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2 charged with burglary, attempted murder in Ithaca West Village fight

ITHACA — Two Ithaca residents were arrested and charged with attempted murder and burglary stemming from a fight on Oct. 24 at the West Village apartment complex.

Desiree Richmond, 38, and Dante D. Sweat, 17, are both charged with four counts of attempted murder, burglary in the first degree, multiple counts of unlawful imprisonment, assault and endangering the welfare of children, according to a grand jury indictment released this week by the Tompkins County Court.

Both pleaded not guilty.

It is alleged that Richmond and Sweat unlawfully entered a dwelling at the apartment complex on Chestnut Street with intent to commit a crime and attacked the victims with a knife.

On the evening of Oct. 24, more than 15 police officers with the Ithaca Police Department, Cayuga Heights and state police, responded to the scene for a report of a brawl.

The fight left four people injured and four more in police custody. Sweat was charged the following day with one count of second-degree assault.

Among the injured, one woman had a serious stab wound to her "neck area," according to City of Ithaca Police Lt. Vincent Monticello in earlier police reports.

Both defendants were remanded to Tompkins County Jail on $5,000 cash and $20,000 bond. Both made bail the same day, according to the jail.

By Shawnee A. Barnes
January 30, 2014

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Records: 5 crying kids watched Ithaca teen viciously stab their mother, sister

On a cloudy October evening in 2013, “40-50 people” were involved in a “sea of fighting” on the 600 block of Chestnut Street in Ithaca.

Desiree Richmond was involved in a conflict with another woman. Richmond told the woman that she was going to “f— her up.”

The woman left on foot, and attempted to get in her car. Richmond pursued the woman to her car, where she slammed the car door on the woman’s left leg.

After the altercation, Richmond confronted another woman in the street; she then shoved the woman. After the push, Richmond’s son, Dante Sweat, came up behind the woman and struck her.

Sweat, then 17, proceeded to stab the woman multiple times in the head and body.

As Sweat was stabbing his first of four victims, his mother pursued the woman — whom court documents say she had slammed the car door — on foot.

She chased the woman into her own home, where she tackled her to the floor. She then cut her in the abdomen and on the hand with a “sharp-edged instrument,” according to court documents.

Her son then entered the residence, and proceeded to stab the woman in the left side of her abdomen while his mother held her down.

According to an officer interviewed after the incident, “there were people screaming from all different directions…there were many weapons involved — knives, guns, baseball bats.”

The daughter of the woman who was getting stabbed then tried to intervene. Sweat then cut her throat with the same knife he was using to stab her mother, and the same knife he used to stab the other woman, lying bloodied in the street.

Another daughter of the woman getting stabbed saw five small children, ages 1, 2, 7, 9, and 11, according to court documents, that were watching the assaults on their mother and sister. They were crying.

She attempted to move the children away from the area, and while relocating the 1-year-old girl, Sweat then stabbed her in the abdomen.

Police arrived shortly after the final stabbing, with weapons drawn and called ambulances to the scene to escort four women, one of which was found in the street, to Cayuga Medical Center, according to a report by the Syracuse Post-Standard.

Three of the women were then transferred to a regional trauma center, according to police. None suffered life-threatening injuries and all were in stable condition within a few days.

Soon after arriving at the scene, an Ithaca police officer detained Desiree Richmond and locked her in the back seat of a marked IPD vehicle. The officer asked where her son, Dante Sweat, was located, according to court documents.

Richmond said that Sweat was located inside their apartment.

Ithaca police then surrounded the apartment with their weapons drawn. They began ordering everyone within the apartment outside.

Sweat complied; an officer handcuffed him and then performed a “thorough patdown.” The officer then locked Sweat in the back of an IPD vehicle.

The officer asked Sweat what happened, without reading Sweat his Miranda Rights. Sweat then made a series of incriminating statements, and when asked where the weapon he used was located, he stated that it was in the downstairs bathroom.

Ithaca police entered the residence. (Some later noted in court documents that this was done without a warrant.) The officer observed the location of the knife provided by Sweat in his “un-Mirandized” statement.

After a preliminary search of the premises, the officer then drove Sweat to the Ithaca Police headquarters located just a few minutes away.

An investigator met with Richmond, who gave her permission to search the apartment. The investigator was aware that Sweat had revealed the location of the knife, and that was “the first place [he] went to” when he arrived at the apartment.

Meanwhile, at IPD headquarters, Sweat was placed in an interrogation room where he was read his Miranda Rights. Following administration of the warning, Sweat repeated “essentially the same” statements he made in his “un-Mirandized” interview from the back of the police car.

Sweat would later be charged with four counts of attempted murder.

By: KYLE FRIEND | 09/23/14