industry-funded outlet and calls for an investigation from the industry group American Chemistry Council and you have propaganda gold.

What you don’t have is the truth.

More than one million Europeans stand up against glyphosate

"European citizens aren’t fooled by the pesticide industry’s lobbying efforts or the faulty science it’s peddling. In less than five months, more than one million EU citizens have joined our call for a glyphosate ban and reduced pesticide use throughout the EU. Our politicians need to hear this message loud and clear: they must protect citizens and the environment by banning this dangerous weedkiller and putting us on the path towards a pesticide-free future."

California EPA hearing on Glyphosate - Dr. Anthony Samsel, Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Zen Honeycutt and many others, including a few paid Monsanto reps speak at the June 7, 2017 hearing.

Samsel at 15:13 to 21:20. At 20:45 conclusion…

“In conclusion, the fact that glyphosate integrates with human enzymes as published in our last paper, it should be enough reason to ban the chemical completely and also to prevent any level of glyphosate being allowed into the food supply. There should be no glyphosate in the food supply, nor in drinking water, air or soil. Glyphosate is a synthetic amino acid that should have no place in biology. We’re but one biosphere, what affects one, affects all.”

Zen at 21:25 to 27:02.

“We can shift the health of the entire state and country by you setting a no safe level of glyphosate.”

Statement by Stephanie Seneff read at 1:06:00

Dozens Speak Out Against Monsanto’s Roundup at OEHHA Glyphosate Hearing

Monsanto vs California…What’s REALLY Happening to Our Food?…Opinion by Kenneth P. Stoller MD, FACHM

“Adjuvants in pesticides are generally declared as inerts, and for this reason they are not tested in long-term regulatory experiments. It is thus very surprising that they amplify up to 1000 times the toxicity of their APs in 100 percent of the cases where they present. In fact, the differential toxicity between formulations of pesticides and their APs now appears to be a general feature of pesticides toxicology. As we have seen, the role of adjuvants is to increase AP solubility and to protect it from degradation, increasing its half-life, helping cell penetration, and thus enhancing its pesticidal activity and consequently side effects. They can even add their own toxicity.”

Seneff: “This might actually be good news in the long run - the sooner the farmers face catastrophe with their herbicidal assault the sooner we will recognize that herbicides are not the answer in agriculture.”

Crops newly hurt by dicamba - Complaints filed about herbicide

All signs, he said, indicate that the herbicide, during a climate process called inversion, lifted itself off the targeted soybean plants and traveled in warm, humid air to his nearby field.

Epigentic Transgenerational Effects/Inheritance - Tyrone Hayes, Ph.D

Growing Danger: Pesticides, Other Agricultural Exposures, and Cancer: A Conversation with Dr. Tyrone Hayes

Breast and Prostate cancer, how Atrazine changes hormones, smaller breasts in women, desexing frogs, etc. - Starts at 6:00.

This website, designed and maintained by Dr. Tyrone B. Hayes, PhD, is dedicated to informing the scientific community, the activist community, and the public at large about the dangers of the herbicide atrazine.
Regarding the regulation of atrazine, the US Environmental Protection Agency recently stated that "the ultimate decision is much bigger than science" and that it "weighs into public opinion."

We (the public) must play an active role in this regulatory decision.

Tyrone Hayes, Atrazine changes hormones. At 3:00

Looking for more on Hayes? Check out his interviews on You Tube.

EU finally recognises Bisphenol A as an endocrine disruptor for human health

Helsinki/Brussels, 16 June 2017 - The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) today recognised bisphenol A (BPA) as a substance of very high concern because of its endocrine disrupting properties for humans. [1]. This is a big step in protecting Europeans’ health and illustrates the need to speed up the pace in identifying and regulating EDCs at EU level.

Study Suggests Parkinson’s Could Start in Gut Endocrine Cells

Studies Link Monsanto’s Glyphosate to Ocean Death

Today we are getting a much clearer picture, and it may mean throwing out what we’ve been programmed to believe about fossil fuels, CO2 emissions and global warming being the main culprit killing our oceans and planet. Now, according to research by the Marine Pollution Bulletin and others, we can add glyphosate, Monsanto’s Roundup Ready herbicide, to the top of the list.

Glyphosate persistence in seawater

ABC7 News Coverage of Glyphosate in Wine - 2016

List of Genetically engineered food

Seneff: “Brazil will be the first to adopt a new GMO sugar cane! It produces Bt toxin that blows up the stomachs of insects.”

Brazil approves world's first commercial GM sugarcane: developer CTC

Brazil has approved commercial use of a genetically modified sugarcane, setting a milestone for the country's highly competitive sugar industry as this is the first time such permission has been granted anywhere in the world.

Zen Honeycutt's latest article on glyphosate - California's hearing on allowable levels for labeling as a carcinogen. Check out the two minute video so you'll understand just how pervasive glyphosate is in our food supply.

Monsanto's Roundup Under Fire in CA

Trump to Force Toxic GMOs on other Countries

In other words, if other countries reject our GMO exports, that hurts American business, and we can’t have that. It doesn’t matter if what we export is poisoning children and adults as well, buy it or face a fight. And all this is promoted as a means to help rural America.

