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For those that I Sun Flower Seeds from are ready to plant.

I'm planting some tomorrow. blush Just remember to loosen up the soil, spread the seeds cover with same soil you worked up.
Water a lot when they are 2/3'tall early morning or late at night.
Weed out IF you want when they are about 6/8" tall.
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Thanks for the reminder! I've already shared some of the seed you sent me as my space is pretty small but I'm so looking forward to planting these!

Best, HP
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Weed out IF you want when they are about 6/8" tall.

Sunflowers put down deep roots, which helps them to outcompete most anything, but taking out the competition while they are young, and their roots not yet very deep, will help them get to the point where they can more easily do that.

It's like being the strongest, fastest NFL running back; even he will benefit from some blocking, particularly near the scrimmage line.
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