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#1456304 --- 08/04/14 11:13 AM "PANDAS"- Anyone heard of it?
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I've been taking my 4 yr old daughter to Strong for almost 8 months now to try and find out what's going on with her. She has developed an extreme light sensitivity, weird tics (rolling her eyes back suddenly or pumping her shoulders upwards, for about a minute or longer in most cases), and has taken up some odd, almost OCD-like behaviors that were never there before.

I know that 4 yr olds take on weird quirks for awhile at this age. But what she's doing lately is nothing at all like I've seen from her brother at that age, or from any of her cousins.

We did go to the Neurolgists for a brain study (Numerous ones, in fact- the last was a 4 day stay in the Children's Unit at Golisano) and have been told that, while they've SEEN her have these episodes during her visits, they cannot find any neurological reason for them.

I've been looking around online, trying to see if I can find any other cases like her, where there's no found reason for it... and came across "PANDAS". All the symptoms she's having, caused by a case of Strep... And it sounds as though it doesn't show up in brain studies?

I'm just curious on if anyone else has heard about this, or knows someone who's had it. All the things I've found go into medical study findings that I don't completely understand (Heavy medical jargon).
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Have you discussed the possibility with her pediatrician?
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#1456319 --- 08/04/14 01:59 PM Re: "PANDAS"- Anyone heard of it? [Re: KoDSC]
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Have you researched food and chemicals. Look up Dr. Stephanie Seneff's and Dr. Anthony Samsel's research on glyphosate, a/k/a, Round Up.

Learn about the stomach to brain connection and how it is screwing up our kids.


MMR vaccine is also causing some problems. Dr. Andrew Wakefield.
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