Herbicide Glyphosate found in Pet Foods - 2015

Fox: “Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide which contains the active ingredient glyphosate, recently designated a possible carcinogen, is actually absorbed by GM (genetically modified) crops genetically engineered to be resistant to this herbicide. Most corn, soy, sugar beet, cotton, and canola produced in the U.S. is GM, as is much imported rice. Glyphosate is also used to dessicate wheat and other crops before harvesting.

My concerns about this herbicide, among others, getting into the food chain and in what we consume ourselves, feed to farmed and laboratory and zoo animals, and to our dogs and cats have been recently confirmed. Research scientist Dr. Anthony Samsel, Deerfield, NH has shared some of his findings prior to his scientific report being published. Using High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) the accepted EPA method of analysis, he found levels of glyphosate ranging from 0.022 – 0.30 mg/kg in cat and dog foods. Brands evaluated, all of which tested positive, were in manufactured cat and dog foods from several manufacturers: Purina Cat Chow Complete, Purina Dog Chow Complete, Purina Beyond Natural-Simply Nine, Rachel Ray Zero Grain, Rachel Ray Nutrish Super Premium, Iams Proactive Health, 9 Lives Indoor Complete, Friskies Indoor Delights.

Dr. Samsel informs me that the pet food industry “adds NaNO2 (sodium nitrite) to some pet foods as a preservative. This is very common and in the presence of glyphosate is deadly. Glyphosate reacts continuously over time with NO2 and produces N-Nitrosoglyphosate which is a nasty carcinogen along with phosphonic acids AMPA and MAMPA. Another scary scenario is Nitrite formation (NO2) from nitric oxide (NO) which is the end product in cells of animals e.g. like macrophages and result of Nitrous acid formation which reacts with glyphosate resulting in N-Nitrosoglyphosate. This is another reason why this stuff needs to be immediately pulled from the market”.

(Title of the peer-reviewed research article by Anthony Samsel and Stephanie Seneff including these findings will be published in September in a special issue of The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry is: Glyphosate, Pathways to Modern Diseases IV: Cancer and Related Pathologies.”

Samsel: “...It is disturbing to also note that N-Nitrosoglyphosate is not the only concern of the metabolites and reaction products found in their animal experiments. Monsanto showed a number of metabolites other than Aminomethylphosphonic acid (AMPA) which included an unidentified compound known as compound #11 occurring with frequency equal to or greater than N-N-nitrosoglyphosate. We still do not know what that compound is or what its effects might be on biology. In my opinion, Glyphosate should never have been brought to market based on those early studies.”

GMOs What You Need To Know - Dr. Michelle Perro, MD - 2014

Monsanto Admits Injecting Glyphosate a Hazard – Too Bad It’s In Vaccines

Monsanto Toxicologist Donna Farmer recently made the following statement regarding the toxicity of Glyphosate:
“I’ll give you an example of one of the studies,” she said during the debate, which was aired as part of The Doctors, an award-winning TV show. “They actually injected the Round-Up formulation into the abdomen of the animals and they did have an effect. But that’s not a relevant route of exposure for somebody who is going to be spraying that herbicide. So that’s what we look at and the regulatory agencies look at and, like the other bodies at the World Health Organization. IARC only looks and says, “If I inject it there’s a hazard.” So there’s different ways we look at the data.”

Collective unconscious: How gut microbes shape human behavior

In Certain Social Bees, Gut Microbiomes Follow Phylogeny

An integrated multi-omics analysis of the NK603 Roundup-tolerant GM maize reveals metabolism disturbances caused by the transformation process

Robin Mesnage, Sarah Z. Agapito-Tenfen, Vinicius Vilperte, George Renney, Malcolm Ward, Gilles-Eric Séralini, Rubens O. Nodari & Michael N. Antoniou
Arty turns 11 this summer.

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The EPA Quietly Approved Monsanto's New Genetic-Engineering Technology - It’s the first time RNA interference will be used to kill insect pests.

The EPA was the last of three agencies—along with the FDA and USDA—that signed off on the safety of DvSnf7 dsRNA. Critics often point to a 2011 paper to question the safety of tinkering with RNAi. In that study, Chinese scientists found naturally occurring RNA molecules from rice circulating in the bloodstream of people eating it. That paper has gotten a lot of criticism, and scientists have had trouble replicating its findings.

Moms Exposed To Monsanto Weed Killer Means Bad Outcomes For Babies - Researchers tested and tracked 69 expectant mothers.

...the team is scheduled to present their findings on Thursday at a conference put on by the Children’s Environmental Health Network (CEHN) in Washington, D.C.

“This is a huge issue,” said Paul Winchester, medical director of the neonatal intensive care unit at the Franciscan St. Francis Health system and professor of clinical pediatrics at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, Indiana. He said this is the first U.S. study to demonstrate glyphosate is present in pregnant women. “Everyone should be concerned about this.”

Prop 65 with Dr. Anthony Samsel - “Actually, there are no safe levels of glyphosate.” Horses hooves collapsing!

Dr. Samsel is the researcher, who discovered that Glyphosate is in vaccines. In this video he talks about how he came to find out this important piece of information. This is a very informative video taped in California where they are trying to determine what level of Glyphosate should be allowed in food. As we know, no level should be in any of our food products or in our vaccines. Every person should view this video.

Anthony Samsel on Glyphosate safety tests - The untold story of sealed files - 2016

Dr. Samsel talks about how he was able to obtain Monsanto sealed “secret” files from the EPA.

