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#1460272 --- 10/01/14 10:29 PM Officers at Five points assaulted
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This came from the Ithaca journal today.

Several Five Points Correctional officers were treated at Cayuga Medical Center after two inmates at the maximum security prison attacked them on Tuesday.

Correctional facility staff are getting injured in unprovoked attacks on a regular basis, Western Region Vice President Mike Dildine said in a news release. The incident comes at the heels of stabbings of two officers at Elmira.

"The violence against staff by inmates in our correctional facilities continues to be one of the biggest safety issues for our membership," Dildine said in a statement. "We will continue to monitor the situation as the investigation moves forward but the administration must seriously address the current violence against staff."

Four officers responded to a disturbance between two inmates in a cell around 8:10 p.m. Tuesday.

When the officers arrived, one inmate was removed from the cell and placed in restraints as a precaution.

As an officer watched the restrained inmate, inmate Matthew Gilreath, 24, came up from behind the officer and tackled him to the floor, according to Five Points.

The officer hit his head on the floor, knocking him unconscious.

Two officers came to the aid of the fallen officer. Gilreath punched one officer in the face, according to Five Points.

Both officers were able to get body holds on Gilreath and take him to the floor. Restraints were applied once he complied to the officers' orders, according to Five Points.

Larry Mann, 27, the inmate who remained in the cell after the reported disturbance, also attacked officers, according to Five Points.

Mann lunged at two officers when they entered the cell and attempted to remove him, the report said. Mann struck both officers in the face with closed fists.

One of the officers was able to use a body hold to get control of Mann and forced him onto the floor. Once on the floor Mann complied with the officer's orders to stop fighting.

The officer who was tackled to the floor gained consciousness and was treated by medical staff at the facility.

He and two other officers injured in the attacks were taken by ambulance to Cayuga Medical Center in Ithaca for treatment.

One officer sustained a concussion and a contusion to his head. The other two officers sustained swelling to the left eye, left cheek bone, lower back, elbow and neck pain. All three were treated and released from the medical facility.

Mann is serving a 3-to-6 year sentence after being convicted in Kings County for robbery in 2012. Gilreath is serving an eight year sentence after getting convicted for robbery and attempted criminal possession of a weapon in Nassau County during 2011.

Both inmates were placed in a special housing unit following the attacks.
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#1460507 --- 10/03/14 04:46 PM Re: Officers at Five points assaulted [Re: Hicks McFarmer]
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I just read that a counselor at Auburn CF had feces thrown on him. The inmate that did it had assaulted officers at Attica and in another incident injured an officer at Cayuga. He was doing ten years for murder. TEN YEARS for stabbing your friend to death ??? The interesting part of this incident is that the inmate has to reimburse the counselor for work time lost. He also got another two and a half years added to his sentence.

Didn't we just read that a couple officers were assaulted at Elmira? The inmates seem to get away with murder uh..literally sometimes.

Cuomo doesn't see fit to hire more staff. I guess it's cheaper to pay overtime and Comp. He does think its a good idea to bus his big city criminals up here. I guess he thinks sending his Big Apple trash to the fingerlakes by the train load is a good idea, too. You can smell Waterloo from the thruway. I bet Seneca County will get the new casino as a reward for being so accomodating.

#1460522 --- 10/04/14 06:21 AM Re: Officers at Five points assaulted [Re: dainty]
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Originally Posted By: dainty
I bet Seneca County will get the new casino as a reward for being so accomodating.
Oh I am afraid you are right.

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Yes let's blame the criminals for the casino, you're not reaching or anything. Get a grip on life.

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Being thrown on has become even more common as NYS does not prosecute as most aggravated harassment occurs in the mental health areas. Even the internal disciplinary process is overlooked.

Just like the incident at Five Points, the attack in Elmira (which officers were stabbed not just punched) were predetermined attacks on staff.

While Five Points is New York States "baby" as its te most efficient jail staffing wise, overtime wise, and program ($$$ federal funding) wise, I'm not sure it will have a baring on te Casino. Also keep in mind Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo, Utica, and Binghamton bring just as many felons as NYC. By Cumo closing more and more prisions and giving inmates more and more liberties and early outs more of this will continue to happen.

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Thank Mike Nozzolo for 5 POINTS, it's a great attraction & Industry!!! seneca County Jail has out of area prisoners !!! Isn't Seneca County Jail privately run??

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Was it racially motivated?
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#1460919 --- 10/08/14 11:47 AM Re: Officers at Five points assaulted [Re: Sketch]
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What ?