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#1441800 --- 03/27/14 05:37 AM Butter
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I've posted on butter before, but this article is the best I've seen, with the most info. The text is very informative, but there are also simple and clear graphs, a table, and graphics, without which the article isn't nearly as good. Fi, there's a graphic showing which butter brands to buy, or not, and why.

If you don't already eat butter, go get some, and toss your margarine. And no, don't feed it to the dog; it'll harm his health, too.
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Have been back to butter over a year, I can't convince the wife to switch back to it though. She still shakes her head when I save my bacon fat or prefer to buy my meats at the farm and not the Big M.

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Have her watch Genetic Roulette. She may have grandkids that are affected by the unnatural food.

There is a new report out about the autism statistics 1 in every 68 kids. You'd think those numbers would peak more people's interest.

Tell her Vladimir Putin is acting to protect his country from gmo food and her President is not?

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