Glyphosate Causes Changes to DNA Function Resulting in Chronic Disease, According to Study - 2016

(Beyond Pesticides) A review of the scientific literature links glyphosate, one of the most popular weed killers in the U.S. and the active ingredient in Roundup, to a wide range of diseases through a mechanism that modifies DNA functioning, adding a new even more troubling dimension to the herbicide’s cancer classification by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. According to the most recent review, Glyphosate pathways to modern disease V: Amino acid analogue of glycine in diverse proteins, conducted by independent scientists Anthony Samsel, Ph.D. and Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., a scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), glyphosate acts as a glycine analogue that incorporates into peptides during protein synthesis. In this process, it alters a number of proteins that depend on conserved glycine for proper function. According to the authors, glyphosate substitution for glycine correlates with several diseases, including diabetes, obesity, asthma, Alzheimer’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and Parkinson’s disease, among others.

What’s With Wheat

Seneff: “This documentary is well done with an engaging story that makes it entertaining as well as informative on the science behind gluten intolerance.”

10 Banned Foods Americans Should Stop Eating Infographic

Moms Across America's documentary on GMO's and our food supply. Watch. Share. This is a great eye opener and we need everyone to understand what Monsanto and GMOs and glyphosate mean.

Inspector General Investigating Potential Collusion Between Monsanto, Top EPA Official

The inspector general of the Environmental Protection Agency is investigating possible collusion between Monsanto and a top EPA pesticide official who recently retired. Documents released by court order indicate that the possible collusion may have resulted in a biased review of cancer risks associated with glyphosate, the most commonly used pesticide in the world and the active ingredient in Roundup.

A.G. Schneiderman Challenges Trump EPA Over Toxic Pesticide

NEW YORK – New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman, leading a coalition of seven state Attorneys General, announced a challenge to President Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for violating federal law regarding toxic pesticides. Chlorpyrifos, a widely-used pesticide on food crops – including those consumed by infants, young children, and pregnant women – is shown to negatively impact proper development and functioning of the central nervous system and brain.

“The EPA’s first job is ensuring the health and safety of New Yorkers and all Americans – especially our children. Yet the Trump administration is jeopardizing our children's health by allowing continued exposure to this toxic pesticide at levels it has not found to be safe,” said Attorney General Schneiderman. “If the Trump Administration won’t follow the law – and put our children’s wellbeing first – we will fight back.”


The Trump administration will attack overseas regulations that restrict the export of GMO crops and other products resulting from American technological innovation, said U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer at the first meeting of a newly created interdepartmental task force on rural America. “We are going to bring cases at the WTO and other venues, we’re going to insist that any barrier be science-based, and the United States will increase exports,” he said.


Luxembourg’s parliament has voted unanimously in favour of a resolution which calls for the ban of cultivating genetically modified maize in Luxembourg.

Non-GMO Foods Market to Grow at 16.23% CAGR by 2021: Key Driver, Top Vendors, Industry Application Analysis and Outlook

The global non-GMO foods market is growing at a steady pace. The increase in the number of health-conscious people and increasing demand for non-GMO food products by middle class families are the primary reasons for the growth of the market. The rising demand for organic food products has also increased the demand for non-GMO food products from consumers. However, premium pricing of non-GMO food products is expected to act as one of the major barriers for the growth of the global non-GMO foods market. The increased adoption of non-GMO seeds by farmers and the growing number of food companies in the non-GMO food sector are expected to fuel the global non-GMO foods market positively during the forecast period.

Chef aims to be catalyst for change to non-GMO corn in tortilla industry

“This evolution is about something much bigger than our brand,” says Calderon. “We want to create a catalyst for change in our industry, both locally and worldwide. We intend to do so by selling our GMO-free corn masa and tortillas to other restaurants and by furthering the evolution of our brand by creating a replicable model that will take GMO-free corn and true Mexican cuisine overseas.”

Non-GMO Milk Is On The Rise


For $150, you can buy a Crispr kit online and use it to engineer heartier gut bacteria in your kitchen. That’s thrilling, but the technology is giving Jennifer Doudna, an inventor of the gene-­editing method, nightmares. Easy genetic modification could mean cures for cancer (yay!), kitty-sized pigs (squee!), and, yes, designer babies (ack). In her new book, A Crack in Creation, Doudna urges innovators to slow their roll. Here she considers the daunting prospects and promises of the monster-maker she created.

Farm Groups Call on Ag Minister to Stop Genetically Modified Alfalfa Seed Release

The risk of GM alfalfa spreading to where it is not wanted is acknowledged as particularly high because alfalfa is a perennial crop that is pollinated by bees, it often grows wild in uncultivated areas, and it has tiny seeds.

Damage reports from dicamba pouring in over the last 2 weeks

...The thought during the development of these restrictions was an attempt to minimize the amount of injury from off target movement this season. Unfortunately that has not been the case. As of this morning (6/12/17) approximately 40 complaints from off target dicamba movement have been filed with the Arkansas State Plant Board. This is up from the 32 total last year and complaints are increasing daily. To be fair numerous other drift complaints have been filed this year including Paraquat (13) and Roundup (11) but these drift events have been much more localized and at most damaging around 100-200 acres in extreme cases. Dicamba complaints however have been much more widespread and may cover 1000 acres or more each time…

Africa's big little anti-GM revolution

And yet, it is to India that Burkina Faso farmers owe a debt for getting their act together to tackle the biotech giant. From across continents has come their learning of how to collect data and use it effectively to demand more sustainable agriculture practices. As Bt cotton began to envelop the cotton-growing areas of Burkina Faso rapidly, farmers, initially happy with Monsanto's Bollgard II, found their problems increasing. The Indian experience showed them they needed to act quickly.

