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#1446161 --- 04/30/14 05:00 PM How a Redneck peels Potatos or Apples
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Vey easy just remember to take your tie off before trying this. eek

I used a 3/4" spade bit to hold items in place grin . Works great

#1446170 --- 04/30/14 05:57 PM Re: How a Redneck peels Potatos or Apples [Re: birdwatcher123]
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Good one. Just thinking about when it was my turn to "KP"
when I was in the military this sort of bright idea would of been real nice. So many warriors to feed and so many potatoes to be peeled.
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#1446406 --- 05/04/14 05:22 AM Re: How a Redneck peels Potatos or Apples [Re: birdwatcher123]
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Great video!!! AWESOME idea!!!

I HATE peeling potatoes, so instead I buy the baby red potatoes and the skin pretty much falls off during boiling. The skin pieces that are left add flavor IMO.

I will show this to the wife for when she makes me homemade applesauce in the fall MMMMmmmmmm
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