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#1419608 --- 09/30/13 10:17 PM Question for Forum Peeps
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So, I know how to make it so I can't see a user's posts, but how do I get a crazy kook (gatorgrad) to stop PM'ing me?

Seriously, 12 year olds are so hormonal. This one even seems to have a bit of a rage problem. Kook!
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#1419611 --- 09/30/13 10:44 PM Re: Question for Forum Peeps [Re: twocats]
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Noted, and being dealt with.

#1419653 --- 10/01/13 01:30 AM Re: Question for Forum Peeps [Re: FL1 Mod 3]
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It's not me. I had the same issues back a year ago so I just ignored it and sooner or later all the fun went away.
I was lucky cause I had a real name and address that one of his friends gave him up. So I knocked at his home door and introduced myself was all it took.
I was almost puking with all his sorry this sorry that. I just replied nicely to stop cause I have his number now. Some are not as lucky as I was.
Good luck.
The mods will do their jobs.
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