Taiwan to Control Imports of GMO Potatoes

Report: GMOs in Tasmania

The government will introduce legislative amendments to continue the moratorium, and to reaffirm the declaration that the whole of Tasmania is GMO free.”

A “Brutal Multi-Pronged Assault:” Monsanto’s War on Science Exposed in French Newspaper Investigation

The tactics chronicled and allegations brought up by the La Monde investigation are detailed and thorough, and paint the picture of a company desperate to do everything in its power to bend or control the perception, and truth, about its products.

You can check out the summary from by clicking here, and read part one of the original report in French (translation is available online) by clicking here.

“A Blatant Display of Unscientific Propaganda:” Cornell Student Exposes GMO Propaganda in Scathing New Letter - 2016

China Greenlights Imports of Two New GMO Products -- Update

Organic Bytes

Nonprofits Sue Third-Largest Poultry Co. for False Advertising of Drug-Contaminated Chicken

Sanderson Chicken claims its chicken is 100% Natural or “nothing but chicken.” But recent testing conducted by the National Residue Program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) found 49 instances in which samples of Sanderson products tested positive for residues of synthetic drugs that are not “100% Natural.” Thirty-three percent of the 69 FSIS inspections, conducted in five states, uncovered residues that no reasonable consumer would consider “natural.”

Sanderson Farms: Stop Advertising Your Contaminated Chicken as '100% Natural'!

Short Film Reveals the Lunacy of Water Fluoridation

Food: Weapon of MASS Destruction - The Endless Trail of Clues

Nitrogen, soil, mineral deficiency, gmo food...

Of mice, Monsanto and a mysterious tumor.

Call it the case of the mysterious mouse tumor.

It’s been 34 years since Monsanto Co. presented U.S. regulators with a seemingly routine study analyzing the effects the company’s best-selling herbicide might have on rodents. Now, that study is once again under the microscope, emerging as a potentially pivotal piece of evidence in litigation brought by hundreds of people who claim Monsanto’s weed killer gave them cancer.

This week tissue slides from long-dead mice in that long-ago research study are being scrutinized by fresh eyes as an expert pathologist employed by lawyers for cancer victims looks for evidence the lawyers hope will help prove a cover-up of the dangers of the weed killer called glyphosate.

Glyphosate, which is the active ingredient in Monsanto’s branded Roundup products, is the most widely used herbicide in the world, and is applied broadly in the production of more than 100 food crops, including wheat, corn and soy, as well as on residential lawns, golf courses and school yards.

Residues have been detected in food and human urine, and many scientists around the world have warned that exposure through diet as well as through application can potentially lead to health problems. The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) declared glyphosate a probable human carcinogen in 2015 based on a review of scientific literature, triggering the wave of lawsuits against Monsanto, and pushing California regulators to announce they would add glyphosate to a list of known carcinogens.

What the expert finds, or doesn’t find, is expected to be key evidence in hearings slated for the week of Dec. 11 in dozens of consolidated cases being overseen by a federal judge in San Francisco.

Rewind to 1983

Monsanto, as well as many other scientists and regulatory bodies, have defended glyphosate’s safety. They say research showing a cancer connection is flawed and hundreds of studies support its safety.

And yet—rewind to July 1983 and a study titled “A Chronic Feeding Study of Glyphosate (Roundup Technical) in Mice.” Following the document trail that surrounds the study offers an illuminating look into how science is not always clear-cut, and the lengths Monsanto has had to go to in order to convince regulators to accept scientific interpretations that support the company’s products.

The two-year study ran from 1980-1982 and involved 400 mice divided into groups of 50 males and 50 females that were administered three different doses of the weed killer or received no glyphosate at all for observation as a control group. The study was conducted for Monsanto to submit to regulators. But unfortunately for Monsanto, some mice exposed to glyphosate developed tumors at statistically significant rates, with no tumors at all in non-dosed mice.

A February 1984 memo from Environmental Protection Agency toxicologist William Dykstra stated the findings definitively: “Review of the mouse oncogenicity study indicates that glyphosate is oncogenic, producing renal tubule adenomas, a rare tumor, in a dose-related manner.” Researchers found these increased incidences of the kidney tumors in mice exposed to glyphosate worrisome because while adenomas are generally benign, they have the potential to become malignant, and even in noncancerous stages they have the potential to be harmful to other organs. Monsanto discounted the findings, arguing that the tumors were “unrelated to treatment” and showing false positives, and the company provided additional data to try to convince the EPA to discount the tumors.

But EPA toxicology experts were unconvinced. EPA statistician and toxicology branch member Herbert Lacayo authored a February 1985 memo outlining disagreement with Monsanto’s position. A “prudent person would reject the Monsanto assumption that Glyphosate dosing has no effect on kidney tumor production,” Lacayo wrote. ”Glyphosate is suspect. Monsanto’s argument is unacceptable.”

