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#1463918 --- 12/12/14 06:30 AM Help with Wife's car
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My wife's car has a remote starter, (after market). It works as it should in the summer, but in the winter when it gets cold it doesn't want to work. Which of course that's when one needs it to work the most. Anyone have any ideas? She put a new battery in the control and still nothing. Any ideas out there....

#1463919 --- 12/12/14 08:10 AM Re: Help with Wife's car [Re: Spi63]
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Get a new wife?

(for the humor impaired: yes, that was a joke)

#1463925 --- 12/12/14 11:16 AM Re: Help with Wife's car [Re: Spi63]
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I use the guy on Grant Ave. in Auburn. He has a trans repair shop, special radios, custom auto parts, and installs remotes. They are across from a big diner. Am in Fla. at this time,so I can't look up his business card and give you the name and address, sorry.

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I think I know the place, Spanky. It's across from a Greek Restaurant/Sports Bar on Grant Ave, correct? Can't think of the name of the place, but they put in stereos, speakers, antennae's, etc. It wouldn't surprise me to learn that they put in remote starters.

I had mine installed by a great place in Syracuse (only a half hour from where I live). If interested, I can supply the name of the place. They did a great job.
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#1463932 --- 12/13/14 04:12 PM Re: Help with Wife's car [Re: Spi63]
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Mine used to do that, before I had to replace the battery. Just a thought.