Visited Canalview Restaurant 5/23 with reservations for 8 at 5:45. They crowded us at a table which barely had room for our plates. When we arrived, the salad bar was empty - not even any soup. Obviously they were not ready to serve. We placed our orders and waitress said salad bar would be open "in a few minutes". Waited several minutes. They brought out salad that had not been cut - just huge chunks of lettuce in a bowl. Some toppings, etc. were still missing. Waited even longer for soup. The barely got seated when waitresss brought main corse - so the table was even more crowded with plates. Never gave us time to eat the delayed salad bar items. I ordered broiled stuffed haddock - YUCK. Sent it back as it had a very odd taste - kind of like a lot of saffron or some off seasoning. Re-ordered a sandwich. We asked for separate checks for each party. Check arrived all on one and so scribbled as to be illegible. Macaroni so filled with big pieces of cooking onion that impossible to even see macaroni. Potato salad had no flavor and was more like a "mashed potato salad". Lots of folks complaining. Our first trip there and it will be out last.