Eight members of the EPA’s toxicology branch, including Lacayo and Dykstra, were worried enough by the kidney tumors in mice that they signed a consensus review of glyphosate in March 1985 stating they were classifying glyphosate as a Category C oncogen, a substance “possibly carcinogenic to humans.”

Research rebuttal

That finding did not sit well with Monsanto, and the company worked to reverse the kidney tumor concerns. On April 3, 1985, George Levinskas, Monsanto’s manager for environmental assessment and toxicology, noted in an internal memorandum to another company scientist that the company had arranged for Dr. Marvin Kuschner, a noted pathologist and founding dean of the medical school at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, to review the kidney tissue slides.

Kushner had not yet even accessed the slides but Levinskas implied in his memo that a favorable outcome was assured: “Kuschner will review kidney sections and present his evaluation of them to EPA in an effort to persuade the agency that the observed tumors are not related to glyphosate,” Levinskas wrote. Notably, Levinskas, who died in 2005, was also involved in efforts in the 1970s to downplay damaging findings from a study that found rats exposed to Monsanto’s PCBs developed tumors, documents filed in PCB litigation revealed.

Kuschner’s subsequent re-examination did —as Monsanto stated it would—determine the tumors were not due to glyphosate. Looking over slides of the mouse tissue from the 1983 study, Kuschner identified a small kidney tumor in the control group of the mice – those that had not received glyphosate. No one had noted such a tumor in the original report. The finding was highly significant because it provided a scientific basis for a conclusion that the tumors seen in the mice exposed to glyphosate were not noteworthy after all.

Additionally, Monsanto provided the EPA with an October 1985 report from a “pathology working group” that also rebutted the finding of the connection between glyphosate and the kidney tumors seen in the 1983 study. The pathology working group said “spontaneous chronic renal disease” was “commonly seen in aged mice.” Monsanto provided the report to the EPA stamped as a “trade secret” to be kept from the prying eyes of the public.

The EPA’s own scientists still did not agree, however. An EPA pathologist wrote in a December 1985 memo that additional examination of the tissue slides did not “definitively” reveal a tumor in the control group. Still, the reports by the outside pathologists brought into the debate by Monsanto helped push the EPA to launch a reexamination of the research.

And by February 1986 an EPA scientific advisory panel had dubbed the tumor findings equivocal; saying that given the tumor identified in the control group by some pathologists, the overall incidences of tumors in the animals given glyphosate were not statistically significant enough to warrant the cancer linkage.

The panel did say there may be reason for concern and noted that the tumor incidences seen in the mice given glyphosate were “unusual.”

The advisory panel told the EPA the studies should be repeated in hopes of more definitive findings, and that glyphosate be classified into what the agency at that time called Group D—“not classifiable as to human carcinogenicity.” The EPA asked Monsanto for a repeat of the mouse oncogenicity study but Monsanto refused to do so.

The company argued “there is no relevant scientific or regulatory justification for repeating the glyphosate mouse oncogenicity study.” Instead, the company provided EPA officials with historical control data that it argued supported its attempt to further downplay the tumor incidences seen in the worrisome 1983 study.

The company said the tumors in mice appear “with some regularity” and were probably attributable to “genetic or environmental” factors. “It is the judgement of Monsanto scientists that the weight-of-evidence strongly supports a conclusion that glyphosate is not oncogenic in the mouse.” Monsanto said repeating the mouse study would “require the expenditure of significant resources... and tie-up valuable laboratory space.”

Feds fold

The discussions between Monsanto and the EPA dragged on until the two sides met in November 1988 to discuss the agency’s request for a second mouse study and Monsanto’s reluctance to do so. Members of the EPA’s toxicology branch continued to express doubts about the validity of Monsanto’s data, but by June of 1989, EPA officials conceded, stating that they would drop the requirement for a repeated mouse study.

By the time an EPA review committee met on June 26, 1991, to again discuss and evaluate glyphosate research, the mouse study was so discounted that the group decided that there was a “lack of convincing carcinogenicity evidence” in relevant animal studies. The group concluded that the herbicide should be classified far more lightly than the initial 1985 classification or even the 1986 classification proposed by the advisory panel. This time, the EPA scientists dubbed the herbicide a Group E chemical, a classification that meant “evidence of non-carcinogenicity for humans.” At least two members of the EPA committee refused to sign the report, stating that they did not concur with the findings. In a memo explaining the decision, agency officials offered a caveat. They wrote that the classification “should not be interpreted as a definitive conclusion that the agent will not be a carcinogen under any circumstances.”

Despite the EPA’s ultimate conclusion, the mouse study was among those cited by IARC for classifying glyphosate as a probable human carcinogen. Indeed, many other animal studies have similarly had questionable results, including a 1981 rat study that showed an increase in incidences of tumors in the testes of male rats and possible thyroid carcinomas in female rats exposed to glyphosate and a 1990 study that showed pancreatic tumors in exposed rats. But none have swayed the EPA from its backing of glyphosate safety.

Christopher Portier, who was an invited specialist to the IARC review of glyphosate and is former director of the National Center for Environmental Health and Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, believes the evaluations applied to glyphosate data by regulators are “scientifically flawed” and putting public health at risk.

"The data in these studies strongly supports the ability of glyphosate to cause cancer in humans and animals; there is no reason to believe that all of these positive studies arose simply by chance,” Portier said.

