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#1412897 --- 08/16/13 03:24 AM Re: Unwelcome house guest. [Re: SilverFox]
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Originally Posted By: SilverFox
No, I burned the curtain. It was time for a new one anyway.

was it still in the curtain? Yes again how about her babies? Build a bat house for them outside. They too need a place to call home. I too had a bat living with me I divorced her, end of story.
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#1412961 --- 08/16/13 04:07 PM Re: Unwelcome house guest. [Re: Dr117]
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No the bat was no longer in the curtain when I burned it. The curtain opened as it went out the window freeing the bat to fly away. If there are any more bats a professional will take care of them.

You know I divorced my "old bat" in 1973 too.

#1432101 --- 01/09/14 09:08 PM Re: Unwelcome house guest. [Re: SilverFox]
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Precaution should always be taken when a bat is in the house. I once heard of a story where a child was bitten by a bat in her sleep and did not know it, never awoke. The mother found the little marks on the child's skin the next day when she was getting her dressed. They had found a bat in he child's room and were able to capture and had it tested. The bat tested positive and the child had to undergo painful treatment. People think that there's nothing to worry about. We had them in an old house of ours and we would just wack with a tennis racket and scoop up with a something flat and a coffee can, all the while wearing gloves. At one point we had a neighbor who worked with the DEC and told us that anytime we have a bat in our house and capture it without damaging it's brain that we should always have it tested. It does not cost anything but NYS is trying to keep the best and most accurate records of rabid incidents in NY State. I believe I took the last bat we captured to the counties Public Health Department and that's where the testing occurred and they called us to give us the results. Again,bats have such fine teeth when bitten in the past, people have no recollection of it, especially if they were sleeping. There's more information on this on other sites, but I included the NYS site.

Do bats transmit rabies only through biting?
As with all animals, rabies is transmitted by bats primarily through a bite. Breathing the airborne rabies virus has been reported in one bat cave under exceptional circumstances. All but one of the people who died of bat rabies in the U.S. were unaware of a bat bite; bats have small teeth which may leave marks that are not easily seen. Inapparent or unrecognized bat bites may be most likely to occur in children or someone with mental impairment who cannot interpret or report what has happened, or when someone picks up a bat or has one fly into them and contact their bare skin, or when someone is asleep
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#1432104 --- 01/09/14 09:41 PM Re: Unwelcome house guest. [Re: SilverFox]
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I am hoping she got rid of the bat by now...
What a shame to have to beg you to see we're not all the same

#1432106 --- 01/09/14 09:53 PM Re: Unwelcome house guest. [Re: Della]
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A couple of years ago a bat flew into my house. I ended up chasing it all over with a broom. It flew into my bedroom, I turned around and my cat was on the the bed and had the bat by the wing. She let go, and it resumed flight.

Eventually, I shooed it through an open door. What a pain that was!
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