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#1461574 --- 10/17/14 09:12 AM Sears
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Well it was on the news that Sears is closing at the Fingerlakes mall. It has been there for a very long time and will be missed.

#1461646 --- 10/18/14 08:23 AM Re: Sears [Re: cinlou]
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Apparently Sears will lose your purchase receipts on THEIR computer system if you don't use a credit card, because they so often look things up by your phone number but instead put down the store phone number or the corporate phone number when you make your purchase. So finding the all-important Salescheck Number for repairs or returns has to be on your own receipt at home.

I brought in 2 humidifiers for repair, and I got a call back saying they were out of warranty because they were purchased in 1951, even though I did leave a copy of a receipt for one of them in the box I dropped off at the store for repair. They were bought 11 & 23 months ago, both are in a warranty period. I also paid $22 extra for replacement protection, but their computer is so screwed up and the call centers are using computers from gotta be 40 years ago, that they can't enter in the info from the copy of the receipt I e-mailed them, and they prefer FAX! I was lucky to find the phone number for the next step of cutting 6" off the power cord of the humidifier and mailing it to them, then they'll send me a gift card for the purchase price plus tax, if I still have a receipt and they can enter it in their broken system.

I've gotta pick up the unrepaired humidifiers that have been sitting around being utterly unrepaired for a month in a day or so, but that's a trip to Rochester.

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my dad went to return something, he had the receipt but they could not find it on the computer that he had bought it. It took 45 minutes and phone calls by them to get his refund. He told them he would not be back there again. It is a shame to see someone like Sears dribble away to nothing when at one time they were such a great company.That mall will be hard pressed to fill a space of that size.I go to Bass pro and hope that they will be staying.

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Sears reports that they will be closing more than 100 stores.
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