Monsanto fought the plaintiffs’ request to view the mouse tissue slides, calling it a “fishing expedition,” but was overruled by U.S. District Judge Vince Chhabria who is overseeing the roughly 60 combined lawsuits under his purvey. Monsanto has confirmed that roughly 900 additional plaintiffs have cases pending in other jurisdictions. All make similar claims – that Monsanto manipulated the science, regulators and the public in ways that hid or minimized the danger posed by its herbicide.

“The importance of the original kidney slides and the re-cut kidney slides is immense to the question of general causation and played a critical role in the EPA’s decision to re-categorize glyphosate…” the plaintiffs’ attorneys stated in a court filing.

Plaintiffs’ attorney Aimee Wagstaff reiterated that in a recent court hearing, telling Judge Chhabria that the events surrounding the 1983 mouse study “sort of dominoed,” and potentially are “extremely relevant” to the cancer litigation.
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California has done it, let’s get this done in New York!

Glyphosate Listing as Carcinogen - Moms Across America

Congratulations to everyone who supported the action of the CA Guild, Moms Across America, and many more to have glyphosate be listed on the Prop 65 carcinogen list! We are extremely happy and proud to share that the California EPA Office of Environmental Health Hazzard Assessment has announced that the Monsanto lawsuit has been dismissed and glyphosate will be listed officially and legally on July 7, 2017 on the Prop 65 carcinogen list.
Read the announcement here:
And Reuter's article here:

This is HUGE.

It could have gone another way. The Judge could have caved to corporate pressure. The scientists and team at OEHHA could have been intimidated by the legal tactics of Monsanto. But they did not waiver. They looked at the sound science showing the carcinogenic effects of glyphosate in many studies, and by all legal and sound scientific measures, added glyphosate, used in the most widely sprayed herbicide in the world, to the California carcinogen list.

We can clearly see that public action matters. When glyphosate was first announced to be listed the OEHHA comment page they received more comments than any other time in history. You did that!

Together, we ARE raising awareness and taking action to protect the health of current and future generations.
We cannot thank you enough.

What does this listing mean?

As soon as the No Significant Risk Level is set...(expect months) within a year everything that contains glyphosate above that level (lifetime exposure to that product for an average consumer) will have to be labeled with a warning in the state of California.

For instance, if the average consumer of hummus eats hummus twice a week every other week, the company will have to first test for glyphosate and then figure out how much exposure their customer would be exposed to over their lifetime at that consumer pattern. Because glyphosate accumulates in the bone marrow, that amount would have to be carried over and factored in. If that lifetime exposure exceeds the NSRL ( current proposal is 1100 micrograms per day- 4000 times higher than has been shown to cause liver disease) than that container of hummus would have to have a warning label that it contains an ingredient which causes cancer. The most recent tests for glyphosate on garbanzo beans (chickpeas) which make up hummus and wheat pita, a common lunch or snack especially for health-conscious consumers, of 3 oz each, was 1640 micrograms of glyphosate total. This amount, one serving in one day, obviously exceeds the proposed NSRL of 1100 micrograms per day.

The California law states that companies with 10 or more employees that expose Californians to chemicals on the Prop 65 list at levels above the relevant NSRL must provide a clear and reasonable warning prior to the exposure.

If a company does not comply and label, according to the OEHHA officials: "As noted in our Prop 65 in plain language FAQ (, penalties can be $2,500 per violation per day. Most Prop 65 enforcement is done by private parties. Any person can file a 60-day notice with the attorney general to allege a P65 violation."

This means citizen action will be able to hold any company responsible for glyphosate exposure. Funding for tests for glyphosate is now more important than ever. If you know persons or foundations that would like to fund testing please let us know. We need your help.

We would hope those food companies would take the initiative, however, and test for themselves. We would hope that within the next year, food manufacturers will source growers who do not use glyphosate herbicides. You may write your favorite companies and ask them to get tested and to be certified as Glyphosate Residue Free.

We also ask our neighbors and cities to stop spraying glyphosate herbicides. Community Flyer here.

We also request that you return any Roundup you, your parents, or neighbors have to the hardware store on July 7, 2017 the day the listing is enacted. Take a picture of yourself doing this and post it online! Share this random act of kindness initiative: Thank you Linda Mulligan for this great idea! Watch her video here.

Although we are sure Monsanto will continue to fight this listing, as they stand to lose billions of dollars in profits, we are also sure people like you will continue to speak up for the health and safety of our community. Big chemical companies may be able to squelch media coverage, but they cannot stop you and me from sharing with our neighbors at backyard barbecues and preschool parking lots. They cannot stop of from being in public spaces and passing out flyers with alternatives to Roundup. (Get yours here!) They cannot stop us from being in parades, festivals, fairs, and holding movie nights to watch our new documentary Communities Rising.

We will not stop, we will not give up, because the love for our children will never end! Thanks again for all you do!

Governor approves dicamba prohibition in Arkansas

"I am concerned that more limited options were not fully debated and considered because of the need for quick action," he wrote. "I know the Plant Board also shares my concern that this action is being taken in the middle of a growing season, but the volume of complaints do justify emergency action."

As of Friday morning, the board had received 507 complaints of suspected dicamba damage in 21 counties. Mississippi County had the most, with 135. Crittenden County had 74 complaints; Craighead County had 61.

