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#1464825 --- 01/12/15 01:57 PM Homebuilders in area? Stick built vs. Modular
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Any suggestions?

#1464839 --- 01/12/15 08:33 PM Re: Homebuilders in area? Stick built vs. Modular [Re: red0588]
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Modular. without a doubt.
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#1464847 --- 01/13/15 03:50 AM Re: Homebuilders in area? Stick built vs. Modular [Re: red0588]
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Modular homes are built to Federal codes, where as stick-built homes are built to County codes. Believe it or not County codes are much more stringent than Federal codes, and you'd end up with a much better home.

#1464859 --- 01/13/15 12:03 PM Re: Homebuilders in area? Stick built vs. Modular [Re: red0588]
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I did a modular about fifteen years ago and have no complaints about the construction. They are "overbuilt" compared to a stick build because they have to be transported to the site. Look at the sections when the pieces go together, you get twice as much wood. I deleted the kitchen, all the woodwork and some of the carpet. Went out and picked my own products to finish and had my contractor install the kitchen, trim and some flooring.
You avoid your house being exposed to the elements when it is being stick built. It also saves a lot on building time. You just have to do some homework on what "modular" company you want to go with. There are a lot of them out there! smile
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I sell to builders and modular home factories in the northeast. Don't confuse modular with the cheaper cousin that is a double wide. Do your homework on this.

True modular are very nice homes. They are durable and built in temperature controlled weather gets on the components.

I watched a number of walls sections being built...really cool stuff. Good modular factories (which do not build mobile homes)
hire real tradesmen to work. The tradesmen have the knowhow and the eye, and work with the laser guided templates that do the precision cutting and things like that.

Many good modular are not transported in halves. The wall sections, etc are erected on site in a few days. I wouldn't be afraid of modular, and I wouldn't be afraid of a QUALITY single family home builder. We have some great one's in the area as well as cheap production builders, so again, do your homework.

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Originally Posted By: red0588
Any suggestions?

have you taken a tour of the modular home building company as they built other homes?

have you asked prior customers of the workmanship of either the stick built or modular contractors?