Hutchinson also approved a way for the Plant Board to expedite its role in implementing stiffer fines for "egregious" violations of Arkansas regulations for spraying dicamba. The increase in fines -- from the current maximum of $1,000 to as much as $25,000 -- will take effect Aug. 1.

The proposed ban now goes for review to the eight-member executive subcommittee of the Arkansas Legislative Council. The subcommittee will take up the matter at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, its co-chairmen, Sen. Bill Sample, R-Hot Springs, and Rep. David Branscum, R-Marshall, said Friday.

Flanders Bans Glyphosate Herbicide Sales to Individual Consumers

The Flemish region has prohibited the sale of glyphosate herbicides to individual consumers, following two other regions of Belguim (Wallonia and Brussels), which put the same ban in place earlier this year and last year respectively.

German Nonprofit Creates New Open Source License for Seeds

…There is a similar initiative in the United States -- the Open Source Seeds Initiative, based in Wisconsin -- but they are not licensing, they are giving a pledge to varieties. We have different strategies, we, OSS, pursue the legal strategy, and they pursue the ethical strategy, but we are working closely together.

...This is important because we are living in a time of not only privatization of genetic resources, but the monopolization of genetic resources. Big companies, they are interested in producing few varieties and extending and distributing these varieties for large acreages -- the larger the acreage, the larger their return through royalties.

But what we need is diversity in production, diversity in genetic resources, and we need diversity in breeders. It is a danger if you are depending on a few companies -- because they tend towards uniformity, their energy for creating innovation is decreasing because competition is getting less and less. They are also producing variety that do not respond to the needs we have. For example, these big seed companies do not provide what is needed for adaptation to climate change.

Monsanto and Bayer, for example, you will have a concentration of a company which has dominating position in producing pesticides and herbicides, and dominating the seed sector -- they will link these two businesses together. They will produce seeds that correspondent with sales of agrochemicals. But in agriculture we need less pesticides, more agroecology. We need genetic resources and plants that fight pest and diseases by resistance, not by chemicals…

Bad news: AquaBounty has received a go-ahead to expand production of genetically modified salmon on Prince Edward Island. They will be required to inform the Canadian government "in the event of escape or release of fish, at any stage of their life cycle"

Emergency ban of dicamba pesticides recommended in Arkansas

"In response to dozens of new complaints of misuse of the highly toxic and drift-prone pesticide dicamba, an Arkansas regulatory committee today recommended an emergency ban of the controversial pesticide that has spurred three lawsuits and a dispute that led to the murder of an Arkansas farmer."

Agriculture giants Bayer, Monsanto merging could ruin American farmers

For farmers like us, these are more than numbers and statistics. We are small scale producers who have to suffer through major economic setbacks to our businesses, yet these companies expect us to simply “suck it up” and deal with the consequences of their actions. We want to be able to provide for our children, pay our mortgages and continue farming.

Food Evolution GMO Film Showcases Chemical Industry Agenda

The film, opening in theaters June 23, claims to offer an objective look at the debate over genetically engineered foods, but with its skewed presentation of science and data, it comes off looking more like a textbook case of corporate propaganda for the agrichemical industry and its GMO crops.

IFT is partly funded by big food corporations, and the group’s president at the time was Janet Collins, a former DuPont and Monsanto executive who now works for CropLife, the pesticide trade association. IFT’s President-Elect Cindy Stewart works for DuPont.

Seneff: “America has a terrible record on maternal mortality, but California is making a difference by being very prepared for hemorrhage following childbirth. I highly suspect that a key reason for the increase in C-sections and the increase in hemorrhage complications is chronic glyphosate poisoning. The US uses more glyphosate per person than any other country.”

California decided it was tired of women bleeding to death in childbirth

Interview with Chuck Benbrook, Maverick Organic Movement Expert Speaks Out

FPC: In what ways do Monsanto and other large agricultural companies influence academic and analytic discourses such as debates about GMOs and organic food?

CB: If you’re a large industry or a significant company you use industry resources to influence the careers of scientists in academia, government, and industry, and at multiple stages of their careers. You use your resources to directly fund research, and to make sure that the design of experiments that are funded with your money are going to, or are very likely to, produce a result that supports the direction you would like to see either your marketing efforts or public policy, or both, go in.

The midwife community has been discussing this in regards to the way cords are attached to placentas.

CNN Hero of the Year 'Mother Robin' warns that GMOs may cause widespread umbilical cord deformities - 2012

Residents Allege Herbicide Spraying Caused Health Problems

Residents report that they have experienced painful rashes and kidney issues. When asked by the Knoxville News Sentinel to comment, PVEC General Manager Randell Meyers denied that these health issues were caused by the spraying of herbicides. However, on March 10, a couple from Sharps Chapel filed a civil lawsuit claiming that Powell Valley Electric Cooperative was negligent in its use of toxic chemicals to clear brush from the cooperative’s electric poles."

Seneff: “A David vs Goliath story and maybe David can win?”

Monsanto’s Foes Are Branching Out

They are now extending to another legal challenge. On June 20, they joined other attorneys in filing a complaint that accuses the company of falsely advertising that glyphosate works by targeting an enzyme that is not found in people or pets. They are teaming up with another law firm that is building a name on suing food companies for making such claims.

Nitish Kumar slams NDA over ongoing agrarian crisis in the nation

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has criticised both the previous and current Indian governments for promoting GM seeds. He said, "The areas where [GM] Bt cotton is grown, there are more reports of farmer suicides. When I was the agricultural minister, I was against the approval of Bt cotton. I had clearly mentioned the agricultural ministry has nothing to do with Bt cotton. Now, you all can see that the crop is failing."

Brazil approves world's first commercial GM sugarcane: developer CTC

Seneff: “This is crazy! Buy a bag of LIbertuyLink soybean seeds and Bayer will contribute 5 cents to the AHA"s "Healthy for Good" campaign! That's right! Grow crops that are resistant to glufosinate, and produce food that's contaminated with glufosinate, and make people sick. Hard to know how "Healthy for Good" fits in there. Glufosinate is an amino acid analogue of glutamate, just as glyphosate is an amino acid analogue of glycine. They work the same way to ruin your health, except that it's a different amino acid that gets disrupted. Eventually, probably sooner rather than later, we'll have uncontrollable glufosinate-resistant weeds and we'll have to find some other toxic chemical to poison us with.”

Organic foods backed by landmark report warning pesticides far more dangerous than was thought

Irvine Little League mom leads charge to wipe out pesticides on ball fields nationwide

“It’s kind of that unseen thing you don’t think about until someone brings it to your attention, to think about what are they treating the grass with and my kid is out there diving for balls?” Gramlich said. “It’s a great addition to safety.”

10 Things You Should Know About Shopping Organic At The Farmer's Market

Beyond Monsanto’s GMO Cotton: Why Consumers Need to Care What We Wear

Over 1 million sign petition to ban glyphosate in EU over cancer fears

Glyphosate 1992-2012
Arty turns 11 this summer.

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It's Official: California Lists Key Ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup as Cancer-Causing

It's not everything we need, or everything we want—but California's decision, upheld by the courts, represents a major step forward in a decades-long fight expose the truth about Roundup and protect the public from its cancer-causing effects.

The full impact of the decision remains to be seen. How much glyphosate will need to be present before a product is required to carry a warning? How many foods will exceed the glyphosate residue limits set by California's Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA)?

Will Monsanto find a way to keep those warnings off all labels? Including foods and weedkillers?

Time will tell. And activists will need to remain vigilant.

But for now, it's celebration time.

Glyphosate Residue Free Certification Creates New Transparency Shift for US Consumers

Glyphosate Residue Free certification for U.S. food ingredients and products was launched on March 19 2017 by The Detox Project, in a move that gives consumers a way of avoiding the ‘probably carcinogenic’ chemical.

No Turtles Here, Just Mutated Food: Here are 7 Crops Being Grown with Mutated Seeds

“Mutagenesis is a method of plant breeding that involves subjecting plants to radiation, or dousing them in chemicals, in a way that scrambles their genes in order to produce new traits,” according to this article from the Organic Consumers Association, which continues, “the goal is to produce plants suitable for modern industrial agriculture, where crops are grown in vast monocultures with the aid of chemicals and machinery.”

Biodynamic Farming and the Legacy of Rudolf Steiner

“Steiner was one of the first public figures to warn that the widespread use of chemical fertilizers would lead to the decline of soil, plant and animal health and the subsequent devitalization of food. He was also the first to bring the perspective of the farm as a single, self-sustaining organism that thrives through biodiversity, the integration of crops and livestock and the creation of a closed-loop system of fertility.”

In 1923, he also predicted that, in 80 to 100 years, honeybee populations would collapse6 — a prediction fulfilled with the sudden emergence of colony collapse disorder, which can be traced back to the use of toxic pesticides and herbicides.

As just one of many examples of Steiner’s comprehensive approach to farming, biodynamic farmers will not cut off the horns on their cows, as the animal’s horns are a primary sensory organ, and a complex interrelated relationship exists between the horns and the animal’s digestive system.

Okja - Covers so many points of Monsanto's greed.

Okja is a Netflix original written and directed by Joon-Ho Bong (Snowpiercer). It is a refreshing take on the evils of biotechnology…

Okja is a tale of friendship, a story of loyalty, and at the same time, a sordid expose of corporate greed and the dark side of biotechnology. It is no surprise that biotechnology has some very well kept secrets, those that could destroy the very balance of nature. We live in a brave new world where scientists are working at artificially synthesizing organisms and giving them molecular kill switches. A world where entire nations survive on genetically modified and engineered foods; one of the biggest crises of the 21st century. While modern biotechnology is making progress by leaps and bounds, a very heavy cost is being paid by our environment, and the beings that exist in it. What has all this got to do with Okja? Actually, a lot.

Okja is a story about a teenage girl named Mija, beautifully portrayed by Seo-Hyun Ahn, and her pet pig Okja. Okja is a super-sized pig, born as a result of an experimental gene modification programme run by Mirando corp. The organisation bears an eerie resemblance to agrochemical giant Monsanto (also responsible for a majority of the world’s supply of genetically modified foods). Tilda Swinton plays the odious CEO of Mirando corp, Jake Gyllenhaal plays the role of an eccentric animal expert for hire, Shirley Henderson (Myrtle from Harry Potter) plays Swinton’s slave secretary and Paul Dano (Little Miss Sunshine) plays the leader of a secret rebellion organisation fighting animal atrocities.
Arty turns 11 this summer.

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